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Does the woman maintain what recipe does skin have? Can lacteal frostlike powder do massage frost?

If your protecting skin always is very ugly if seeing the effect, so be about to consider is you nurse the means of skin is incorrect bring about, or you did not make clear a few practical skin of Hunan maintain method, so, does the woman maintain what recipe does skin have? Can lacteal frostlike powder do massage frost? Actor actors or actress below small make up introduce biddy person to maintain for everybody the recipe of skin.

Does the woman maintain what recipe does skin have? Can lacteal frostlike powder do massage frost? (1)

1, the recipe that skin maintains

1. breeds frost massages frost namely: Do not need particularly beautiful big money to buy massage frost, everyday when daub milk frostlike powder, with show the abdomen draws a circle gently on the face, massage 2-3 minute, stimulative face ministry skins blood circulates, skin will be brighter.

2. helps eye frost move: Put eye frostlike powder inside freezer, icy eye frost can skin of iced eye ministry, outside skinning except moist eye ministry, still can improve bloated problem effectively.

3.DIY keeps wet noodle film: With nonalcoholic protect high wet make up water, add wet make up cotton or male Facial mask paper, apply face 8-10 minute, to skin fast water is divided.

4. does not lick a lip again: Lick Yue Qian more, remember often daub protects a lipstick, maintain lip of water tender Q.

5. drinks coffee after to want to drink the water that waits for a quantity: Coffee conduce at disappear oedema, but also can let moisture of body prediction of a person's luck in a given year, after remembering drinking coffee, want to drink the Wen Shui that waits for a quantity, complement slowly, the skin that just won't let you lacks water dry.

6. washs a face to want by next upgrade: With bath face of flow, can rapid abluent and smudgy, it is very important to be rinsed by what issue upgrade at the same time, issue upgrade for a long time again, can make line of facial ministry skin loose break down.

After 7. washs a face immediately gush protects wet sparge: Wet sparge is protected on the gush inside the 30 seconds after washing a face, because wash facial itself to be able to take away skin moisture, wash a face to brush male after, wet sparge is protected on gush immediately, do good render, have daily attention move again.

8. ran 10 minutes: JennaMenard of Hollywood star makeup girl, the proposal that is like Shu Man of a surname Ma to the giant star is: Before attending red carpet or clique to be opposite, go out ran, even if be only,10 minutes go. Through undertake oxygen moves having, quicken haemal circulation, bai Li rubicund skins, can make of after add on makeup simpler, frivolous makeup feeling has natural and ruddy good color.

9. awaits 90 seconds: Finish in the morning maintain after the program, await 90 seconds to let maintain article absorb completely, go up makeup more convenient, makeup effect more docile is more abiding also.

10. prevents bask in breast to use sponge besmear: Do not like to defend the move of sticky be bored with that basks in a product, can use make up it is on sponge on bottom makeup, sticky be bored with of this meeting bring down feels, still can form evener prevent bask in a layer.

11. temperature and humidity: Wet environment conduces to skin protecting wet, when walking into air conditioning room accordingly, remember putting one cannikin water beside, protect for skin wet.

2, cervical the error that maintain

Error 1: With toilet soap cleanness cervical. Cervical grease is secreted original little, a large number of black are contained in toilet soap base, can let cervical more dry, quicken the consenescence of cervical skin, grain letting a neck appears more quickly. Should use cleanness of product of gentle clean face to massage cervical.

Error 2: The body is ground arenaceous cream pledge for cervical chamfer. The body is ground arenaceous cream grain is bigger, harm cervical skin very easily, should choose grain to compare exquisite gentle facial ministry chamfer simple product.

Error 3: Cervical do not need paint any maintaining article. Cervical skin is very dry, cleanness is chosen afterwards fight the oxidation, neck frost that defends wet action or the latex can make cervical skin more delicate, a neck film still can be made when leisure.

Look next again can be in cervical appearing problem, how to recuperate checkmate of one by one of ability general problem next.