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What does the men and women protect the distinction of skin to have? Does the man protect skin to want what to error notice?

The male also begins to protect skin gradually, a lot of people think to protect the job that skin is a female, male not very needs to protect skin, actually male skin also can appear a lot of problems need to get nursing, nevertheless the male protects skin good woman to protect skin to have a few different places, so what does the distinction that the men and women protects skin have? Does the man protect skin to want what to error notice? Everybody introduction is below.

What does the men and women protect the distinction of skin to have? Does the man protect skin to want what to error notice? (1)

1, the men and women protects skin to differ greatly

Distinguish 1: Different skin decides to choose a product to differ character

Male skin has with the female character very big different, woman skin is qualitative relatively the male wants thin, easy and dry, generation furrow, so female hairdressing protects skin with slippery tender skin, go knitting alimentary give priority to, all sorts of adds sweet atmosphere also are according to the female's feature design.

Male skin is thicker than the female, pore is bulky, amount of its sebaceous glands is much and develop, have relatively crass corneous layer, so the skin should be gotten than female consenescence slow, and flexibility is better than woman skin also, not easy generation is fine compile and print, because this is divided,knitting is not the main purpose that the male protects skin, but the male skin of 80% above belongs to oily skin, grease is secreted overmuch, can bring about pore to jam, grow acne or dark sore easily, this makes the biggest job that controls oil to become the male to protect skin, most male protects skin to taste also be aimed at this one idiosyncratic roll out the recipe that do not have oil.

Use the psychological level men and women that protects skin to taste to differ. The woman is used protecting skin to taste is for beauty, the man is more Yu Jiankang of lay particular stress on and vigor, the skin that describes a man is silky and delicate, be equal to the lofty quality that says he did not have man, but if be used on feminine body, be full of fondly meaning, what demote to honour the location that explains the men and women maintains to protecting skin is having essence is different, say so, unfavorable use female protects the man skin is tasted.

Distinguish 2: Want " high-definition bright " , do not want " exceed nutrition "

What skin pledges is different, those who allow a man protect skin can need not complex like the woman, think like male before people in that way, maintain the method with best skin cleans the skin clean namely, this word actually also part truth, the key is how can just wash clean.

As a result of sex hormone of male and female different, male sebaceous glands and sweat gland are secreted more exuberant, add male cutaneous PH value slants acidity, the skin is easy and fat, sweat is more also, so, cleanness is a man really protect skin the first want justice, just, this kind of cleanness cannot wash a face a few times to achieve with how absolutely, contrary, the time that wash a face is more, skin water distributes prediction of a person's luck in a given year, skin is met react in order to secrete more oily aim as protection, the result is instead " wash oilier more " , the result of grease unbalance is pore jam, be overflowing with of acne dark sore.

Be aimed at much oil, much sweat and the characteristic that give birth to blain blain easily, the key of male clean skin makes effective cleanness and repair skin " high-definition bright " , distinguish the female clean skin at effect of pursuit beauty white nutrition, so if the man uses cummer, clean skin of the madam is tasted, because nutrition is superfluous,often can accentuate instead cutaneous is oily, give birth to blain more easily.

Distinguish 3: Shave must nurse, man particular

Regard the male as the beard of the mark, also be the key that the male protects skin, and it is any females protect skin to taste the man that cannot replace's particular measure that protect skin.

Shave must nurse after before cent is needed for shave, be being needed with shave, the shave syrup that before shave is needed, uses can let razor piece more skin of press close to, and reduce pair of cutaneous stimulation, but no matter be bit,dynamoelectric shave is needed, the course that shave needs can arise to the skin more or less exciting, the small cut that some flesh are less than the metropolis on the skin after shave is needed soon, because this shave needs the aftertreatment of be apt to after to become a man to protect the particular segment of skin, the makeup of this kind of product and female water has similar action, the water after the beard can rise slow the skin, convergent pore, antiseptic diminish inflammation and prevent infection to reach defend wet action.

Distinguish 4: Want simple, do not want too troublesome

If allow a man everyday before morning and evening sits in the mirror, its press not tire of irritatedly ordinal daub protects skin 78 layers to taste, be afraid he already decamp.

So, of the man protect skin to taste should simple, quick, effective man protects skin most be afraid of to there is a responsibility on the face, be fed up with facial the skin that be protected is tasted " burnt " the feeling of the move, this and woman like to use oily stronger, those who contain a lot ofnutrition protect skin to taste different, wipe what did not feel on the face so " 0 burdens " the product is the important level that judges a man to protect skin to taste stand or fall, relaxed model clean face product, the water after the beard, tighten skin water, and not fat, permeate quickly protect wet, moist embellish skin frost, it is the first selection when the male uses the product that protect skin.

On the program that protect skin, the male is special protect skin to taste also the nature that do one's best accords with a man to be afraid of a trouble, do one's best is simple and quick, product of money of 2-3 of a series everyday 5-8 minute do completely calm, as to the lipstick, eye frost, Facial mask is waited a moment special bead nurse, can go for in order to go to beauty parlour professional beautician is done carefully, OK also and removed him period of time nurses, need not do a homework everyday.

