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What does man hairdressing protect the hang of skin to have? Man how does effective hairdressing protect skin?

Very much now male also pays attention to appearance quite, can protect skin hairdressing at ordinary times, the male protects skin to do not have commonly too much and exquisite, the shave that becomes good basis must keep wet job, skin can maintain Gan Shuang, the male needs to master a few hairdressing to protect the method of skin, so what does the hang that man hairdressing protects skin have? Man how does effective hairdressing protect skin? Everybody introduction is below.

What does man hairdressing protect the hang of skin to have? Man how does effective hairdressing protect skin? (1)

1, the doohickey that man hairdressing protects skin

Reduce the razor stimulation to skin, make shave beard clean, comfortable. Still can be skin and beard to provide enough moisture content at the same time. The natural extraction content in shave beard bubble is provided already combat oxidation and the effect that reduce stimulation, still can promote the healthy cell with skin new second birth.

1, water of skin of beard hind embellish

Contain a lot ofherbaceous elite, provide nutrient and moisture content to the skin after the beard. Contain normally in water of skin of the embellish after the beard anodyne, antioxidant defends with a few UV factor. These composition can be demulcent, caress and promote the growth of new cell, prevent the generation of skin ageing and furrow.

2, sweet fragrance

Sweet fragrance be bring passional action through pure and fresh, stimulation and anaesthetic smell content. It is had awaken exhaustion and dispersive sense, the effect of add fuel to the fire has in sexual behavior, make the person is in casual an attraction that produces pair of opposite sexes. Australia man is like already comprehended its meaning place, consequently sweet fragrance already became their daily obligatory course Cheng.

3, wash hair shampoo and wash bath shampoo

Cap-a-pie undertakes complete cleanness, it is a happening that gives great satisfaction or pleasure of the find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind when bath. The rich downy agent that contains in shampoo can make skin silky like silk. In the meantime, the natural antioxidant in the product and prevent exciting part to be able to undertake to skin perfect caress, improve the natural recovery capability of skin.

4, lipstick

Can avoid the adverse effect of intense sunshine and lip of harsh environment speak or sing alternately. A few herb kind flavor also begins to join among them, with sweet fragrance the be in harmony of a faint fragrance that give out is an organic whole. The man appropriate with labial natural, simple look chooses colorless embellish lipstick. If the lip is lubricious ash is violet, cadaverous, except make outside embellish lipstick, still should touch a few shallow red or brown department lipstick, let a lip appear burnish, ruddy as far as possible, plump.

5, man special Facial mask

Colorless the transparent and colloid liquid that carries scent slightly, have circulation of stimulative skin blood, metabolism and absorption effect, still can prevent moisture to evaporate, layer of Peng embellish cutin, reduce the generation of furrow. Still man the countenance with cleanness.

2, the contraindication that man hairdressing protects skin

Forbidden zone 1, the habit uses clear bath face directly in the morning

The skin is passed one all night metabolic, what what do not imagine like us actually is so clean, use clean face breast to wash a face normally, in complete cleanness while give skin one day original protection, make skin aplomb comfortable, prevent the generation of the problem.

Forbidden zone 2, protect skin article managing use

Protect skin to taste usage not only won't rise to protect skin effect, make the skin becomes likely still more coarse or generation pigment is ad cool-headed. Be in so ferial use cleanness or maintain when tasting, after answering to wash clean both hands as far as possible above all, beginning to use, the part that lest bacterial infection arrives inside,has not use; Be like those who take out to have not give out, write down sincerely not again inside replace bottle, lest create soil. Protect skin to taste after using, want to wipe the incomplete floodwater on low-lying land that takes in opening place clean with paper towel.

Forbidden zone 3, towel is used after washing a face wipe moisture

A lot of men often review idiomatic and dry towel is on the skin energetically knead, such meetings are harmed and stimulate the skin, let skin grow microgroove. Because this wants to had protected this skin, towel or face tissues had better be used to press water after washing a face dry, than using wiped method to be opposite cutaneous drag and harm want to be gotten gently much. Grew blain blain on the face especially when, must replace towel with face tissues, the fashion that controls in order to press absorbs moisture, such ability won't cause bacterial infection.

Forbidden zone 4, Yue Jiuyue of facial massage time good

Facial massage time appropriate is measurable, cannot too long or too short, must inspect skin state of qualitative, cutaneous and age will decide. Generally speaking, neuter cutaneous massages time to be 10 minutes or so. Drying cutaneous massage time is 10-15 commonly minute. Oily cutaneous massage time should be controlled in 10 minutes in. Irritability skin had better not be done massage.

