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How does the man maintain the skin? Does the man maintain what does cutaneous method have?

To a lot of males, also need maintains skin, male skin and female exist a few different, the method that should adopt when protecting skin so also differs somewhat, to the male, need masters appropriate method, gift is nicer nurse skin, so how does the man maintain the skin? Does the man maintain what does cutaneous method have? Everybody introduction is below.

How does the man maintain the skin? Does the man maintain what does cutaneous method have? (1)

1, how does the man maintain the skin

, drink dairy produce more

For instance: Milk, yoghurt is waited a moment, many protein and nutrient element are contained inside dairy produce, male body needs filling calcium most, and milk this one demand with respect to can very good satisfied man body, so the male mights as well at ordinary times the much milk that drink a dot.

2, be very popular more broadleaf plant

Rich vitamin is contained inside banana, these vitamins can help the energy that place of male complement body needs not only, and the quality that the nutrient composition inside banana still can help the male raise the body, enhance immune power.

3, much have tomato

Many moisture and candy component are contained inside tomato, can help the male prevent the situation of occurrence dehydrate, and the vitamin C inside tomato, can help the male defer consenescence, the second birth sex of stimulative cell.

2, the man maintains cutaneous method

, clean job wants careful and serious

The foundation that male skin nurses is clean, especially before shave is needed, must cleanness of will facial skin is clean. The towel spread that uses heat first makes on the face pore is stretched, toilet soap rub gives bubble to massage facial ministry careful and gently, the bilge in eliminate pore, had better use embellish skin to wash grandma, because it contains hydrolysis animal albumen, salicylic acid to have moist effect, maintain the skin wrinkle can be removed while water is divided, the bilge of depth of can cleared skin, maintain the skin smooth, soft.

Use every week grind arenaceous cream stress area of clean T word (forehead comes the place) between nose. The skin that cleanness is over needs to take bright skin water instantly, prevent skin effectively dry, restore cuticular fat qualitative layer, moist skin, maintain moisture equilibrium, slow and facial pressure, make the skin relaxed and comfortable. Dew of daub embellish skin forms diaphragm to avoid moisture prediction of a person's luck in a given year, moisture content of depth of compensatory man skin and nutrient, prevent the skin to reach furrow to appear flabbily, improvement is dark heavy color of skin, make the skin maintains burnish bouncy.

2, shave beard also should stress protection the skin

Consider to make clear, shave beard can promote facial haemal circulation and metabolism, be helpful for removing facial wrinkle, make male people appears young, and this one everyday necessary step, more be helpful for facial cleanness, quicken the desquamation of deserted cell, increase next chinning muscle vigor. It is in the morning everyday the flabbiest momently, right now facial be in with skin loosen condition, this paragraph of time just is the optimal time that shave needs. Before shave is needed, answer first will facial abluent, use face of hot towel apply, make pore and beard expand, molten, facilitate blow manage. After apply face makes an appointment with 3 ~ 4 minutes, need shave week of cheek of bubble Tu Yu, lip again, just a minute, in order to make mustache molten. Good shave beard time is after bathing a few minutes, right now pore still is in diastole.

The measure that shaves beard should be go up from what control both sides the cheek begins, it is the mustache of labrum next, it is the place of edges and corners on the face then, general principle is from beard few and far between place begins, put shockly finally, because shave must cream,stay a few more for a long time, hu Gen is OK farther bate.

3, refuse cigarette is far from a man " Chinese rhubarb face "

Research makes clear, weekly smoking exceeds 10, and have the smoke of 10 years of above age, so the color of skin of his face ministry can present weak orange, more show skeletal outline. Man smoking can quicken bald, female smoking can grow acne very easily. Additional, nicotian also can increase the odds that suffers from acne, return wrinkle bottle nose.

Besides, aerosol also is the defence function that can affect human body, make a person easier suffer the stimulation of ab extra allergen, cause the disease such as dermatitis or eczema thereby. Some people often are contacted secondhand after smoke or 3 hands smoke, also be to be able to cause irritability rhinitis, asthma, or rash, Sao is urticant, chronic the disease such as nettle rash.

4, laugh, 10 junior

Place everyday " balsam pear face " can make skin cell lacks nutrition, the skin on the face is sere without China, occurrence furrow, still can deepen at the same time facial " anxious grain " . Laugh, 10 junior. Mood stability is very important to endocrine balance, the man that has a gentle and good-tempered heart is very attractive, also not be the impression of a kind of mentally only actually.

5, amply Morpheus

Staying up late is the archenemy of skin health care, morpheus is insufficient, can make all sorts of adjustment of skin cell the activity is wrong, affect the vigor of cuticular cell. Should sleep at least everyday so 8 hours, if under this level, can want reappraisal of healthy to oneself index. Whether enough meeting behaves Morpheus easily to go up in the skin, especially delicate eye ministry skin. And sweet good become aware, can eliminate cutaneous exhaustion, make the adjustment of skin cell it is normal that the activity is in, defer cutaneous ageing.

