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What congee does the female eat to you can enrich the blood raise colour? Does the female enrich the blood raise colour what is food?

Because our female friends compare special body constitution, so the body of female friends appears via often can having anaemic appearance, once female friends appeared anaemic phenomenon, can affect the body to still can affect appearance not only, below small made up female friends to introduce a few enrich the blood raise colour congee, the hope is helpful to female friends. So what congee does the female eat to you can enrich the blood raise colour? Does the female enrich the blood raise colour what is food?

What congee does the female eat to you can enrich the blood raise colour? Does the female enrich the blood raise colour what is food? (1)

One, enrich the blood raise colour congee

1, suckle Huang Xiang congee

Material: Milk 250 milliliter, egg is yellow 1, sweet pear 2, 100 grams of rice; rock candy is right amount

Practice: Go to pear flay cutting Cheng Ding first after the nucleus, add right amount rock candy steam 15 minutes; thoroughlies cook the egg next, ; is broken into pieces to put milk abluent rice to boil congee shape then after taking out yoke, join pear man and yoke finally can.

Effect: Suckle yellow sweet congee to taste not only first-rate, and the effect that still has the clear hot moisten the respiratory tract, regulate the menstrual function that raise blood. Sex of milk flavour pleasant is smooth, enter a heart, lobar classics, can raise hematic filling empty, beneficial lung promotes the secretion of saliva or body fluid rice of embellish bowel; be good at lienal with the stomach, the beneficial in filling is angry, except irritated stop thirsty; yoke criterion moisten the respiratory tract of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, raise hematic beneficial kidney, contain a large number of lecithin.

2, enrich the blood congee of stimulate the menstrual flow

Material: Medicinal material angelica 10 grams, the root of remembranous milk vetch 10 grams, safflower 5 grams rice 100 grams, chicken broth right amount, ginger 2, chopped green onion right amount, salt is right amount


(1) slice of angelica, the root of remembranous milk vetch, ; rice reserves inside the beanbag that loads clean with safflower abluent, immerse half hours to reserve with water.

(2) will put bowl of the beanbag of the medicinal material inside, add chicken broth to boil officinal juice together.

(3) put rice, ginger be used as medicine congee is boiled in juice, wait for its thick stiff when, add salt, chopped green onion to flavor can.

3, congee of black polished glutinous rice

Material: Big jujube 30 grams, longan 10 bead, black polished glutinous rice brown sugar of 100 grams; is right amount

Practice: First will big jujube is abluent and stand-by; next longan flay stand-by; catchs will black polished glutinous rice abluent, join the congee shape; that right amount water boils big jujube, longan to join right amount brown sugar finally can.

Effect: Smell of congee of black polished glutinous rice is sweet, it is nourishing the beautiful of powerful body hairdressing is tasted, have lukewarm kidney be good at lienal enrich the blood the action of regulate the menstrual function. Sex of pleasant of big jujube flavour is lukewarm, enter classics of lienal, stomach, lukewarm with filling lienal classics is not worth, blood of Gan Yihuan shade, and contain a variety of microelement; longan to be had raise blood to calm the nerves, the action; black polished glutinous rice with filling heart lienal beneficial can fill in beneficial is angry.

4, violet meter congee

Material: Violet rice 100, red jujube 100, white sugar a few


(1) polished glutinous rice of will violet rice parts pan is clean, red jujube goes the nucleus is abluent.

(2) clear water violet rice and polished glutinous rice are put inside boiler, on park fire, after using flourishing fire boil first, convert again slow fire is boiled when be being become to congee general, join red jujube to boil, flavor to be become namely with white sugar

5, earthnut is red jujube congee

Material: Polished glutinous rice 400 grams, groundnut 100 grams, jujube 50 overcome

Practice: In putting the earthnut that has washed bowl, boil sodden, next the polished glutinous rice with rejoin clean pan and right amount water, rejoin is red after waiting for boil jujube, boil with small fire next, till rice is boiled,rot, final rejoin brown sugar is smooth, can.

Effect: Rich vitamin B1, vitamin B2, protein, adipose, saccharide, calcic, phosphor, iron and starch are contained to wait inside polished glutinous rice, it is Wen Bujiang strong food, and contain in earthnut not saturated and protein, adipose, wait for nutrient element, have the effect that enhances memory, red jujube contains vitamin A, C, E, carotene, phosphor mineral, can enhance the immune power of human body.

2, enrich the blood raise colour food

1, grape

The grape contains rich calcium, phosphor and iron, and a variety of vitamins and amino acid, it is senile, woman, body weak anaemia person with excessive exhaustion person nourishing beautiful is tasted; Pregnant woman also suggests OK and great edible, not only beneficial to fetal nutrition, also can make pregnant woman complexion ruddy, hematic arteries and veins is expedite. If cannot buy a grape sometimes, eating currant also is pretty good!

2, red jujube

Red jujube enrichs the blood everybody knows. Red jujube contains rich vitamin, fructose and all sorts of amino acid. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks red jujube sex is warm, raise blood to keep blood, ameliorable blood circulates, and pharmacodynamics considers to discover, the certain part that red jujube place contains can add the content of the erythrocyte in blood, enhance marrow to build to the function, make complexion ruddy. With longan collocation, not only enrich the blood raise spirit, still can raise Yan Meirong.

3, longan flesh

Longan flesh namely longan flesh, every have fresh longan to appear on the market to the summer. Longan contains the A of the vitamin, b, dextrose and cane sugar, and provide rich iron to pledge. Longan soup, the food such as longan wine, quite recommend pregnant woman and puerpera edible, be quite of beautiful enrich the blood arrange.

4, carrot

Common weighs red turnip, japanese call his ginseng. Carrot contains rich β carotene, this kind of nutrition has admirable profit to enriching the blood, common but multi-purpose carrot boils boiling water, drink of the soup after the meat that yields you has become what can drink at ordinary times to enrich the blood Shang Pin.

Anaemia of the sex that be short of iron is our commonnest anaemia, besides rely on to feed fill or chalybeate complement iron is qualitative besides, the backside cause that causes the sex that be short of iron to enrich the blood also should notice, overmuch like menstruation, digestibility ulcer, absorb undesirable, be pregnant, contribute blood for a long time to wait a moment, in the light of different element the choice suits means to improve anaemic condition, very important also.

5, pumpkin

Be by recognition of garden of Chenxiu of cure of clear acting name " the fine quality goods that enrich the blood " pumpkin, contain a lot ofplant sex protein, carotene, vitamin, indispensible and amino acid, calcic, zinc, iron, cobaltic, phosphor is waited a moment, among them, cobalt is form vitamin B12 one of important part, the erythrocyte in can helping blood is run normally; Zinc can affect the function of mature erythrocyte directly; Iron pledges the basic microelement that is production haemoglobin is fed, all is the admirable nutriment that enrich the blood.

6, sugar cane

In winter fruit, quite the sugar cane that is loved by people still has larger microelement, include iron, zinc, calcic, phosphor, manganese is waited a moment, among them the content with iron is highest, every kilograms can be as high as 9 milligram, rank the coronal of the fruit, had consequently enrich the blood of fruit say.

Nevertheless, from the point of the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine's angle, sugar cane sex is cold, taste empty is cold person should little edible.