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How does female friend fight consenescence effectively? How to let the body hold young position?

We hope we can live more young, but a lot of furrow appear on the face that years always can let us unluckily however, skin became old give a lot of furrow to come with respect to wrinkle, so, how does female friend fight consenescence effectively? How to let the body hold young position? Actor or actress accordingly below actor is young make up the body that will see article introduction to fight anile method.

How does female friend fight consenescence effectively? How to let the body hold young position? (1)

1, the method that fights consenescence

, food of edible tall fine

Alvine path is the body in most first anile organ. Alvine path is anile, peristalsis decelerates brought the biggest question is constipation. Many constellation jams in alvine path, can be regard as by bowel " nutrition " absorb afresh, the problem such as dark and gloomy of occurrence color of skin, long spot.

Expert proposal: Precaution is anile, want to protect good bowel way above all. Every week but 2-3 of food of edible tall fiber second.

2, hold to ovarian maintain

Ovarian it is the exclusive organ that the woman secretes female progestational hormone, the state of female progestational hormone will decide the rate of female consenescence.

Expert proposal: Had held to sexual life 1 times every week, can adjust hormone level; Insist to absorb soybean products, with yellow ketone of compensatory soja different.

3, give appropriately bosom is massaged

Perfect and strong bosom is the wife's lovely mark. As the growth of the age, bosom can appear anile omen, return the disease such as hyperplasia of meeting occurrence mammary gland.

Expert proposal: Choose appropriate underwear, not beyond the mark " crowded " and " strap " ; Want to let bosom get be relaxationed thoroughly everyday, before sleeping, best gentleness is massaged.

4, sleep early rise early

Staying up late is the archenemy of skin health care, morpheus is insufficient, can make all sorts of adjustment of skin cell the activity is wrong, affect the vigor of cuticular cell. Should sleep at least everyday so 8 hours, if under this level, can want reappraisal of healthy to oneself index.

Whether enough meeting behaves Morpheus easily to go up in the skin, especially delicate eye ministry skin. And sweet good become aware, can eliminate cutaneous exhaustion, make the adjustment of skin cell it is normal that the activity is in, defer cutaneous ageing.

5, insist to take exercise can prevent anile

Insist to exercise 12 weeks to be able to produce the result that prevents consenescence. The gain that the female after menopause scores from inside fixed motion follows young woman euqally much.

Motion is to increase vigor effectively, control senile woman to have the good method of chronic illness. Although the female after menopause is hormonal level and body produced a change, but the cardiovascular health condition that can change them greatly through motion.

6, much eat contain a lot ofvitaminic vegetables and fruits

The vitamin is the effective material that fights consenescence, we have such a lot of food in daily life, be like carrot and vegetable of a few greenery. Of water fruit have: Citric, orange kind, strawberry, apple.

Those who want an attention is, no matter be fruit or vegetable, should eat newest delicacy. Compensatory and right amount vitaminic, ability makes the skin defers consenescence.

7, bubble bath time does not pass long

A lot of people like long bubble bath, such meetings cause the skin dry, bring about skin ageing, cause microgroove.

Time of first-rate bubble bath is 10 minutes OK, and it is a winter, water Wen Ye does not want too tall, maintain control in 40 Celsius appropriate.

8, cultivate figure cannot leave egg of fermented glutinous rice and ormosia soup

Guan Zhilin thinks its figure is concave and convex the dietary recipe that send is two kinds of cookie, one is egg of fermented glutinous rice, one is ormosia soup. These two kinds of sweetmeats are made very special and convenient.

Every month can have the woman fixed period, compare easy anaemia, a large number of protein are contained in egg of fermented glutinous rice, the bust that cares to the female has the effect that expect making a person is less than; And ormosia soup can help a woman the nutrition of timely and additional prediction of a person's luck in a given year.

9, noon takes a nap nap one below

Nap can increase operation capacity 40 minutes 34% , alertness can rise instantly and can maintain a few hours. This is more remarkable than the life-giving effect of coffeine, and install devoid stimulation.

10, drink 8 cup water everyday

Water does the wife, beautiful skin also is water is raised those who come out, what the water inside skin cell divides is decrescent, it is the main reason of skin occurrence furrow. Every other 1 should drink 236 milliliter water to 2 hours, namely nearly half jins of water.

Expert proposal: Need to drink at least everyday sufficient 8 cups, ability makes your body and skin have enough moisture content.

2, the practice of filling surFacial mask

, film of filling surface of bean curd honey

Material: Honey, bean curd, flour.

The method that make:

1, the dolly in putting bean curd into Facial mask bowl, add right amount honey one case agitate divide evenly.

2, join right amount flour to be debugged next mushy.

3, clean and facial, get on Facial mask apply in the face, had waited 15 minutes to use clear water facial clean clean.


Filling water is protected wet it is an effect with this face most outstanding film, but its effect does not have this one only merely however! Pass the use of this Facial mask, we still can help skin chamfer pledge, let skin thereby can better undertake all sorts of maintaining. Altogether, it is very helpful that this Facial mask skins to caressing!

2, tea brown sugar fills surFacial mask

Material: Tea, brown sugar.

The method that make:

1, black tea and brown sugar each two spoon, add water Bao fry in shallow oil.

2, with flour render smooth apply face, department of face of wet towel rub-up is used after 15 minutes.

3, every months of Tu Fu, the appearance after a month can become moist Bai Xi.


The nutrient part that tea place contains is very much, the person that often drinks tea, the skin appears moist and good-looking.

3, , algal pink orange Facial mask

Material: Orange, algal pink.

The method that make:

1, the orange flay that will get ready, extract juice with the skin.

2, join right amount algal pink agitate next even, make slimy record can.

3, one frivolous goes up in the besmear on the face with the Facial mask that has made, wait about on 5-10 minute can use be cleaned clean.


This a lot of females know the effect of beautiful white work of orange exceedingly, but white to the beauty of orange skin effect may not be to understand so. In fact, rich vitamin C is contained in orange skin, can skin in improvement dry state while the cause that helps a female realize chamfer to pledge. The skin that uses this Facial mask for a long time to be able to let you becomes Shui Runguang slips!