The person's Morpheus can remove amply fatigue, produce energy, still can enhance body immunity power. When Morpheus is insufficient, airframe resistance and immune power are low, bring about the happening of a variety of diseases easily, can increase the chance that has cancer and disease of heart head blood-vessel. Especially nightly arrived at 12 o'clock the next day before dawn at 3 o'clock this paragraph of time, skin cell metabolization is fast, "With old change new " speed is sober condition below 8 times much, reason enjoys hairdressing to sleep eye period " name. Those who change character, want the skin at nurture youth, want to notice the Morpheus of this paragraph of time especially, must not miss.

6, much drink water

Water is the source of life. Make skin seasonable compensatory and enough water portion, just be the crucial place of the way that protects skin. If water portion is absorbed insufficient, can bring about grease to secrete quantity inadequacy, the skin is very easy dehydration, must force oneself to drink the 6 water to 8 cups everyday so, but do not drink the beverage that contains a lot ofcoffeine.

Cosmetologist proposal, when if morning rises,a mug that healthy person had better use 200 milliliter capacity everyday drinks on 6 cups of water 1 cup, before going to work 1 cup, in the morning at 10 o'clock 1 cup. Afternoon at 4 o'clock before 1 cup, motion 1 cup. Before sleeping 1 cup.

3, improve the food with coarse skin

, asparagus

Give the person that low carbon water reduces weight vitamin and microelement.

Asparagus can such food be the aristocratic: in vegetable? Is Zou addiction short of add of Xuan of  of Xi of sweat of shadow of  of bright of Lu neon Bu feed make a present of of mop of Lang of  care Qiu?

Compare with general vegetable phase, the fiber softness that asparagus place contains is goluptious, and still contain more vitamins and microelement.

In addition, rich folic acid is contained in asparagus, about 5 asparagus contain 100 much microgramme, already reached a person the 1/4 of daily demand.

2, pumpkin

Sweep the dark yellow complexion after reducing weight.

This kind bland cheap and vegetable can you protect skin really? Everybody wants to know, its nutrition but not cheap.

Pumpkin contains the nutrient material such as more vitamin C, dextrose, especially calcic content is extremely high. And, pumpkin contains a lot ofmoisture, winter protects the action of skin.

Nutrient window: No matter abide by what kind of method reducing weight, GG reducing weight people can feel him complexion hair is yellow normally, the skin is flabby. The pumpkin that contains a lot ofmoisture can return the true colors of your water water.

The man protects the compensatory proposal of skin: Pumpkin is unfavorable eat raw, should not be when cook boil too soddenly, lest nutrient loss. In addition, pumpkin sex is cold, the person with taste cold empty should eat less.

3, lettuce

Complement is protein the missing cellulose in reducing weight.

The common globose lettuce wrapping a heart on our market, crapy butter lettuce, still have naked oats food, a kind be lettuce.

With another kind photograph of common vegetable Chinese cabbage is compared, lettuce fiber content is more, have remove redundant and adipose effect, it is very good food reducing weight.

4, the man needs to had been done maintain

1, commonly used razor, young 5 years old half.

England university investigation discovers Nuosenbiya, shaved man is smaller last year than the man settle on of a stubbly beard 5.5 years old. Dr. Kenneth Bill represents dermatology expert, shave the generation of albumen of collagen of ministry of can exciting face, make the skin smoother.

2, take a place less, mark a point more.

German researcher discovers, little absorb bit of quantity of heat to conduce to those who reduce inflammation producing odds, and inflammation can bring about person acknowledge ability to drop. The scientist expresses, best will daily absorb quantity of heat to decrease 30% , absorb 2500 calorie everyday so for instance, had better decrease 750 calorie so.

3, sleep is much, the face is not old.

Long-term Morpheus inadequacy can accelerate facial consenescence, because eye week muscle can be in in Morpheus when eyeball twirl,get taking exercise, and Morpheus is insufficient, eye week muscle can produce atrophy, keep black rim of the eye.

4, often take exercise, young 10 years old.

A new research makes clear, have particular strength 3 hours every week take exercise, can let a person feel 10 years old the body is young.

5, oral cavity is wholesome, mind is sharper.

England involves the new research of 6693 adult to make clear, intelligence of tooth ill patient is apparent under dental health person. Its reason is, the problem such as gum haemorrhage can cause the inflammation inside more serious body, cause cerebrum loss. Often brush his teeth, slit between the teeth of cleanness of use dental floss, maintain oral cavity sanitation, cerebrum ability is more acute.

6, palpitant slow life is long.

Want to keep young, must have strong heart, make blood slow and flow effectively. Come from American heart, lung and the Michael that hematology meets? Fatigue be stranded says: "The person's mean life is a heartbeat 3 billion, if can decelerate palpitant frequency, can prolong life. "

7, suddenly having morning, younger.

Early morning erects hardness is taller, representing male blood-vessel younger. " American medicine magazine " a research that publishs recently makes clear, the male that weekly sexual life is less than 1 times, ed(erects functional obstacle) incidence of a disease will rise 2 times, and make love 3 times every week above, ed reduces 4 times.

8, the body is fat, old 10 years.

Had the discovery of a research of milepost meaning 2007, index of man body quality (every increase Bmi) to be nodded 5 times (be equivalent to gain weight controlling) 13.5 kilograms, its testosterone level can fall " anile 10 years " level.