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Different age paragraph how to adjust hormonal? Woman 20 hormonal maladjusted how to do?

The internal system of the body is as healthy as ours be be closely bound up, the body endocrinopathy that becomes us when, the body also can appear of a series of unusual symptoms, internal system and our skin, viscera is healthy contact, so, different age paragraph how to adjust hormonal? Will look below, if the internal system of a person is balanced, also can have color more.

Different age paragraph how to adjust hormonal? Woman 20 hormonal maladjusted how to do? (1)

1, adjust hormonal method

One, 20+

20 years old are controlled is hormonal excretive fastigium, at this moment you feel energetic, any exhaustion or damage very can fast rehabilitate. Perhaps you can have grease to secrete the problem of blain of too exuberant, long blain, but as long as the case is not severe, can leave too apparent mark scarcely. And black rim of the eye, bloated, it is shut-eye awakes to be met more into thin air.

Solve: Because grease secretes exuberant and long blain, when cleanness is so facial must complete.

Remind: What green and inapproachable secret cheats in Yu He Er is exuberant secrete, nevertheless, very fast it is met with dropping 10 every years about the speed of 15% decreases successively, each function leaves the body subsequently fall. To young woman, the most important habits and customs with depend on nurturance of as soon as possible good, not excessive spend precious youth.

2, 30+

Even if crossed adolescence, at ordinary times also not quite hair " adult blain " , but still many people are in physiology period around, the meeting on the face explodes give a few red swollen big blain perhaps is risked have a little a knot in one's heart. "Physiology blain " the biggest inducement is hormonal: Female is hormonal reduce, male is hormonal elevatory, excessive of exciting sebaceous glands is secreted, jam pore, cause inflammation.

Solve: The hormonal change of period around attributes normal physiology phenomenon, unfavorable interference also need not be adjusted. If suffer physiology blain effect fully, might as well ahead of schedule 9 weeks, skin is protected to taste in what the place paint that removes blain easily contains salicylic acid, the blain blain clear latex that is like LaRoche-Posay, maintain pore expedite. Once explode,give blain, especially red swollen painful " frowsty blain " , can be below the guidance of skin doctor, local use more than 100 state to wait for ointment of diminish inflammation of blame hormone sex, fast detumescence is acetanilide.

Remind: To constant hair " physiology blain " for the person, encounter more easily than average person also " pressure blain " problem, because this both cause of formation is about the same. Had better raise the good convention of etiquette law work and rest at ordinary times, avoid to stay up late ' the circumstance such as excessive anxiety insecurity.

3, 40+

Does the skin work what to cream use trashy, be on a diet to also cannot regain slender and lightsome stature again? At the moment, you need to face be not protect little trouble of skin and beautiful body purely, however female is hormonal drop considerably, the body enters the problem of the turn of life gradually. Subsequently and the skin problem that come still includes splash, dark heavy, take off bits, Yi Fangong sensitive, furrow is deepened, wait a moment flabbily, same, the figure of overstaffed also can be on a diet because of short-term no longer or of assault sex move and get ameliorative, the person feels easily fatigue and lack of power.

Solve: It is current that estrogen replaces therapeutics relatively the solution of the mainstream, whether can it increase the sicken odds of the female disease such as lacteal cancer, up to now still not complete final conclusion. Skin doctor suggests therapeutics of use serum inject increases cutaneous vigor, nevertheless law of this one party is in only local and effective, cannot change integral skin qualitative condition. The ageing that the turn of life brings hard keep within limits, delay the arrival of the turn of life as far as possible only, eat more contain a lot ofthe food that fights oxidation material, hold to motion, optimistic active state of mind, the society releases pressure, it is to begin mandatory beautiful assignment now.

Remind: Contain estrogen maintain the safe hidden trouble with taste existence certain, cannot abuse, and contain " plant estrogen " maintain article, whether true effective an opinions differ from each other. To inject kind hormone therapeutics, no matter stem from the purpose of cure or hairdressing, must careful, doctor's advice of strict comply with, do not do sth without authorization undertakes in beauty parlour.

4, between bosom pregnancy

During be pregnant, major female can encounter the situation that skin splash becomes apparent, grow big cinnamon gravid class possibly still, have some of place of light precipitation pigment on person so not only, if alar, breast is dizzy, alvine the color that waits for place also can be deepened. This also is caused, normally the circumstance falls, ad cool-headed circumstance meets the pigment after bearing improve gradually, but if nurse undeserved, form bigotry stain easily.

Solve: The female of pregnancy is maintaining taste use respect often special caution, sometimes even whats are wiped. In fact, below the doctor's guidance, you or beauty of OK and proper choice are white, prevent bask in kind functional sex maintains article. Of course the spot that hormone creates relies on external use very hard hairdressing is tasted solve, the nip in the bud is more accordingly important, if discover oneself have the problem that fleck deepens, avoid to insolate as far as possible, additional, also can be in produce junior travel photon, shine the series period of treatment such as skin, help skin restores.

Remind: If be in,physiology period around can appear the state that splash becomes deep, the body that shows you is very sensitive to hormone change, so must additional attention is prevented bask in and of dispel spot respect nurse. The pigment precipitation that hormone causes relapses more easily in treating a process, must give enough patience and perseverance.

2, the method that protects skin daily

1, cold hot water is alternant wash a face

This is very simple, when washing a face at ordinary times, wash a face with hot water first, cold water of the reoccupy after washing a face rushs a few times, heat bilges cold shrink, this epithelial to sending a face closely skin also can have particular function and help.

2, the massage when washing a face law

When clean face, need is done massage come slow skin, give the strength that enhances clean skin at the same time. Specific means is to use forefinger or the finger tip of middle finger makes a group gently in facial ministry, suitable hour hand is anticlockwise OK, have 30 seconds about, can achieve the demand that causes skin closely, this also is to wash the measure with the basiccest face.

3, film nurses

Want the skin becomes tight send, exquisite, should from nurse usually be made, at ordinary times when the Facial mask that can suggest to do a few filling water more, give skin compensatory moisture more, skin ability becomes exquisite quite, be sent closely!

4, green boiled water also has big use

The green tea after opening bubble is put cool, with the finger after cleanness, dip in take boiled water to dab the area with bulky pore, can tighten skin effectively. If conditional " extravagant " , you can pour green tea bubble to be in washbasin directly, put cool hind wash a face directly with green tea, the effect that causes pore closely is more apparent.

5, daily attention

Although want tarry youth time, must maintain attentively, but the skin need exceeding that this does not express you maintains. However a lot of women are not known however " going too far as bad as not going far enough " truth, if give skin too much nutrition at a draught, it also is met be unable to stand, be in especially Xia Dong transitional autumn day, should pay attention to choice cream particularly " lightweight " quality of a material and " lightweight " composition.

6, add more undertake skin is massaged

Before sleeping in the evening everyday, can add more undertake skinning massage, skin is massaged can promote haemal circulation, also can remove drawing to cause the effect of skin closely at the same time, want to perserve nevertheless, such talent are enough better cause skin closely, grow furrow conversely oh!