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Female 30 how to fight consenescence? Female 40 how to reduce furrow generation?

When the female passed 25 years old, should take cutaneous seriously to fight consenescence to nurse, because years can change our appearance, the skin that lets us appears of a lot of furrow, fight consenescence to nurse need insists for a long time to undertake ceaselessly, so, female 30 how to fight consenescence? Female 40 how to reduce furrow generation? Actor or actress accordingly below actor is young make up those who will read an article to solve.

Female 30 how to fight consenescence? Female 40 how to reduce furrow generation? (1)

1, the method that fights consenescence

30 years old:

Microgroove crumple grain. Dermatologist of American new York wears Ross of Ni · case to suggest, with contain " salicylic " the grandma washing a face of composition washs a face, can purify dead skin, maintain skin burnish. With contain " peptide of elite of vitamin C, green tea, collagen " the embellish skin dew that waits for antioxidant, protective skin avoids those who suffer freedom radical to destroy. Before sleeping every night, use contain " vitamin A " oil of essence of life or protect skin to taste, of stimulative collagen albumen and stretch albumen generate. Deepen microgroove to prevent the action such as eye of narrow one's eyes, go out to still should wear sunglass.

Senile plaque. Sunshine is the main factor that causes senile plaque, furrow and skin dark and gloomy, because this should be used everyday,prevent bask in frost. In the light stronger when ~16 dot went out at 10 o'clock, take wide edge hat even.

The tooth is yellow. After having a thing, want instantly gargle, after drinking coffee, red wine, coke especially. Brush his teeth twice everyday, use dental floss everyday, avoid tooth of eat by moth and dental calculus. Luo Sen of · of nancy of dentist of American new York thinks, it is better to use dental floss effect in the evening, because can the contamination in will accumulating existence tooth by day along with all the others purify. If tooth be soiled appears on the tooth, usable tooth brush dips in water is brushed gently with sodium bicarbonate.

40 years old:

Pore is bulky. Should insist to use in the evening contain " vitamin A " protect skin to taste brush a face, stimulative cell is updated and repair. With contain " hydroxyl second is acerbity " protect skin to taste purify dead skin, deepness cleanness pore.

The lip attenuates. Makeup division makes the same score colour of American new York Ben Huizi suggests, when choosing a lipstick, want those who pay attention to it to protect wet effect. Morning and evening is used contain " transparent qualitative acid " or " peptide " lipstick, help lip restores heavy full figure and lubricant.

The hair is dry, fragile, withered. Zhanmusi Gelundi points out American cosmetic chemist, the hair wool bursa of the person when the baby has 1100 about, 30~50 year old wool bursa amount will reduce 250~300. Accordingly, reduce what correct sends to damage most crucial. Do not pull straight hair as far as possible or catch hair. Want to choose those who contain amino acid and vitamin to wash hair product at ordinary times. Every 4~6 Zhou Xiu cuts a hair, the metabolism of stimulative hair.

Brow is few and far between. American Tennessee dermatologist osmund osmund Ann Bukai suggests, this age paragraph the person should stop to unplug with forceps brow, because brow is more, can appear young more.

50 years old of above:

The eye is deep-set. Use eye frost promotes the generation of collagen albumen and stretch albumen. When sleeping pillow of measurable block up, reduce the formation of dropsy and black rim of the eye.

Double chin and neck grain. Often give chin and cervical chamfer to pledge, use contain " vitamin A " or " carboxyl ammonia is acerbity " protect skin to taste massage, prevent the skin lax prolapse. Use contain " complementary sulfur of C of enzymatic Q10, vitamin, α is miserable " the embellish skin frost that waits for antioxidant, increase skin flexibility.

The skin is coarse, stain is fascicular. The age grows the grease that lets skin generation to decrease, water distributes light prediction of a person's luck in a given year, because this is best,the choice washs grandma without foamy blandly. When using the frostlike powder that protect skin, take dozen of skin 3 minutes gently with finger, conduce is absorbed and chain water is divided. Protect wet hind again frostlike powder of Tu Xie milk, help skin resists the stimulation of outside ambient.

2, protect skin skill of not sticky be bored with

Step1: Oil of Du Song essence is added in the grandma that wash a face, in order to hit the formal cleanness of the circle.

Step2: Replace towel to brush a face with sponge, still can clear to the greastest extent old old cutin.

Step3: Wipe before apply Facial mask on filling water elite, effect of slow, filling water turns over times.

Step4: Be in a few days of high temperature, film of concentrated apply filling surface, apply is over must clean.