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Flesh of outermost layer of skin how effective beautiful white skin? The female with different qualitative skin how beautiful white skin?

The girl of different skin type how are this beautiful white Where is oneself skin? Bai Xi's skin can let you look more outstanding, bai Xi's skin is met which conspicuous, but the skin that how lets oneself becomes white fair-skinned? So, flesh of outermost layer of skin how effective beautiful white skin? The female with different qualitative skin how beautiful white skin? Look together.

Flesh of outermost layer of skin how effective beautiful white skin? The female with different qualitative skin how beautiful white skin? (1)

1, skin beauty's white method

, oily skin

Skin feature: Fat easy long blain, pore is bulky, and the kind that great majority belongs to oil and lacks water, the possibility of long spot is little.

Beautiful white formula: Use without oil model beautiful white latex, provide nourishment for skin already, need not worry about burden of can aggravating skin again, jam pore.

Beautiful Bai Jian discusses: Hold to by day, use water of skin of grandma of face of beautiful Bai Xi, bright and latex in the evening. Special product accusing oil mixes place of daytime use T prevent bask in a product, prevent shading generate. Nightly fluid of use beauty white cream, provide enough nourishment for skin, repair skins daytime is injured.

2, neuter skins

Skin feature: Not oily do not work, proper.

Beautiful white formula: The beauty of this kind of skin is in vain 3 kinds in the simplest, do not need to use complete beautiful white product, emphasize diurnal prevent bask in and protect nightlily wet. Drink vegetable of fruit of water, much draft more, color of skin is natural Bai Xi, transparent.

Beautiful Bai Jian discusses: Neuter skin is OK and main daily beauty white energy is put in dispel above dark heavy splash, use product of beautiful white cream guide, let the skin get overall beautiful white result, skin just can get real beauty completely.

3, drying skin

Skin feature: Skin is dry lack water, qiu Dong season particularly apparent, it is the source that splash forms. Grow furrow, microgroove easily, grow blain not easily.

Beautiful white formula: From proceed with of compensatory skin moisture, protect wet it is the first job. Divide nutrition with enough water moist skin, maintain skin to metabolize normally, counteractive and dry with pigment ad cool-headed.

Beautiful Bai Jian discusses: Present beautiful white product has the United States to protect wet double effect in vain mostly. Beyond the fundamental class that nurses in vain except the United States, use in evening special embellish beautiful Bai Wanshuang, can give skin enough nutrition, beautiful white alimentary neither by accident.

4, the whole body is beautiful white method

1, the United States needs to be recuperated slowly in vain

Because the United States is the chronic process of a successive in vain, so white to the United States absolutely not OK eager for quick success and instant benefit. The product that those claim to be able to bleach overnight must see their part well, contain mercury commonly or the product of the composition such as 2 phenol is opposite benzene the skin produces side effect. Those think beauty of support medicine hairdressing is white, also want to consult professional doctor, seeing an end is not to suit him redo to decide.

2, dispel spot wants to have specific plan

Different skin can have different beautiful white plan certainly, must select different product of course. Oily skin had better choose frost, breast, condensation to wait; Drying skin contains those who keep wet part to cream, the beautiful white product such as oil; Sensitive flesh should choose not to contain the product of flavor and antiseptic, cause skin allergy at the same time.

3, scrutiny product ingredient

Young scrutiny understands the part of the product, do not choose to have the product of side-effect to the skin. For instance in front mentioned mercury and benzene 2 phenol. Additional, sugar is contained in some hairdressing product coriaceous hormone, short-term inside the likelihood feels better and better, go down for a long time, pigment is dark the issue such as dilate of heavy, atrophic, blood capillary, folliculitis, acne came, and restore very hard again.

2, change garments according to the season protects skin method

The first action: Maintain taste change blood greatly

Filling water keeps wet job should be done all the year round, but change garments according to the season when need to take seriously all the more especially. Above all, might as well get on your dresser to protecting skin to taste an examination in what use, look what having is relaxed model, maintain wet strength insufficient, what having is OK continuance uses, come to complete " check be short of filling leakage " , next again specific aim ground acquires to oneself suit autumn winter season to use " protect high wet " or of series of Bu Shuizi embellish maintain article.

The 2nd action: Increase filling water to keep wet noodle film frequency

Additional, want to fill to the skin water, protect wet, Facial mask also is a right choice. Enter season of change garments according to the season, MM people might as well the use frequency that increases to keep wet noodle film a little, make the skin is gotten morely, retain moisture, avoid to be harmed by dry climate. For example: It is weekly that at present you use the frequency that keeps wet noodle film 1 -- 2, so when entering Chu Qiu change garments according to the season, might as well increase every week 3. If the skin is severe dry or want to let the skin become more the MM of water embellish, do everyday protect wet kind Facial mask also is not not OK! Nevertheless, frequency still wants to hold appropriately according to cutaneous state.

The 3rd action: Be far from allergy the source is slow the skin fights greatly

If you are sensitive skin by chance,pledge, be about to notice all the more when that change garments according to the season sensitive the problem that is allergy even. At this moment, cutaneous of attention of your need hour changes and unwell, be far from all elements that can make skin allergic, choice property is not gentle, exciting maintain article, even proper and slow the skin, let skin hour be in loosen and comfortable position, prevent the happening of the skin problem such as blain of allergic, blain.