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It is good that effect of algal Facial mask has many? Can algal Facial mask shrink pore?

Algal it is a kind of plant in ocean, there is very advantageous effect in the respect that protect skin. The younger sister paper that likes DIY a little can be bought by oneself algal will make Facial mask, the effect protecting skin of algal Facial mask is first-rate, can improve skin effectively all sorts of problems, suit skin of outermost layer of skin particularly, there is dark wound on the face, pore is bulky the younger sister paper that waits for a problem people those who use.

It is good that effect of algal Facial mask has many? Can algal Facial mask shrink pore? (1)

1, the action that defend water

(1) increases skin protect ability in swimming, make skin more moist be able to bear or endure suffer a gender stronger, make skin consequently more show bright beautiful and produce allergic reaction not easily.

2, cause effect closely

(2) adds the constrictive sex of skin and flexibility, the skin reply of slack is young condition, can achieve the goal of purify furrow accordingly.

3, repair action

(The 3) help, immunity that increases skin reachs protective action. Insolate, Morpheus is not worth the shading that cause to have repair effect.

4, contractive pore

(Because 4) fills the double action of ability in swimming and constrictive sex, the exudation of ameliorable drying and oily skin condition, make tend neuter skins gradually, make wool stoma contractive and meticulous. Computer radiate, grease is secreted superfluous cause pore bulky, the be pacified after using pore.

5, be pacified caves skin

(5) is lending cellular appearance memorial function, after complemental collagen albumen, the skin that can make be short of caustic or caves returns to normal the exterior.

6, treat dark skiing ulcer

(6) is right enlarge sexual acne scar, inside the skin or subcutaneous tissue is damaged, epithelial shrink, of deepness furrow or other parenchyma be short of caustic to all have clear improvement action. Eliminate the scar that acne, acne leaves. Suit oily, dark sore, red skin, balance grease is secreted, antiphlogistic and antiseptic effect, have particularly good therapy effect to dark sore especially.

7, remove wrinkle

(7) removes wrinkle. Often make algal Facial mask, can make our skin more bouncy mix send closely, those who let already flabby skin return 18 years old is close send bouncy, achieve the effect of dispel furrow thereby.

8, method of precautionary blain blain

1. does not touch a face with the hand uncontrollably. This often causes a bacterium to be caused in the skin on the face, produce whelk thereby. Of the hair stimulate facial ministry skin easily also sometimes filthily, grow aggravating blain.

Should keep the 2. quilt, sheet, pillow, towel that wash a face clean constantly. The insolate of sunshine is best disinfection, ultraviolet ray has the effect that kills a bacterium.

3. likes to eat sweet food and cannot be being abstained is the main factor that causes long whelk. The mug-up with the cake that candy divides and much carbohydrate causes whelk the most easily. Additional, the nutlet such as earthnut kind also should eat less as far as possible. The little male girls that love the United States had better are opposite these food stay at a respectful distance from sb.

4. moderate campaign can promote metabolism, have favorable effect to the body and skin, everyday gymnastics of 3 minutes, be the very secret of success that maintains beautiful skin!

The rubbish food such as 5. snack, snacks, cause costive; easily to love to eat a late food to be opposite not only the stomach is bad, and can cause constipation, can draw blain.

6. eats more a few natural the provision that does not contain artificial accretion, fruit of plant fibrous vegetable and yoghurt; eat vegetable more, because eat red turnip, spinach, green pepper, broccoli,can enhance the strength to the bacterium the flower, balanced of course diet is very important also.

The pressure on 7. spirit can cause leather fat to secrete exuberant, also be the cause of formation of whelk, buoyant meeting lets blain blain be far from.

No matter 8. is much busier, went to bed the latest please at 11 o'clock. The metabolism of skin normally by arrived at 11 o'clock in the evening undertake when 2 o'clock in the middle of the night, the physiology clock you moves pair of time, ability won't embrace blain self-pity.

9. washs the first pace that the face is beautiful skin, but a day of morning and evening two or it is perspiration, flyblown when wash again enough. If excessive clean, the protective grease that can get on the skin is complete scour off, cause the skin too too dry, have very great harm to skin, can affect a bacterium probably, cannot carelessly.