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Does the woman enrich the blood it what congee drink is good to what congee drink? Does the woman enrich the blood raise colour what food to eat?

In us at ordinary times among daily life, believe all female friends are not Chang Aimei, also pay attention to oneself outside appearance very much, but the appearance that wants to have beauty besides explicit besides, immanent condition also is very important, below small made up female friends to introduce a few enrich the blood raise colour congee, inside and outside holds hope female friends concurrently long, such ability attain better result. So does the woman enrich the blood it what congee drink is good to what congee drink? Does the woman enrich the blood raise colour what food to eat?

Does the woman enrich the blood it what congee drink is good to what congee drink? (1)

One, the woman enrichs the blood congee

1, red jujube congee

Count the red jujube that joins clean after rice is abluent, add water right amount, thoroughly cook to stiff, can edible.

2, pork liver congee

Take pork liver 150 grams, abluent cut small, put into the rice with 100 abluent grams, add right amount clear water, put the dressing such as green, ginger, salt, boil congee in all.

3, chicken broth congee

Take a hen 1, go wool, analyse is washed clean, add decoction of right amount clear water to reserve into hoosh. Take former juice chicken broth 100 grams, add abluent rice 100 grams, add right amount clear water to boil congee, conflagration boil, small fire is boiled stiff can.

4, earthnut ox muscle congee

Tendons of beef extraction a cattle 80 grams, abluent, cut small, with 80 grams pignut and the polished glutinous rice with 100 abluent grams enter arenaceous boiler in all, add clear water right amount the congee that boil, to tendons of beef know sth thoroughly, till Mi Kaishang is stiff.

5, donkey-hide gelatin congee

Polished glutinous rice is abluent, thoroughly cook into boiler, join donkey-hide gelatin right amount, wait for after dissolving, add brown sugar a certain number of, can edible.

6, spinach congee

Take 100-150g of Lian Genxin little spinach, abluent hind tear apart with the hand, rice 100g, put arenaceous bowl, add water 800 milliliter, boil rot to rice soup is stiff, can edible.

2, the woman enrichs the blood raise colour food

1, grape

The grape contains rich calcium, phosphor and iron, and a variety of vitamins and amino acid, it is senile, woman, body weak anaemia person with excessive exhaustion person nourishing beautiful is tasted; Pregnant woman also suggests OK and great edible, not only beneficial to fetal nutrition, also can make pregnant woman complexion ruddy, hematic arteries and veins is expedite. If cannot buy a grape sometimes, eating currant also is pretty good!

2, red jujube

Red jujube enrichs the blood everybody knows. Red jujube contains rich vitamin, fructose and all sorts of amino acid. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks red jujube sex is warm, raise blood to keep blood, ameliorable blood circulates, and pharmacodynamics considers to discover, the certain part that red jujube place contains can add the content of the erythrocyte in blood, enhance marrow to build to the function, make complexion ruddy. With longan collocation, not only enrich the blood raise spirit, still can raise Yan Meirong.

3, longan flesh

Longan flesh namely longan flesh, every have fresh longan to appear on the market to the summer. Longan contains the A of the vitamin, b, dextrose and cane sugar, and provide rich iron to pledge. Longan soup, the food such as longan wine, quite recommend pregnant woman and puerpera edible, be quite of beautiful enrich the blood arrange.

4, carrot

Common weighs red turnip, japanese call his ginseng. Carrot contains rich β carotene, this kind of nutrition has admirable profit to enriching the blood, common but multi-purpose carrot boils boiling water, drink of the soup after the meat that yields you has become what can drink at ordinary times to enrich the blood Shang Pin.

Anaemia of the sex that be short of iron is our commonnest anaemia, besides rely on to feed fill or chalybeate complement iron is qualitative besides, the backside cause that causes the sex that be short of iron to enrich the blood also should notice, overmuch like menstruation, digestibility ulcer, absorb undesirable, be pregnant, contribute blood for a long time to wait a moment, in the light of different element the choice suits means to improve anaemic condition, very important also.

5, pumpkin

Be by recognition of garden of Chenxiu of cure of clear acting name " the fine quality goods that enrich the blood " pumpkin, contain a lot ofplant sex protein, carotene, vitamin, indispensible and amino acid, calcic, zinc, iron, cobaltic, phosphor is waited a moment, among them, cobalt is form vitamin B12 one of important part, the erythrocyte in can helping blood is run normally; Zinc can affect the function of mature erythrocyte directly; Iron pledges the basic microelement that is production haemoglobin is fed, all is the admirable nutriment that enrich the blood.