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Is female lip weather-shack be because of,He Yuan? How does the female nurse labial ministry?

Female friend the skin to oneself takes seriously exceedingly, arrived especially in the winter, because weather is dry, so the skin can appear very dry, even desquamate, especially the lip is the easiest and weather-shack the place of desquamate, so female friend winter must remember nursing the skin, lip, the attention is protected wet. So is female lip weather-shack be because of,He Yuan? How does the female nurse labial ministry?

Is female lip weather-shack be because of,He Yuan? How does the female nurse labial ministry? (1)

1, the lip is weather-shack because of,be He Yuan

1. weather dry, lack moisture content

Common seasonal, the season with dry winter particularly apparent. Climate is dry, very easy lip is weather-shack. Labial place is mucous membrane, also secrete a function without grease without sweat gland, it is so in dry season, can easy hair does the lip, and a lot of people of this moment person can lick lip or bite one's lips with the tongue, but be evaporated very quickly however, take away the moisture that shorts originally on the lip again at the same time, brought about a lip to work to want to lick more more, the result licks a lip more and jump over dry vicious circle, those who caused a lip is weather-shack breach and desquamate.

Decision criteria: The lip that lacks moisture to bring about is weather-shack incorporate is accumulation dead skin is in in lip or corners of the mouth.

2. body lacks a vitamin

Decision criteria: If be corners of the mouth,begin weather-shack, quarrel has white secretion, it is the phenomenon that lacks a vitamin, should notice immanent recuperation.

The lip is weather-shack in living daily with people, fresh vegetable takes get little, human body inadequacy of intake of vitamin of B a group of things with common features is concerned. The circuit is aglow area all round the lip of human body cries " labial red predestined relationship " , its wet lean completely local and rich blood capillary is maintained with a few depauperate sebaceous glands.

As a result of Qiu Dong blood of mucous membrane of skin of season human body is differred circularly, if fresh vegetable takes less, intake of A of B2, vitamin is not worth human body vitamin, with respect to can dry craze.

3. lip phlogistic

If always feel the lip is weather-shack, likely vitamin B2 lack, indigestion is caused, also be chronic lip likely phlogistic, had better ask doctor help to diagnose.

The lip is phlogistic often send high in the youth, a few undesirable habits are inducement, the lip worked to lick or be bitten, can cause haemorrhage of ministry of aching accentuation, lip, infection, cut cicatrizations hard, have a relapse instead, form vicious circle, protracted number develops chronic lip after day phlogistic. Oral cavity has a disease, also can bring about a lip weather-shack, notice oral cavity is clean even so. Do not heal if labial ministry is weather-shack, scabby for a long time, answer to see a doctor in time to the hospital, to disease cure.

4. body element

To certain cosmetic or the person with allergic sunshine, extent of mood wave motion passes the person of big easy get angry, certain disease (diabetic) the tissue fluid inside the human body that cause is permeated press reduce, cause drain off water overmuch and tissue fluid lacks water, smoke wine is stimulated tartly etc all easy cause a lip weather-shack.

2, how does the female nurse labial ministry

1, the lipstick chooses simple

The embellish lipstick on market is a lot of more phyletic now, have piping outfitting, the box installs, still have different flavour, quality of a material and effect, the price also differs to hundreds of yuan from a few yuan. Buy embellish lipstick, pick part simple can, need to contain the basis such as glycerine only moist composition, can protect action to arriving since the lip.

2, the lip became dry do not lick

Dry weather, easier hair does the lip, a lot of people like to be licked with the tongue will alleviate dry, actually this kind of practice is wrong.

Lick a lip to be able to make what labial ministry skin keeps temporary wet only, because amylase is contained in saliva, moisture evaporates stay on the lip to be able to accentuate its are dry, bring about then " lick drier more " . If the tongue keeps licking a lip, the bacterial belt in saliva comes breach is medium and cause infection, form lick wound.

3, diet crosses hot food

Hot food can produce stimulation to the lip, desiccate dry is exasperate. If a few food are abnormal the hot wing that bake, the chili pink above stimulates labial ministry mucous membrane strongly, bring about fester, have bubble even.

4, use lipstick wants do sth in the proper way

Had better be in before going out, mix before besmear lipstick before sleeping, use contain D of vitamin C, vitamin and vitamin E oil to wait, and have good the face tissues with the downy reoccupy of embellish lipstick; that maintains wet rehabilitate function presses labial ministry gently, achieve pair of times effect.

5, use lipstick frequency shoulds not be overmuch

Average person is used one day 1, 3; lip is particularly dry, can besmear instantly after have a meal or drinking water on embellish lipstick.

6, the skin since the lip should be not ripped

Do not rip desquamate with the hand, rip labial ministry so likely; to be able to use hot towel spread first 3, 5 minutes, use next soft