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How does man spring protect skin? Does the male protect skin what to method there is?

Everybody hopes he can have Bai Xi's smooth skin, we are met everyday the product that daub protects skin will maintain skin, especially female friend, no matter be to much busier metropolis is caressed with the product that protects skin,skin, that to male friend, what does the male in the life have to protect the method of skin? Reckon a lot of people still do not know, below, provide body introduction to everybody.

How does man spring protect skin? Does the male protect skin what to method there is? (1)

1, the method that the male protects skin

1. is prevented bask in frost

The chance that contacts ultraviolet ray in the male of the office work is less, outside because this is prevented,basking in the job to perhaps need not need like spring outing, go to work so repeatedly. And man skin wants relatively than lady skin a bit thicker, so office man uses SPF15 prevent it is OK to bask in frost. When using, should notice to prevent those who bask in frost is effective prevent bask in time, because it needs particular time talent to be absorbed effectively, because this should be in before going out 15 minutes or so be used, and of SPF15 prevent bask in frost to be prevented effectively bask in time to be 150-200 minute between, because this needs an attention,fill when go out a few prevent bask in frost. If be,should go out work or the man of go on a journey had better choose SPF30 prevent bask in frost.

2. fruit is prevented bask in

The fruit can use as the function that prevents the rehabilitate after basking in is not a lot of people know, but have very good effect however. When when the intense illuminate of skin course ultraviolet ray burn, can choose to use has frozen watermelon skin or aloe apply is on the skin. Because watermelon skin contains safeguard skin of OK and its life C, calm Wen Run; Aloe has antiphlogistic effect, have cool and relaxed use again, improvement skins aglow phenomenon.

After skin thermal drop comes down, reoccupy a few protect wet product to have depth moist, can reduce the harm with burnable sun. Before be being avoided to recovering from an illness even by burnable skin, be basked in once more double. Additionally a few contain a lot ofvitaminic fruit, for instance tomato, orange also can rise to defend the action that bask in.

3. beautiful Bai Xiufu

The man does not think to should be prevented on besmear only bask in frost, although by the sun long insolate is irrespective also. After should be over by sun insolate actually, what need does is the beauty after basking in maintains in vain. Additional, some men white-collar faces computer radiate everyday, the skin is shot by in relief illumination, produce shading very easily, and because cerebral cortex is thicker, shading keeps clear of very hard thoroughly. Because this man of this type is same,also need to do the beautiful white work after basking in.

The man uses beautiful flour film is not the issue with new what any more, but the United States' white true measure is, fill first the beauty after water is white. Night is the best hour that repair skins, so if if wanting to make beautiful flour film, should have depth to the skin with filling surFacial mask first moist, next film of reoccupy beautiful flour basks in place to have repair to facial ministry. If need to have multinomial repair,use the word of much money product additionally, also be to want to use filling aquatic product first, reuse is other.

4. accuses oily chamfer to pledge

After glossy of face of cleanness whole face and besmirch, you still can skin according to yours state giving oil, timely use grind arenaceous product or pass through effect Facial mask, adsorptive and deep-seated and clean pore, redundant grease, purify often abandons cutin to reach shrink receive pore, achieve further purify go oily. When use Facial mask, must not persnickety, all round escape eye lip, lay out of will thick one level film is full whole face, give priority to in order to lose sight of color of skin. Wait 10 control to 20 minutes, basis item characteristics, completely dry hind rip by next upgrade except, or rinse clean with Wen Liang's clear water can. Then, did not forget to dab in whole face make up water.

Besides calm skin, still have once more the function of bacterium of clean, curb, recuperate grease to balance, make the skin restores to be collected solely, especially the man has the habit that blow moustache, need to make up more the moist of water, reduce daily the stimulation that blows moustache to give skin pore. Do not contain oil make up water is in midsummer hour, can the unwell feeling that ministry of bring down face awaits to dry steam. If facial ministry had had acne problem, the officinal product that can contain the component such as plum of detailed of salicylic, kaolin, gold, besmear put on the skin centers cure at sufferring from a ministry to make, let be affected by the bacterium and the wool bursa of inflammation gets slow, antiphlogistic, detumescence, stimulative cut cicatrizations.

5. scour off is fat with sweat flavour

Those who showed consideration for and take care to preserve face is relaxed, the top of head that did not forget you and body also can risk oil to perspire. Especially the scalp of Fu full hair, once sweat profusely, give oily case closely along with the wool bursa of the move, accompany a bacterium to cause, can accentuate peculiar smell is formed. Remember student times pushing fair car, the person the top of head beside waves blast the stink has an oil to make a person vinegary more. Choose to remove technically of fat scalp wash hair essence or scalp nutrition agent, reduce scalp to secrete the problem of overmuch grease because of high temperature, more than and OK subtractive and awkward situation, also can make hair wool bursa maintains clean, then able-bodied hair silk.

2, why does the man need to protect skin

1. hormonal action

Male skin is general deflection is oily, PH value is 4.5 ~ about 6, because hormonal activity crosses frequency to stimulate leather fat to secrete, grease and sweat moisture secrete are so more. Was not cleaned in time when exuberant secretion, dredge and jam pore, dark sore can appear on the skin. And if be in,handle without seasonable cure, very possible because the cell is necrotic and leave permanent scar.

2. does beard

Bit and cutaneous kiss intimate contact, it is a stimulation to the skin more or less. Often shave beard, can make organization of facial ministry skin flakes ceaselessly, newer, accelerate cutaneous metabolism, bring about skin happening flabby.

The outdoors exercise with too much 3.

Male prefer is outdoors motion, outdoors golf, football, basketball, swim wait for motion, make the skin is exposed for long fall in sunshine, sunshine can be caused to the skin damage, bask in for instance, bask in spot, and quicken skin ageing.

4. disdains the skin to nurse

Many men think the skin nurses is the female's patent, the man is best this world is a few firmer, not need nurses the skin. Then dry, be short of the problem such as water, glossy to also come with respect to ground of follow a rational line to do some work well.

5. lifestyle undesirable

Smoking, stay up late, all sorts of wine flesh dinner parties, food does not have the rule, bring about body endocrine possibly disorder, the skin also is affected. The person complexion that often smokes is dim; The person complexion extensive that stay up late is green, black rim of the eye is apparent; The dinner party crosses glossy of much skin superficial; And food can cause long blain without the rule.

6. comes from pressure

The man is bearing than the woman greater pressure. Swiss authority hairdressing and psychological research organization discover, mental pressure can cause internal system disorder, appear abiding heart body function is maladjusted. Skin of as a result is dry and flabby, lose luster, color of skin submits clammy form, this kind of phenomenon is called " messy skin syndrome " , it can quicken skin consenescence, cloggy skin is strong and handsome.