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With what does the schoolboy wash a face best? What does the man protect the hang of skin to have?

To the male, also need to protect skin, most the measure of the foundation that protect skin is clean face, a lot of males skin love gives oil, skin pore is coarse, need clean range, maintain facial Gan Shuang, male clean face also has the place that a few need notice, select the right product that protect skin, so with what does the schoolboy wash a face best? What does the man protect the hang of skin to have?

With what does the schoolboy wash a face best? What does the man protect the hang of skin to have? (1)

1, the schoolboy washs a face with what best

1, with what what washs a face the man student is good

Use face of warm water clean in the evening everyday, wash several minutes with rub of fine salt gentleness next, the final bath that use Qing Dynasty is clean, insist for a long time to be able to narrow pore, make the skin smooth and a lot of more exquisite schoolboy oversight the most important skin maintains problem, good skin lets person color also had been met. If you are oily skin, need to choose to be able to wash grandma corneously above all, and must not choose the grandma washing a face with very much bubble. If you are drying skin, need to choose to protect so wet model the grandma that wash a face, had better be a plant herbaceous model excitant lesser, if be mixture sex skin, so a week needs to wash the grandma that wash a face 3 times, and cooperate bright skin water, the effect just is best.

2, the man washs facial error

Error one: ? Beans  pulls defect Wu flood to grant? of Zhong of Cao of Gan earnest し to be able to cause nutrient prediction of a person's luck in a given year a lot of people can think by accident after washing a face stretch tight closely feeling, because wash a face to suckle scour off,be what Pi Zhihe contains in cutin to retain moisture is natural keep wet agent and cause. Little imagine every time washs a face is important maintain wet link, exquisite bubble can be thorough pore is abluent cutaneous besmirch. If be the bubble that contains rich and alimentary component grandma that wash a face, also can make alimentary composition enters pore smoothly. Wash grandma completely to should be mixed without foamy union of the bubble grandma that wash a face is used, otherwise cannot complete cleanness, cause grease accumulation, cause skin problem.

Error 2: ? Effect of hairdressing of anxious? of Beng of broadleaf plant of Mo of δ of defect Wu calm has been jumped over

The grandma that wash a face is for clean skin, what if cross much functional sex,cause skin cleanness into branch is not complete, pore is entered below the case that passes much functional sex class status to do not have any protection in the skin at the same time, can create a burden to the skin, wash grandma to need to satisfy two postulate so can: ? Dian of し of earnest of if of appropriate of compose of Qian silent channel?

3, choose the appropriate grandma that wash a face

Accuse oil, "Give oil " it is the problem that the place of man face ministry with strong 1/3 faces. Man grease is secreted fast, grease is secreted overmuch, can bring about pore to jam, easy long acne, dark sore and blain blain, accusing oil is the biggest job that the male protects skin. Accordingly, man of ability accusing oil chooses the first selection parameter of the grandma that wash a face.

Relaxed cleanness is a man really protect skin the first want justice, just, this kind of cleanness cannot wash a face a few times to achieve with how absolutely, contrary, the time that wash a face is more, skin water distributes prediction of a person's luck in a given year, skin is met react in order to secrete more oily aim as protection, the result is instead " wash oilier more " , the result of grease unbalance is pore jam, acne is dark sore be overflowing with

2, the accurate method that wash a face

Man and woman are same, the: of skin of clean product drying that should different skin choose to differ character? ?7% of Ke of discharge  Xing belongs to drying the skin

The skin is more exquisite, pore is not apparent, without fat feeling, leather fat is secreted little, lack luster. Get more easily the influence of outside ambient, produce allergic reaction. Drying skin maintains the most important is to make sure the skin gets enough moisture. Do not choose alkalescent strong toilet soap or clean face product, lest restrain leather fat and sweat fluid secrete. Neuter skin: ? Discharge  Xing fears?26% belonging to neuter skin is the most perfect skin in all skins qualitative, but fall in harsh environment, maintain carelessly meet very quickly " degenerative " . Choose protect skin to taste should mix according to season oneself located environment, the area with northward dry climate, should choose to suit oily cutaneous to wash grandma, because of climate dry area sand blown by wind is bigger, the skin is dirtier, must notice cleanness so, turn pore into very easily bulky oily skin otherwise. Wet area can reduce climate a few protect skin to taste, the weather of these places always is damp, the skin breathes freely not easily, dirt loves to adhere to likewise go up in the face, the relaxed grandma that wash a face is so indispensable.

3, the hang that the man protects skin

3 minutes are massaged. The male should remember, when you are washing a face, no matter you use what why plant to wash grandma, just do not wipe above, next rub two, rush with water. This is incorrect. Best, spend time of 3 minutes namely, call the milk that wash a face adequately on the face circle, can let the skin absorb the nutrition of the grandma that wash a face effectively, can arrive deep cutaneous depth.

The man remembers, in clean cutaneous moment, with the grandma that wash a face, or daub cosmetic when, want to remember well, want to undertake daub down cutaneous grain, for example, the place that the neck manages, use the way that plays style to come as far as possible daub, and the skin that the eye is in is used as far as possible carry the type that help style the means daub to eye upper part.

If facial ministry skin has blain, or if blain imprints, when suggesting you are using cosmetic, can be in daub when, touch cosmetic with forefinger, make a group in the place that has blain next, let cosmetic besmear equably above, achieve absorption result. Still have, have the place that blain imprints, I suggest you can undertake fighting blain imprint in the evening with fresh Jiang Pian.

4, how does man autumn wash a face

1, after washing a face, should go to with towel the moisture that wipes him face to go up, because be coarser above towel,can be, do not want the rub that exerts all his strength on him skin, lest cause skin loss. You are OK gently massage, toward imbibe.

2, how to maintain to the autumn the skin is very important, to perceptual skin, had better be not to use beauty of a few intelligence's white product. Honest this is both be without what inevitable impact, the skin that is drying only wants to will be protected wet be being put in the first place is better, have enough moisture content only, the dazzling that the skin that just can let you changes.

3, must not use clean bath face directly in the morning, because passed the one metabolism in the evening in the late evening, facial ministry is very sordid really, just go to with clean water wash a face how can complete be clear about? But how the autumn maintains Where is the skin? The choice that suckles to washing a face at that time nots allow to ignore, the besmirch on OK and effective dispel face.

4, when some people are having facial ministry massage, a long time of meeting massage, think the time of massage grows to be able to have been jumped over more, honest otherwise, want a foundation to the skin the age, skin decides character, the proposal does not want time too long, also do not want time too short.

5, clean face as the skin is coarser for the man, pore hides more easily bilge. Accordingly, breed with clean face clean face ministry is very important everyday. To clean face breast does not choose single brand, such ability are OK better toward maintain oneself skin.