Distinguish 5: Should moist fight old, do not fight knit the United States in vain

Grow as the age, the men and women is facing the demand that refuses consenescence, but notice certainly at this moment, male ten million cannot use a the female sex fight anile product, because a lot of females fight anile product to all contain female hormone,the reason is, another reason is the female grows as the age, leather fat secretes a quantity to decrease, dry of skin Yi Gan, but fat secretes male skin to have nothing to do with the age however, easy from beginning to end fat, be aimed at the male so fighting old product is normally from what protect wet moist proceed with, the male growth as the age, metabolism puts delay gradually, male hormone secretes disequilibrium, bring about local skin fat to secrete superfluous, at this moment the man often can think the skin is quite oily by accident, need not nurse, and actually the skin is in the condition that lack water, in addition, the skin with facial male injured cutaneous as a result of the reason such as shave beard natural keep wet film, lose Shui Guangze very easily, make skin ageing, man probably not quite care about furrow, but awe-stricken however consenescence, especially premature senility phenomenon, fighting ageing because of this is the frostlike powder protecting skin that uses after male clean skin, of the breast that protect skin advocate play effect, fight ageing to protect skin to taste besides have fight ultraviolet function (do not prevent certainly bask in) beyond, still must contain refuse oxidation class status.

2, the man protects skin error

Error one: It is OK to use toilet soap everyday.

Toilet soap is not choice of first-rate clean face, because often be used,toilet soap can affect cutaneous acid-base value. When the skin feels dry or stretching tight closely, sebaceous glands can secrete much oil, make facial case giving oil more severe.

Error 2: Dark sore is OK emerge of itself and perish of itself or be to be able to use a hand to be squeezed.

Because dirt, dead skin piles up,dark sore is pore, make leather fat cannot normal eduction, bring about what the skin is affected by the bacterium and form thereby, if use a hand to squeeze,go acne, or it is laissez-faire, can make dark sore hides deeper more, leave uneven scar even. So at ordinary times clean face is used grind sand to cream undertake nursing basically notting allow to ignore.

Error 3: Dietary daily life and hairdressing have nothing to do.

If do not have good dietary convention, often eat fat, acrimony, exciting food, have the habit of smoking, so complexion looks burnish of certain not quite healthy lack. Want the dietary convention with good nurturance at ordinary times so, eat delicate food and fresh vegetable, fruit more, drink water more, little smoking, ability improves the skin effectively.

Error 4: The lady uses it is likewise OK to protect skin to taste apply to the male.

The skin of major man is incline to character at oily, lack water again at the same time. And of the female protecting skin to taste is moist mostly model, most female product does not suit the male. So, the man should be compared when the choice relaxed men's protect skin to taste. There had been a lot of brands to have male product on society now, choose a few brands that design for the man only.

Error 5: Prevent the topic that basking in is lady care only.

Prevent bask in and differ to be suntanned at be afraid of, the black hole that ozonosphere splits is larger and larger, fiercer and fiercer also to cutaneous power. Place is basked in in case do not divide a men and women, should be the thing that everybody cares.

3, the man protects skin measure

, clean face

Bathe to also want bath dew, clean face should use proper product of course, force of use cleanness of morning and evening is more powerful wash colour product, the bilge with can complete redundant scour off, grease. Do not think clean area has been jumped over more more nevertheless, product of overmuch clean face can stimulate the skin to secrete more grease only, if feel oily to share cent needs overmuch, can use oil absorption.

2, bright skin

Do not think to wash the face so that can accuse oil effectively completely, if do not have proper recuperation, clean face can excite more oil share only, because the skin does not have grease protection after clean face, water portion evaporates more easily in air, stimulate skin to secrete a large number of grease thereby in order to save water portion. Accordingly, bright skin water is taken after clean face, can leather fat secretes instantaneous astringent, receive fine fur aperture, can balance skin acid-base value; If you often grow dark sore, usable contain the bright skin water with antiseptic or pulverous oil absorption, strengthen accuse the oily effect that kill oil.

3, alimentary

Bright skin is convergent pore, but the skin still may be in drier state, need breast of professional man face to have alimentary effect. It is man design only, gentleness simple sense is absorbed quickly by the skin, effective and moist skin and portion of water of compensatory skin prediction of a person's luck in a given year. Milk-like liquid must be used after washing a face, meet what accentuation skins give oily state otherwise. Of labial ministry and hand ministry alimentary, best also the product that can select lipstick of embellish of a few such as and and so on of the frost that protect a hand.

4, local nurse centrally

Eye frost has Gao Nong to shrink normally elite, can aggrandizement eye Zhou Wei circulates and slow and tired double eye. Product of a few star still can quicken melanin metabolism, reduce black rim of the eye, improve the pressure, exhaustion dropsy that cause, pouch effectively. The face breeds although kind of product can give skin compensatory water share, but ability is limited. So if this moment can cooperate facial elite to use, can be portion of skin complement water very well, at the same time from go up at all restrain grease to secrete.

