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From what does place look a woman to age? What connection do breast and consenescence have?

Everybody cannot change consenescence this fact, but the rate that we can decide the body is anile, although very much woman relies on medical hairdressing to be in now,maintaining young, but feminine man can age after all, and how to see oneself anile, from what does place look a woman to age? What connection do breast and consenescence have? Actor actors or actress below small make up will solve.

From what does place look a woman to age? What connection do breast and consenescence have? (1)

1, visit these places

1, see a breast

The breast is the female's relatively delicate and weak position, as anile as the woman relationship is close. If feminine breast is plump and strong, be in green years years mostly, if feminine breast begins the phenomenon such as occurrence prolapse, strut, demonstrative body is in gradually anile condition. Breast cancer is the killer of the first cancer that endangers female health and life at present, the expert expresses, once the woman passed 30 years old, should learn oneself to check mammary gland.

2, see pouch

Although young girl also can have pouch, but this kind of situation is general not quite normal, because give the age of lose face bag,control in 45 years old commonly. Pouch is the mark of feminine consenescence, the woman went up after age, the skin begins ageing all round eye ministry flabby, main show makes to issue eyelid facial overbalance and harmonious, give a person the sense of a kind of tired, anility.

3, see the waist

As the growth of the age, the metabolic ability of female body can drop, inside body overmuch adipose if cannot be decomposed, place waits in ministry of the waist, leg with respect to easy accumulation, make the person appears gradually thereby " pail waist " , " elephant leg " . After the female is being borne, pelvic joint ligament is flabby, can cause long lumbago; Additional, the female can appear in the waist after amenorrhoea bend, bone becomes fragile, the symptom such as lumbago.

4, see a heart

After the woman ages, each viscera can begin the body degrade, the heart also can fail gradually " age " , although do not have heart foundation kind disease, human body often also can feel exhaustion.

2, defer anile method

Move livelily, bones and muscles never old. Life depends on motion. Old people should choose 9 campaign that fit his, can arouse body energy, slow down ageing, still conduce to enhance a constitution, enhance immune power. Motion also has profit greatly to bones and muscles, cross correlation of bones and muscles, muscle is having to bone prop up, the action of protection, amortize, the bones and muscles when taking exercise is the same as practice, become more tough when muscle, with respect to can better to arriving since bone protection function, prevent fracture.

559 years old in old people, can choose motion to measure largish movement, do for instance hold, play a ball game, dance, hit shadowboxing to wait, carry momentum with perspiring slightly advisable old person of 779 years old wants; to reduce motion to measure appropriately, best motion is to take a walk, can go out at 34 o'clock afternoon take a walk half hours, motion is measured in order to feel relaxed, happy and advisable. When weather is bad, the arm is thrown in the home, bow, carry leg, also be good exercise.

Eat piece balanced, function never old. The digestive function wear off of old people, more want method accomplishs nutrition balanced. 100 years old of longlived people, distinguished economist Dr. Chen Hansheng, everyday food holds to " 3 one " : Eat an egg in the morning, drink a cup of milk in the evening, eat an apple everyday, and much abstain from eating meat of a day of 3 meat, eat the meat less. The old person also should is with this draw lessons from, eat the flesh, egg, milk everyday, but not too fat, not taste is too heavy.


Yam, potato, Chinese cabbage, turnip, soya-bean milk, honey, banana, orange, apple is the food that suits old people quite. On the practice, want to be given priority to in order to stew dish, the dish that stew is softer sodden, delicate, digest easily. Home of past dynasties preserve one's health drinks congee to the old person very praise highly, call congee " worldly the first nourishing food " . Congee is easy digest, absorb, can mix stomach, fill lienal, clear lung, suit old people quite, millet congee, oatmeal is right choice. Also can wait for black sesame seed, walnut, the seed of Job's tears to be allocated according to taste, hit into paste of food crops rice to eat when dinner. Those who need an attention is, old people does not eat too full, general with 78 minutes full advisable, but not hungry also, especially the old person of hypoglycemia, low blood pressure more cannot hungry, can control at 4 o'clock afternoon add meat appropriately, eat some of mug-up, fruit, nut to wait.