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Why doesn't the woman protect skin with age Duan Ru? How should woman of 25 years old protect skin?

The skin of each age level nurses have corresponding side key, in female adolescence, autumn and consenescence period, of skin nurse the method also is different, use protect skin to taste not identical also, so, why doesn't the woman protect skin with age Duan Ru? How should woman of 25 years old protect skin? Actor or actress accordingly below actor is young write the introduction that will read an article.

Why doesn't the woman protect skin with age Duan Ru? How should woman of 25 years old protect skin? (1)

1, different age paragraph the method that protect skin

, adolescence

Characteristic: Youth skin film is complete, metabolism is exuberant, grease is secreted much, especially T word place.

Nurse key: Do deep-seated cleanness regularly, can use appropriately accuse oil to protect skin to taste, avoid grease to secrete cause acne too much. Do not give the skin too much nutrition, more the cosmetic that does not want daub opaque, lest cause pore,jam, long acne. But it is OK that this also is not meant day of element look out, should use embellish skin appropriately frost and prevent bask in frost. What need reminds is, some youths feel the skin is delicate, can use children to protect skin to taste, this also is incorrect. Children protects skin to taste those who cannot satisfy adult need to fill water, fight knit, beautiful a variety of maintenance such as the spot of white, dispel, rehabilitate after basking in.

2, 25 years old ~40 year old

Characteristic: Metabolic slow down, the skin lacks water easily, more sensitive, coloured element precipitates, flexibility is insufficient. Eye ministry and forehead can appear false sex microgroove. Grease is secreted decrease, but T word place still calculates exuberant.

Protect skin key: Besides doing complete cleanness regularly, notice to protect even wet and prevent bask in, precaution is anile. Because pigment begins precipitation, a lot of people use white product of quick result beauty, the result brings about cutaneous skin to be damaged. So, expert proposal makes film of Bai Bushui scale of 2~3 second beauty every week, should prevent all the year round bask in enough.

3, 38 years old later

Characteristic: Metabolism is slow, the skin becomes dry. The collagen content inside the skin decreases, occurrence furrow, the skin becomes flabby.

Protect skin key: Enhance skin flexibility, defer skin consenescence. Must choose to suit him cutaneous to wash grandma at that time, the choice fights oxidation, fight consenescence protect wet cream, can maintain cutaneous humidity and enhance cutaneous flexibility. Can do 1~2 second nutrition to keep wet noodle film every week. Additional, this age paragraph the female can be taken appropriately adjust endocrine product, external use of to be taken orally work along both lines.

2, filling water protects wet cream

Recommend a product:

Vivid spring of spring of green jade Europe attain protect Shi Shuang RMB495.00/150ml fully

Small make up recommend reason: This product fits young skin to be used character very much, the effect still calculates pretty good, have defend wet action very well, use convenient, the quality of a material of frost shape is very gentle, what when the skin that lacks water is used, the feeling absorbs is very fast, the skin after been use feels extraordinary water profit, ensure wet result first-rate.

Recommend an index: ★ ★ of ★ ★ ★

Recommend a product:

Embellish of constant of charming charm poem protects Shi Shuang RMB490.00/50ml

Small make up recommend reason: Good absorb moist but do not stick be bored with, the time that lock water feels after been use is very long, daylong skin is profit of water water profit, particularly full be filled with embellish, skin looks brighter also.

Recommend an index: ★ ★ of ★ ★ ★

Recommend a product:

Mi Shuining of tall silk essence protects Shi Shuang RMB450.00/50ml

Small make up recommend reason: Quality of a material slants cream shape, luster but do not show glossy again, very comfortable, adjust water oil to balance respect ability very doughty, very moist skin, sensitive skin is used also do not have any problems.

Recommend an index: ★ ★ of ★ ★ ★

Recommend a product:

Water of handsome green jade is tender protect RMB340.00/50ml of wet elite frost

Small make up recommend reason: Flavour very faint scent, quality of a material is silky, very exquisite, do not stimulate skin, gentle relaxed, help skin increases dry to the outside the resistance that attack, super- fill by force water, suit drying cutaneous MM.

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