5, special nurse

Do not suit to be used everyday, but the Facial mask with more remarkable effect and eye film product. The male can choose a few products that dumb smooth color of skin can present after using, insist to use Facial mask every week, meeting from go up at all the quality that promotes skin.

6, dietary recuperation

Eat hot food less at ordinary times, smoke wine is controlled as far as possible.

4, the food that the man protects skin

What 1. edible measures certainly is chromic

Chromium conduces to the metabolization of stimulative cholesterol, enhance the staying power of airframe, additional, it still can promote sarcous to generate below certain body condition, avoid redundant and adipose. Middleaged man needs the chromium of 50 microgramme one day at least, and the man with those vivid older momentum needs 100 ~ one day the chromium of 200 microgramme, the chromium of such dosage is very difficult absorb from inside food, because this suggests men take the medicaments preparation that contains chromium, mix like compound vitamin mineral, or drinkable beer.

2. edible contains a lot ofthe food of plant cellulose

The main effect of plant cellulose depends on can quickening alvine peristalsis, reduce cholesterol and certain bravery salt, reduce the dextrose in blood and fat acid, have the effect of step-down, still can eliminate certain carcinogen additionally, avoid to contract rectum cancer. The person ate food of rich plant fibrous to be able to have the feeling of full abdomen, need not fear stockpile is superfluous again quantity of heat, accordingly it still has the effectiveness that reduce weight. Proposal man every time the edible when have dinner 18 ~ fiber of 20 grams plant. Contain a lot ofplant fibrous main food has bread of wheat bran, whole wheat, cabbage, potato, carrot, apple, lettuce, beautiful dish, celery to wait.

The food that 3. edible contains magnesium

Magnesium conduces to adjust heart activity of the person, reduce blood pressure, prevent heart disease, raise the man's fecundity. Proposal man breakfast should eat oatmeal of 2 bowls of milk and a banana. Contain the food with more magnesium to have the soja, potato that bake, walnutmeat, oatmeal, macaroni and sea product.

4. edible contains the food of vitamin A

Vitamin A conduces to the immune power that enhances a person, prevent cancer, tutelar eyesight. A grown man needs edible everyday A of 1000 microgramme vitamin, but excessive edible is harmful to the body. Contain the food with vitamin more A to liver, dairy produce, fish, tomato, carrot, apricot, cantaloup waits.

5. edible contains the food of vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 conduces to the immune power that enhances a person. Vitamin B6 can prevent skin cancer, kidney stone. The man needs 2 milligram vitamin one day B6, it is equivalent to the content of two banana. Contain the food with vitamin more B6 to chicken, liver, potato, sunflower, oily pear, banana waits.

6. is fed more contain the food of vitamin C

The main effect of vitamin C depends on enhancing immune power of the person, prevent tooth of cancer, heart disease, apoplectic, cataract, protection and gum, conduce to the heal of cut, fight asthma, treat male sterility. Additional, insist to take vitamin C to still can postpone anile process on time. Contain the food with vitamin highest C to have juice of beautiful dish, green chili, orange, grape, tomato. American expert thinks, each everyday the optimal need quantity of vitamin C should be 200 ~ 300 milligram, lowest not less than 60 milligram. Half cups of fresh orange juice can satisfy everybody everyday the lowest of vitamin C needs a capacity. Additional, drink juice of half cups of orange to be able to prevent a cold everyday. The person of smoking more C of vitamin of should much edible.

The food that many edible of 7. contains vitamin E

Vitamin E main effect is: Reduce cholesterol, eliminate the rubbish inside the body, prevent cataract. Rich vitamin E is contained in earthnut, but the person gets enough vitamin E very hard from inside these food. Because this suggests,men take drug of E of 10 microgramme vitamin everyday each.

Food of 8. edible zincic

Zinc can assure sexual function of the man, cure is impotent, additional, it still conduces to the disease-resistant capacity that increases a person. Proposal men take the zinc of 15 microgramme everyday each, this dosage is to be aimed at athletic generous man, usually, the 2 / that the man needs to take this dose only 3 OK. But, everyday zincic dosage cannot exceed 15 microgramme absolutely, because excessive takes zinc,can affect human body inside other mineral action. Zinc is contained in 120 grams lean lean 57 microgramme. Additional, the volume containing zinc in product of turkey meat, sea, soja is very high also, but right amount edible.

9. right amount water

Cell of human body any cannot lack moisture content, the 60%65% of adult body is moisture, liver, cerebra, skin contains the water of 70% , skeletal and hydrous 45% , blood of 80% is moisture. If the man wants to maintain strong and handsome muscle, must drinkable and enough moisture, because the water in muscle should be compared adipose medium water is 3 times more. The man of medium figure is needed everyday drinkable 8 cups of water, and carry momentum old man is older to the demand of water.