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From where does the toxin of human body come? Human body toxin how eduction?

What the environment that we live can affect us is healthy, everyday our body is the trade that making material with the outside, so body of hard to avoid experiences some toxin to exist, so, from where does the toxin of human body come? Human body toxin how eduction? There are these two issues below, actor or actress accordingly actor is young make up those who will read an article to solve, look together.

From where does the toxin of human body come? Human body toxin how eduction? (1)

1, origin of human body toxin

Toxin is a kind of material that can intervene normal physiology activity destroys airframe function. Immanent toxin if: Freedom radical, old, cholesterol, adipose, uric acid, lactic acid, water poison and gore.

Ab extra toxin if: Air pollution, the pesticide in vegetable remains, car tail gas, industrial waste gas, chemical, radiation, the antiseptic in food, the heavy metal of mark exceeds in cosmetic, the poisonous secondary action that the modern culture such as rubbish food brings, cause of disease is microbial.

What be born inside is poisonous: The metabolization trash of the generation in metabolism, the human body when life can produce a kind of acerbity toxin, the constellation inside bowel reachs candy adipose, the toxin that protein metabolization produces mussily. The keep long in stock of toxin will be disorder healthy, if fat, skin is coarse, long blain. Accordingly, those who know hairdressing to maintain can you allow how is there toxin cause trouble inside body? Nature of cleared body endotoxin is cannot the thing of of the previous night. In-house toxin keep long in stock is not cleared, so the reaction on the skin that these toxin can let you from beginning to end comes out, for instance blain of coarse, blain. Is the effect that protect skin further upward? The body discharges poison to want a society.

Skin is the organ discharging poison with the largest human body, the sweat gland on skin and sebaceous glands, can wait for means to eliminate other organ through perspiring hard the toxin of eduction.

Discharge poisonous measure: Undertake making the body much at least every week the motion having oxygen of sweat. Had better wash Turkish bath or sauna even every week, can accelerate poison of metabolic, platoon to raise colour. Should notice to water when evaporate sauna, a cup of water is drunk to be able to be helped before bath discharge poison quickly, a cup of water is drunk after bath can compensatory moisture, the toxin that at the same time eduction remains. You need to undertake discharging poisonous general cleaning to the body, release from inside insecurity and pressure, those who let oneself change is more beautiful. Food discharges poison, enjoy vegetable and fruit to the top of one's bent, the food of tall detoxify has: Qin of yangtao, orange, grape, pineapple, cucumber, spinach, cabbage, paddy field. Do not fear all vegetable have small pain, because they are contained,be purify substance. These vegetables and fruits can help the body effectively clear toxin, hold to edible to be able to improve skin rough texture, brightness of color of skin is beautiful.

2, the little knowledge that washs a face

The face makes the Ying Congjie that protect skin. But washing a face also is a technical work, water the option of lukewarm, gimmick and clean face product is very important.

Water is warm: 35 ℃ left and right sides is optimum. Exceed human body when the temperature of the water that wash a face normal temperature, facial pore is met outspread, bring about leather fat by a large number of scour off, and once skin leaves the protection of leather fat and corneous layer, can become dry, sensitive. Had used cool bath face, can make the skin gets suddenly cold stimulation, cause pore to contract, the be soiled of smeary, sweat in bringing about pore is rinsed sordid, bring about pore finally bulky, cause blain of acne, blain possibly still to wait for skin problem.

Expert proposal, water is warm control in 35 ℃ most health care.

Gimmick: Both hands draws a circle outwards. The accurate method that wash a face is, after abluent both hands, milk to be in right amount control, both hands is sufficient gently knead bubbles adequately till the grandma that wash a face. The Tu Yu of the grandma that wash a face that will bubble again is facial, light jog is wiped. Draw a circle to massage outwards with both hands next facial. When washing forehead, cheek, draw a circle outwards respectively with both hands. Two side, nose ala goes to the ala that wash bazoo when nose needle, with the gimmick of remittent knead. Point of the root that wash bazoo comes between Shuang Mei when, use remittent knead to add the skill that draws a circle.

Clean face product: The gentle, stimulation of weak acidity is small. Clean face product should choose to contain part of exterior activator, foundation as far as possible simple. Still answer to examine the PH on product manual carefully to be worth, best choice PH is worth interpose between 5.5~7, gentle, small to skin stimulation weak acidity washs grandma. In clean face product, common excitant composition has salicylic, fruit acerbity, alkalescent taller black kind etc. The person of sensitive skin is when cleanness is facial, should prevent these ingredient.

Black kind the clean face product with exorbitant value waiting for PH, effect receiving oil is good, but easy injury cutaneous balances a function, make pore becomes bulky. The grandma washing a face with qualitative chamfer can injure function of cutaneous protective screen, the person a week that suggests oily skin is qualitative is used, the person with neuter qualitative skin is used two weeks, the person of sensitive skin had better not be used.