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How to do weak spot of good dispel spot to nurse? How does the woman prevent senile plaque?

Splash is skin pigment unusually ad cool-headed the issue of a kind of skin that form, splash of the appearance of special effect person, the type of splash has several kinds, have senile plaque, bask in spot, fleck, huang Heban, how should the woman answer these stain? How to do weak spot of good dispel spot to nurse? Actor actor is young today invent the method that gives the precaution below everybody introduction senile plaque.

How to do weak spot of good dispel spot to nurse? How does the woman prevent senile plaque? (1)

1, the method that prevents senile plaque

How does the woman prevent senile plaque? 1, motion of the ministry that make a face

Investigate discovery, many actors and singer are facial the happening of senile plaque, should defer 8-10 than other crowd year, this should be attributed to them to have more facial muscle campaign. Accordingly, slow pharynx of the to nibble when suggesting people dines, often buckle tine or masticatory chewing gum, in order to improve facial blood circulation and skin metabolism, defer the happening of senile plaque.

How does the woman prevent senile plaque? 2, attend sports appropriately activity

Physical training also can serve as prevent senile pigment deposit to be on blood-vessel, one of important step that prevent hemal denaturation. But when outdoors motion, avoid to sunlight insolates and be stimulated for long unusually, use appropriately prevent bask in frost. Daily the place that flaps facial ministry and hand low-necked grow senile plaque easily 3 times, flap aglow and calorific, chafe 100 times again, circulate in order to improve local cutaneous blood, have profit very much to precaution and the formation that defer senile plaque.

How does the woman prevent senile plaque? 3, change dietary structure

Want to adjust the adipose content in food above all, daily must not exceed 60 grams, element wanting meat or fish is reasonable and tie-in, had adjusted tallow fat and plant to absorb proportion adiposely (normal scale is 1: 2) . Eat the food of etc of fresh vegetables and fruits that contains a lot ofa vitamin more, eat fat, acrimony, food sticking sluggish less like the; such as tomato, citric, bright jujube, sesame seed, walnut, the seed of Job's tears, avoid smoke wine, not drinkable too strong coffee.

2, abstain beautiful flour film to come dispel spot

1, lemon + carrot

Preparation is fresh and citric, carrot. Mix lemon carrot extracts juice after abluent flay, be opposite to decrease the injury of juicer is OK first stripping and slicing, crowded without the word stripping and slicing of juicer juice also goes. After doing good clean face to work everyday, wipe go up in the face, after working, wash. If there is carrot in the home, cucumber also can achieve similar result.

2, almond is pure surFacial mask

Take right amount almond, wear is farinaceous, add right amount clean water, tone is become mushy, clean clean after 20 minutes. This Facial mask has very good beautiful white effect. At the same time OK and effective alimentary skin. If right amount thick salt is joined when allocate, OK still purify ageing cell.

3, towel gourd hairdressing law

Above all towel gourd insolation, grind for fine not, move besmear scale with water every night, second morning goes with lukewarm bath. If use honey to move besmear, still can go facial furrow. This kind of method has certain effect. A variety of vitamins, protein, carbohydrate and acid of the blood that fight annulus are contained in towel gourd, have stronger blanch the effect, especially the content of phosphor, calcic, iron is richer, still contain xylose glue and plant mucus to wait, these material have sanitarian effect to the skin. Use for a long time, ameliorable skin is exquisite whiteness. After adding honey, should not be pass the night. Clean after 20 minutes.

4, honey rose Facial mask

Take honey 60 grams, rose juice 10 milliliter, 30 grams mix oaten pink smooth. Wash the apply after the face to go up at the face, the scour off after 30 minutes, morning and evening each 1. This film applies to cure facial shading.

Normally the method in the daub on the face is: Add honey 2 ~ after 3 times water is attenuant, daily Tu Fu is facial, after undertaking; also can use gauze macerate honey massage appropriately, brush a face gently, brush facial ministry to have low-grade fever till feeling, wash with clear water next clean.