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Cervical what maintains method? How does the female maintain daily cervical?

Cervical place of the female also is to expose outer, of occurrence furrow of very easy meeting, and the woman always ignored her in daily life of cervical skin maintain, can how can you bear cervical and coarse skin and a few small microgroove? This is of the age that can expose you, so, cervical what maintains method? How does the female maintain daily cervical? Will look.

Cervical what maintains method? How does the female maintain daily cervical? (1)

1, cervical the method that maintain

1, cervical skin is very exquisite very thin also, accordingly, the direction of massage neck and strength are very fundamental, right massage kind should use both hands paw, press by next upgrade from bosom, repeat and parallel is stroked gently. Must not draw a circle or converse massage.

2, the cervical skin that proper oil can help you is younger. The alternative is simple crude hairdressing oil just won't create a burden. Coconut oil is right choice, touch take a few mixing to add up to a bit moisture, use the palm to till absorb,be massaged. Olive oil, almond oil, foreign Gan Ju, Youjiali and rose essence oil are very helpful.

3, cervical also want apply Facial mask: If want to make the job that protects a neck is done more reach the designated position, more effective, must undertake to its depth maintains. Maintain to depth for, Facial mask is right choice. But when choosing Facial mask, when does need notice, like cervical skin dim female can use beautiful flour film, conduce to the pigment of desalt neck grain so; Skin slants dry female is OK apply keeps wet noodle film; The female with a bit flabby skin is OK apply fights ageing Facial mask. Additional, the female should avoid to use the Facial mask that has deep-seated and clean effect, the skin that because this is planted,Facial mask can make you are cervical is even more dry.

4, clean cervical action: Because the ministry exposes the neck for a long time,be in sunshine air, the chance that gets pollution is bigger, because this needs everyday,be opposite cervical undertake cleaning. After be being washed, still answer frost of the hairdressing on besmear, what can defer cervical skin so is anile.

5, cervical also want fixed chamfer to pledge. Remember selecting gentle chamfer simple product, use every time do not exceed 5 minutes. Molar almond granule adds milk, also can use chamfer of the house that make the home to pledge, begin upgrade to be stroked gently from shoulder to cervical, rush along with all the others when bathe, this maintains program about 2-4 Zhou Yi second can.

2, skin fights anile method

(1) food piece

Alimental is compensatory, can let us have color more it seems that. Can eat a few food that contain collagen protein more, contain namely " colloid " food, for instance skin or it is slices of fish meat. Eat a few food that contain a vitamin more, for instance red jujube, tomato, fruit. Food pays attention to a balance, whats eat, but whats do not eat more.

Nutrient complement reachs the designated position, ability lets us have color very much it seems that.

(2) psychology piece

Do not look down upon the psychological influence to skin, common saying josh laughs 10 junior, buoyant, also meet it seems that young. If always be worry heavily, so your skin also won't better, color is met very ugly. So, happy very important, what does not open worry to be put, without what alarming.

(3) protects skin piece

No matter you are 20 years old, 30 years old still are 50 years old, hairdressing this homework is indispensable. The skin all round the eye is the flimsiest and sensitive, also expose the age the most easily, so the skin all round the eye wants to be protected well, although you ability is 20 years old.

Above protects skin little skill namely, the skin that can let you gets optimal nurse the effect, make skin OK go against grow. The skin of everybody pledges the state differs, the method protecting skin that suits to use also has distinction, according to your skin characteristic, pick the hairdressing way that suits oneself, such doing can make your skin more healthy.

(4) motion piece

Motion is the best kind that allows skin to keep stretch, modern life rhythm is faster, very may much person takes exercise well without time, so be made with respect to the little detail from inside the life, learn our athletic principle: Can sit not to lie, can stand not to sit, can go not to stand.

When going to work, climb stair to go up, if floor is too tall, ahead of schedule next a few elevator are mounted again next. After eating a meal midday, take a rest, next a little bones and muscles of pull out pull out. After coming off work, ahead of schedule walk home of car of one station underground.