Forbidden zone 5, Tu Yan frost hurry up exert oneself to do sth. again

Eye ministry skin is the weakest position on the face, if you exert oneself to do sth. daub or excessive drag, can make furrow increasing. The method of frost of correct besmear eye is: Point to celiac gentleness daub with middle finger at eye ministry all around skin. The movement should want slow light, can be in eye ministry all around light dub is played, do a bit down certain way massage.

3, the man is different skin type

1, drying skin

Expressional feature: This kind of skin is lacklustre, subtle furrow is more, the surface sees scale state scurfy, when encountering cold, hot stimulation, easy and aglow, grease is secreted little, dry, coarse.

Maintain method: Often do facial massage, improve local blood circulation. Choose acidity and clean articles for use. After clean face, use the oil that contains a lot ofnutrient composition kind protect skin to cream protect conserve skin. Little smoking, the Morpheus; that keeps enough everyday eats the food that contains a lot ofhigh protein and microelement more.

2, oily skin

Expressional feature: Leather fat is secreted rich, get pollution easily, weaker to bacterial resistance. If carelessly cleanness nurses, give birth to acne, blain easily, the skin becomes coarse. Be in grow budding male youth belongs to this kind of skin more.

Maintain method: Daily at least morning and evening 2, use the man with clean powerful force first ministry of face of cleanness of the special toilet soap that wash a face, use after drip a few (a few but) the tepid bath of white vinegar is clean, dip in with pledget comfortable quantify makeup water to flap gently facial. Use man is special the latex protects skin, maintain enough sleep, happy state of mind. Eat acrimony, stimulation and fast adipose food less, eat vegetable, fruit more, control the intake of coffee, smoke, wine strictly.

3, mix quality the skin

Expressional feature: Leather fat secretes unobstructed, the effect that be deceived of exquisite and smooth; awaits the skin, summer is a bit a bit can oily, dry in the winter. This kind belongs to normal skin.

Nurse method: Summer notices to prevent bask in, winter prevent frostbite, morning and evening uses a man face of clean of special and clean things, later with the man that contains a lot ofnutrient composition special protect skin to taste protect skin. Although belong to normal skin, but enough sleep and diet are acrimony food, controlling smoke wine still is necessary.

4, irritability skin

Expressional feature: This kind of skin is opposite easily ultraviolet ray, cosmetic, medicines and chemical reagents, chemical preparation and allergy of chemical fibber clothings. When allergy, the skin appears red, scratchy, desquamate, papula, serious still can cause serious skin inflammation.

Nurse method: Summer is prevented bask in, ; of winter prevent frostbite falls in the case that did not decide allergic source, had better not contact clothings of pet of seafood, pollen, long hair, chemical fibber, insecticide, do not take medicine of a shot in the arm, tranquillizer, catch a cold, medicine reducing weight, cathartic and the cosmetic without try out. Only area of morning and evening and when protecting skin, should choose contain nutrient composition, character things of downy man clean face and protect skin to taste.

5, dark sore sexual skin

Expressional feature: Apparent dark sore and pigment are ad cool-headed it is thus clear that, brunet stain.

Nurse method: Everyday morning and evening uses face of clean of sulfureous toilet soap, the cold water that adds a few salt is used later clean clean. After clean face, with sulfureous ointment or affected part of tetracycline ointment daub. Proper and compensatory vitaminic C, microelement, drink plain boiled water more, eat vegetable fruit more, abstinence and acrimony, fat, coffee, earthnut, strong tea and smoke wine. When the symptom is serious, accept treatment in time to the hospital.

6, pigment stain sexual skin

Skin feature: Skin surface condition often is not stabilized, sometimes dry, sometimes deposit of cell of melanin of fat; surface is apparent, whole and facial or local visible palm, Brown with black bit.

Nurse method: Can accept 1 ~ 2 times to beauty parlour every week of element of elite of spot of film of dispel spot range, dispel nurse. Prevent strictly bask in, abstinence of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline, take vitaminic C, vitaminic E appropriately, and the medicaments that can restrain melanin cell. Before sleeping, mix with Wen Shui excitant ministry of minor face of cleanness of the grandma that wash a face, skin of embellish of daub a few is shown later, in order to maintain cutaneous moist.

7 anile sex skins

Skin feature: Man skin declines to often be in probably 55 years old or so significantly. Average performance is: Leather fat is secreted decrease, appear more, deeper furrow; is lacklustre, without flexibility, apparently flabby, cadaverous or bloated, the skin is dry.

Nurse method: Prevent bask in, avoid smoke wine, hold fame and gain of enough Morpheus; not seek fame and wealth, maintain healthy state of mind and happy mood, hold to the physical training of in one's power.

Morning and evening is mixed with Wen Shui the man is special skin of ministry of ministry of face of cleanness of the grandma that wash a face, cervical, arm, and daub man is special skin of the embellish that protect skin is tasted, in order to maintain the skin moist, process of consenescence of slow down skin.