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How to save sensitive flesh? Is the water that wash a face warm how many degrees is the properest temperature?

The younger sister paper of sensitive flesh is exceedingly vexed, exceedingly afflictive also, be in especially change garments according to the season when, the younger sister paper of sensitive flesh skins with respect to occurrence face ministry Sao itchs very easily red, protect skin to taste repeatedly cannot use, how to save sensitive flesh? Is the water that wash a face warm how many degrees is the properest temperature? Save sensitive flesh to begin to chat from clean face first, look together below.

How to save sensitive flesh? Is the water that wash a face warm how many degrees is the properest temperature? (1)

1, the method that saves skin

Step1 basic cleanness has been done is to maintain taste draw strength the first pace

Beautiful flesh spends: ☆ ☆ ☆

So regulations of skin teaching battle is the first clean forever, believe the girl understands clean importance, but the girl does not want oversight the means that washs a face is to want to will wash breast knead meticulous hubble-bubble reentry in the rub in the hand first travel face ministry is clean, skin just won't get hurt.

Additional, when washing a face, temperature does not want as far as possible too very hot or too ice, skin otherwise may too sensitive uncomfortable, the properest temperature is 30 degrees of C-33 spend C.

Protective screen of Step2 aggrandizement skin, metabolize to have instantly quickly feel

Beautiful flesh spends: ☆ ☆ of ☆ ☆ ☆

Had done besides cleanness strengthen draw strength besides, male dry, red urticant, give blain of oily, long blain these skin are insalubrious the problem ~ that bring about can be about to rely on to skin metabolization will solve!

Additional, weather compares dry season, drying cutaneous girl can use humidifier in the home or be to put a cup of water to be in a room, the dry chance that can reduce skin to change so is led.

2, protect skin good convention daily

1. decreases bask time

Although somebody tells you, you should go out to bask more, let the body absorb vitamin D, but overmuch sunshine illuminate is brought about easily bask in, premature ageing even skin cancer. Arrange of American environmental protection points out: "Sunshine causes the skin aggravation cause of 90% . " this word is understandable also become: A few microgroove on your face also can avoid originally.

So, when going out, must have done prevent bask in measure, best Daiyi carries cap and a pair of sunglass on the head, arrived at 10 o'clock in the morning afternoon during the ultraviolet radiate peak value between 2 o'clock, need those who restrict oneself to go out time. Each days, must daub mark has SPF to prevent those who bask in an index to protect Shi Shuang.

2. sleeps at least everyday 7 hour

"Hairdressing becomes aware " the concept that is be worthy of the name, adult needs the 7 Morpheus time to 8 hours everyday. Precatory of elegant 2013 Shi Landai considers to make clear, the gold time that misses Morpheus can increase you to grow furrow, color of skin all does not lose stretch machine rate with the skin. In addition, the person skin that this research still discovers Morpheus is insufficient often slants dry, bask in an injury to restore to also be compared slow.

3. should not squeeze blain blain absolutely

Grew blain, "Without as " it is best processing technique instead. Although squeeze blain blain to let a person feel " delighted " , but the result may be bilge and bacterium inflammation is caused in the cut that introduces your blain blain to go up, take a knot in one's heart of next malformation.

If you must be squeezed,come out, also must seek professional person operation, equipment of meeting use asepsis mixes latter to apply pressure correctly to spend, the skin that lets you is avoided suffer enroach on.

4. eats sacchariferous less food

If you ate to contain sugar component is high or the food with blood sugar fast index, the insulin level inside your body jumps, resemble body inside abrupt " inflammation " same, bring about collagen albumen and stretch protein to decompose, make the skin produce furrow flabbily. Pass " saccharification " process, candy also can join on the collagen albumen in your skin, the dermatitis disease phenomenon such as aggravate acne and bazoo of wine broken bits.

After 5. bathes, pat with towel absorb moisture, should not wipe

Likelihood somebody can feel such very troublesome, but this is to protect your skin the best method of crude oil. Meet according to American dermatology, have drying cutaneous person, if bathe hind cleanse the body with towel, the skin can become drier. So, suggest you pat the skin to absorb moisture with towel light dub, avoid by all means is wiped forcibly.

6. drinks water

The conduce that drink water promotes haemal circulation, make skin cell restores vitality. Although drink water to be able to not prevent furrow to grow certainly, but if the skin is dry, the machine rate that grows a microgroove and furrow is very old. And, a research 2005 makes clear, those drink the person of a large number of moisture inside 15 minutes, can divide major water only outside eduction body. And small person that drinks water can let moisture be withheld in the time inside body instead longer. Say so, drink water not to want fierce fill, rein in rhythm is more effective instead.