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Does the woman fight consenescence to suit what to food eat? It what food the wife has to raise Yan Xiaoguo is good that what food the wife has to raise Yan Xiaoguo?

Who do we hear of via regular meeting in the life who more than 40 years old of whose husband's younger sister that resemble twenties are cool, see the word of sororal and so on with daughter detailed, actually this is the explode record a demerit that they maintain, actually we are accomplished possibly also, so does the woman fight consenescence to suit what to food eat? It what food the wife has to raise Yan Xiaoguo is good that what food the wife has to raise Yan Xiaoguo? These understand in detail below prandial.

Does the woman fight consenescence to suit what to food eat? (1)

1, the food that fights consenescence

1 black wood ear

Contain in black agaric those who abound is colloid, can be in remain the adsorption such as the dirt impurity inside human body digestion and gather, and outside eduction body, achieve the effect of clean intestines and stomach. Additionally black agaric still can restrain the agglomeration of plaque, reduce cholesterol, hemal to heart head disease all has surprise effect.

2 algal food

The algal food such as kelp, laver is good healthy, they contain many cutin, can make the radioactivity poison inside body as size 2 outside an eduction body, additionally kelp and laver still are basic provision, can purify blood, lower rate contracting cancer.

3 green tea

Green tea contains many alexipharmic gene, be united in wedlock easily character with the toxicant in blood, outside and quicken adopting pee eduction system, green tea of daily classics tipple still has prevent cancer and fall the action of hematic fat, the person that often smokes drinks green tea to be able to reduce the nicotine harm to the body more.

Vegetable of 4 fresh green, fruit

Fresh vegetable, it is alkalescent for the most part, and we are daily often the candy of edible, flesh, egg is acidity, eat more can bring about unbalance of the soda acid inside body. Because should notice eat fresh vegetable more in this diet, especially greenery is vegetable, can help balance of the soda acid inside body, the toxicant in cleared blood is qualitative.

Can eat more among them include leaf of turnip leaf, green vegetables, cole, spinach, cabbage mustard, Chinese cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, wild cabbage to wait a moment. Additional, we also suggest to eat a fruit more daily, although major fruit tastes,be acerbity acid, but representing them is acidity, the meeting in the process that contrary major fruit metabolizes inside body becomes alkalescent, because this also can let blood keep alkalescent, it is OK to be returned additionally stockpile the toxin in the cell dissolves, the course excretes systematic general outside their complete eduction system, beneficial healthy. Citric, orange, grapefruit, grape, sugar cane, green plum, apple, tomato is right choice etc.

Food of 5 coarse food grain

Modern is exceedingly tall to requirement of the mouthfeel of food, quality, because this feeds material is course deep treatment for the most part, the face that refines for example, rice, become better on mouthfeel, but in light of the angle from nutrition, nutrient criterion greatly prediction of a person's luck in a given year. The crude fibre in food is additionally missing, cause costive problem increasingly serious.

Yam, potato, corn, buckwheat, rice, unpolished rice should eat to wait coarse food grain a moment more in diet, richer food fiber is contained to conduce to in these food maintain defecate unobstructed, body endotoxin won't be long stop alvine path. Diversiform still is contained in coarse food grain additionally vitamin and mineral, these are done not have in flour and rice, conduce to adjust environment of intestines and stomach, increase capacity of human body immunity.

These can discharge poisonous food to want to often eat for the body, the body not stockpile toxin, ability makes the skin better and better, appearance also more coruscate glorious.

2, fight anile method daily

1. moderate land moves

Often undertake proper motion conduces to the supply that improves body oxygen and nutrient, can accelerate hormonal production. Generally speaking, those female menstruation that like sport are met more the rule, color of skin will be more healthy, appetite and desire are tall also. The proposal has oxygen to move to undertake alternately with the motion that do not have oxygen, maintain every time 30- - 45 minutes. Long or the motion that is high strenth is adverse instead to hormonal balance. The expert points out, it is follicular that menstrual end day influences time 10 days to in the future period, belong to every months to use up human body caloric " gold period " , gymnastical effect is right now optimal.

2. does not miss gold Morpheus time

Often stay up late or time of work and rest not regular person often is gotten not only particularly fast, health also can be damaged badly, because Morpheus is insufficient,can bring about metabolism maladjusted. The expert admonishs we, coming at 11 o'clock in the evening is person Morpheus between 3 o'clock when quality is top, also be human body grows at the same time the time that hormone releases in great quantities, if you can hold gold of this one Morpheus period, your hormonal meeting more obedient.

3. is crucial evenly, not abusive cordial

Hormonal too small conference causes consenescence and disease inside body, nevertheless, also be not had jumped over higher, must not have blind faith in businessman advertisement, health care to taste the ballyhoo that go up, and use all sorts of cosmetic that contain hormone and edible health care to taste, they can break system probably inside all sorts of hormonal the balance between, cause mammary gland and ovarian disease thereby.

4. be apt to with natural Chinese traditional medicine

Know besides everybody everyday a cup of thick soya-bean milk, outside eating 50 grams bean products, here still has a few to feed the small method of filling estrogen: Buy a few Chinese traditional medicine angelica piece put in the home, replace tea to come everyday make tea, or Bao soup. Actually, inside the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine the medicaments of a lot of filling kidney has the effect that offsets female estrogen to secrete inadequacy, be like n/bot glossy privet child, cultivated land, medlar, the tuber of multiflower knotweed, virgin soil. You also can use tea of flowers and plants to recuperate hormonal, be like jasmine, rose, can let you do the moist wife of a hormonal balance.