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Has the female given birth to a child to often be gotten faster? Unripe child and stop is classics relative?

After a lot of women fear she are giving birth to the child, the meeting is anile a few faster, in fact the method that this is a kind of mistake, unripe child won't make a woman old fast, feminine consenescence and unripe child did not concern, is that unripe child and stop is classics relative? Also did not concern actually, unripe child is feminine devoir, what won't cause to endanger to the woman.

Has the female given birth to a child to often be gotten faster? Unripe child and stop is classics relative? (1)

1, often won't get after production fast

Be pregnant, produce and won't let a woman age. Actually, be pregnant is a very natural business, although be pregnant,produce sure meeting to leave a mark on the body, but can not make a woman old faster. The child is born morer, the life clock inside maternal body can be lengthened instead, make a woman more macrobian, because be pregnant,this is when the female is hormonal promote considerably, of stimulative body fight oxidation, can let life clock lull instead. Also discover in the observation process of numerous scientist, give birth to the mom of more embryo, relatively the woman that spends the child at not was born, the age of the body is younger.

The woman after production is over often can be gotten faster, reason most is the concern that confinement did not become good. The doctor observes discovery, do not have during friend of a lot of females is confined well take good care of sb, look after children overworked is excessive, add finish the continue on confinement wheeler goes to work, another edge takes care of a child, candle both ends is burned. Because the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, production is big injury of the woman, if do not have well take good care of sb, cannot get sufficient rest again, turn over the vigour inside Fu draw-out body (kidney is angry) will use, often get easily of course fast.

2, with when to stop classics is irrespective

Unripe not unripe child and when to stop via having nothing to do with

Had laid the child's person, because the uterus gets rest, so, the turn of life can come later, is this right? Actually not likely, the female stops the morning and evening of classics and unripe not unripe child to do not have too big concern, stop via basically be being concerned with water of the kidney inside body, namely vigour amount.

" the classics inside Huang Di " have a periodic theory, be with " kidney water " for the foundation, the kidney water that describes a woman from do not have have, from have fill, from contain declining relationship. Main content explains, every 7 annual meeting have female body an apparent change, 28 years old are summit summit of the female, arrived 49 years old after kidney water stops slowly, can stop classics, so, the turn of life arrives early, arrive late, it is with kidney water amount is decision criteria, follow to give birth to a child to do not have too big concern.

For example often boils night to sleep, put upside down day and night, food is abnormal, like the fat, sweetmeat food that increases body burden, did not eliminate really plus toxin, the body did not get enough rest on one hand, turn over Fu to receive bad food again on the other hand, kidney water falls in the state of constant supply, just began meeting occurrence mouth to do glossal dry, mouth broken, constipation, skin is coarse the phenomenon that waits for flourishing of fire of deficiency of yin with irritability, if ignore, grow gradually as age, kidney water in advance is gone, the turn of life can report for duty ahead of schedule.

3, protect skin to raise colour cookbook

, soup of balsam pear pork

Raw material: Pig lean lean 120 grams, bright balsam pear 240 grams, clear soup, refined salt, Jiang Si each are right amount.

Make a way:

1, pork abluent, slice, boil into boiling water fully, fish out is washed with Wen Shui clean.

2, bright balsam pear goes flesh is abluent, slice, enter the scald in boiling water boiler, fish out accuses water.

3, clear soup of the infuse inside boiler, with boil of flourishing baked wheaten cake, add cutlet, melon piece, convert small fire boils about 15 minutes.

4, put Jiang Si, flavor with refined salt, fill become namely inside soup bowl.


1, balsam pear has " the heat that divide unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease, solution is tired, qing Xinming looks " action, balsam pear " cleanse of blueness criterion bitter cold is hot, bright eye clear heart " .

2, pork has human body of intestines and stomach of filling disposition, embellish, unripe body fluid, abundant, lustre cutaneous function.

3, so, pork matchs balsam pear to do boiling water, medicable heatstroke irritated thirsty, heat furuncle, prickly heat crosses the disease such as conjunctivitis of much, eye. In order to make sure the skin slips healthily, have hairdressing effect.

2, sweet salt pineapple drink

Raw material: Pineapple 1, salt 5 grams, honey 10 grams.

Make a way: pineapple piece flay, cut pineapple flesh chunk, join agitate of salt, honey even, bloat be soiled gives pineapple juice to be become namely. But drinkable pineapple juice, eat pineapple meat.


1, pineapple contains a large number of protein C of enzymatic, saccharide, protein, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin, organic acid and mineral etc.

2, pineapple flavour pleasant, small acid, the gender is smooth, have benefiting taste, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop bowel of thirsty, embellish detumescence of aperient, diuresis all effect.

3, pineapple deserves to be enraged with beneficial in filling, the honey of detoxify of moisten the respiratory tract combines drink juice, have the effect of skin of the embellish that raise flesh, can preserve blood-vessel and skin flexibility, make the skin more fresh and tender, have energy.