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What to let what the man becomes handsome protect skin subtle move to have? How does the man become handsome?

Everybody hopes he can have Bai Xi's smooth skin, the product protecting skin on market has a lot of, average woman compares those who pay attention to pair of skin to maintain, then you know the male also is the skin that needs him attention likewise, below, introduce the male to protect the subtle move of skin to old furniture body, the hope is helpful to everybody, we look together.

What to let what the man becomes handsome protect skin subtle move to have? How does the man become handsome? (1)

1, the male protects skin subtle move

1. is correct wash a face

In must not counting on your hand, that holds cold water in both hands what to can accomplish, estimation also makes your condition from sleep heavy sober come over only this one effect. Male skin grease is secreted exuberant, add dead skin, cutin, and the contaminant in air, not careful cleanness skins affirmation is no good.

2. brushs cream

Must not be afraid of a trouble, cream is being brushed after washing a face is the business that must do. After wash a face or bathing, in skin wet still full when having lunt daub cream, this is OK the maintenance of utmost skins water is divided. The skin that still has him knowledge is qualitative, skin of drying skin, oily skin, mixture sex distinguishs Hunan character, choose cream character according to skin. Oily skin suits daub more water radical protects skin to taste, drying skin should choose oil radical product.

3. is enough water

Everyday although the requirement of 8 cups of water is a little exaggerative, but often complement moisture is very necessary. Can keep healthy not only, also have profit to skin. Assure skin moisture besides the embellish skin frost that relies on external use besides, interior filling water relies on to maintain with respect to need water quantity. Want to avoid alcohol and caffein as far as possible at the same time, they can let your skin dehydrate only, become more dry.

4. rule lives, precautionary furrow

Begin from 25 years old, male skin begins downhill. If you use work and rest of electronic product, life for long not the rule, that can be about to take care. Begin to use fight ageing product! Remember nevertheless choose appropriate the product of him skin type oh.

5. rejects excessive candy minute

Eat sweetmeat to make a person happy and cheerful, but absorb excessive candy to divide besides let you besides get fat, also can quicken your skin ageing. Forget cake, biscuit, candy, have a try yoghurt, cornmeal, fruit, reduce the burden of your body, also let skin also get renascence.

6. avoids long in relief illumination is shot

Perhaps you very love sunshine, be only too anxious to bask in everyday on 6, 7 hours. Do not pass or shorten as far as possible the time of sunbathe, or coefficient of the SPF on besmear exceeds 15 above prevent bask in frost, in order to protect the harm that the skin does not suffer ultraviolet ray. If go after the color of skin of wheaten color, still suggest to go to the beauty black inn goes basking in the lamp, collocation is aided bask in oil, time weak point, effect is good!

7. assures Morpheus

The computer that embracing you stays up late look 7, the beautiful theatrical work of 8 hours, perhaps play the midnight after game is hit. Enough sleep, skin restores to need most with renascence. Wanting to rely on to sleep on the weekend merely a lie-in can mix grain of end of wrinkles on one's forehead, fish explode the blain blain that come out sleeps, assure everyday it is very important that Morpheus skins to having health.

Vegetable of fruit of 8. much draft

Refuse onefold, abound table, as far as possible much edible fruit and vegetable. Scotland researcher discovers, everyday much edible 1 to 2 fruits or vegetable, can be in the 6 effective change color of skin inside week. Arrive from berry carrot, every kinds of fruit or vegetable contain the antioxidant of different sort. They are counteractive the freedom in your body base, repair basks in the cell of injury and ageing.

9. relaxes reduce pressure

Traffic jam, job works overtime, affect your mood not only, return the skin condition that can affect you. Below high-pressured condition, hormonal secrete exuberant, this meeting brings about skin water oily unbalance, appear more easily furrow. Try to do some of motion to perhaps read loosen, the skin that also lets you pants.

Smoke of 10. Buddhist monastic discipline

The nicotine that arises in smoking process and other and harmful material will be adsorptive go up to your skin, make color of skin dim, without light. Besides, often smoke to still can let the skin ageing of your lip ministry, occurrence furrow.

2, winter protects skin common sense

1. complement is enough the water inside body

Drink enough much water, avoid to cause the skin because of water is being lacked inside body dry. Water the quantity is daily 6 cups reach 8 cups, return OK and drinkable fruit juice, mineral water, boiled water to wait at the same time.

2. is compensatory the water outside body

A lot of females feel compensatory to the water outside body should be to use filling water keep wet product, but in fact, can help the cause that our relaxed implementation skin nurses through bathe or washing a face! Bathe can help the moisture with compensatory and enough skin, with vapour fuming or steaming-treating diseases with fumes as in moxibustion or with steam generated by boiling medicine herbs can reduce the prediction of a person's luck in a given year of moisture later. Want to notice nevertheless, must choose the water with proper temperature!

The skin is dry person should prepare to protect wet protect skin to taste, morning and evening with filling water protects skin to taste, do every week come 2 times Facial mask, water effect fills outside can achieving better system.

3. eats fruit and vegetable more, compensatory vitamin is mixed mineral

Winter skin appears easily a skin, the hand grows agnail, the lip is weather-shack wait for a problem, besides lack water, lacking a vitamin also is the cause that causes these problems.

4. notices winter to prevent bask in

Although the sunshine in the winter is not point-blank, but illuminate does not compare other season to the ultraviolet ray on the skin little. Sunshine of catoptric of place of ice and snow is harmed to cutaneous particularly serious. So winter is prevented bask in not allow to ignore.

The hot water with proper 5. bath

In cold winter, the movement of each systems all is in human body sluggish state, the stimulation that needs the external world will assist its to run.

Proper hot water bath (the Wen Shui that the proposal controls with 39 ℃ , 3, 4 days) can strengthen cutaneous metabolism, stimulative blood circulates, stimulate sweat gland, yield bilge of the trash inside body, surface and sweat juice one case outside eduction body, maintain healthy color of skin.

6. enough sleep

Good Morpheus is having very big effect to our health, and meanwhile, also having very big effect to the state of skin! Pass the time of Morpheus, the injury that skins can progressively rehabilitate gets in by day, if ignore this time paragraph, so skin problem is met more and more serious. We must hold the time of nightly rehabilitate!

7. massages facial skin

Every night 3 minutes hold to both hands to massage facial skin, muscle, arrange facial muscle, hemal trend slowly, from in undertake massage outwards, promote facial blood circulation, make facial cell is secreted more colloid and oleaginous, protective cutaneous action reachs since (oily except of dark sore skin) . Have again even if had controlled indoor temperature, increase humidity.

8. adjusts mood

Change of the person's psychosis, psychology is control by pallium, action at cutaneous nerve fiber, if humor anguish, spirit is dispirited, or feel for a long time insecurity, fear, depressive, can cause skin blood to circulate in short supply of undesirable, nutrition, make cadaverous, Huang Hei, furrow deepens the skin, premature consenescence.

Accordingly, should notice to adjust at ordinary times mood and strengthen take exercise, have healthy state of mind and physique, ability has healthy skin.

9. notices to be being worn

The winter is cold clad more, if be being worn carelessly, feel skin Sao is urticant more easily. Because clash produces ceaselessly between the body and dress, dress and dress,this is generation is electrostatic, be caused by of electrostatic and exciting skin.