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Does the woman resist what method furrow has? What does the woman fight anile swift method to have?

How many woman does not want to there are a lot of furrows on his face, often fear to grow furrow because of feminine dispute, feminine furrow is a woman a kind of old show, be in so when facing such situation, the woman must not want to use a method to come disappear furrow, because want to make oneself vivid more young, so after all does the woman resist what method furrow has? What does the woman fight anile swift method to have?

Does the woman resist what method furrow has? What does the woman fight anile swift method to have? (1)

1, the woman fights anile method

NO.1 washs facial moment to add bit of makings, always protect not often

Rice vinegar: Washing a face is everybody rises early the business that before sleeping, should do, raise Yan Hufu the first pace also is to wash a face, washing a face so is very the thing of Chinese traditional medicine. Little is added when washing a face " spice " , with respect to the step that can prevent to age.

Rice vinegar is joined in the water that wash a face, can squelch skin bacteria is caused. And acetic itself contains change cutaneous acid-base value, layer of bate skin cutin, make pore expedite, reduce infection sex skin disease to happen. Use the moisture content that can add skin cell and nutrition for a long time, regain cutaneous burnish and flexibility.

Green tea: Green tea is added to also can fight consenescence in the water that wash a face, return can exquisite skin besides, counteractive radiate. Because tea much phenol is contained inside tea, have the effect that combats oxidation, can prevent skin consenescence. Suit to use the female sex of computer for a long time especially, restrain skin pigment ad cool-headed, reduce the happening of allergic reaction.

Salt: Little salt is joined in the water that wash a face, grease of can cleared cutaneous, the action of purify cutin, convergent skin, conciliatory tide red skin, washed one week later, facial skin is met apparently fresh and tender rise.

NO.2 learns infantile formula simple tongue is held, fight anile

Step1: After washing a face in the morning everyday to the mirror, the tongue is extended retractive, each are done 10 times, put the tongue outside mouth next, the left and right sides swings it is a group, do 5 groups.

Step2: Sit in sit on bench, both hands 10 point to stretch put on knee, the upper part of the body a little pitch, nose is inspiratory mouth greatly stretch, the tongue is spat come and expiratory, open pairs of big eyes, smooth inspect ahead, operate 5 times repeatedly.

Step3: Mouth is stretched, the tongue is extended and retractive, the finger tip that uses right hand forefinger, middle finger and ring finger at the same time reachs guttural point in different lower level, fluctuation rub is brushed 30 times, then the tongue is extended with retractive, with left hand the 3 finger tip that point to, guttural point reachs in right lower level, fluctuation rub is brushed 30 times can.

2, the skin fights old skill

1. latex main effect

Manage of university of California of clinical dermatology associate professor checks De Feicipatelike (RichardFitzpatrick) tells us, latex water content is bigger, can be skin complement moisture, fight consenescence thereby. The latex still is contained a few oily cent, OK and moist skin. Especially a few fight old latex, contain olive oil component moist skin with nutrition, make skin restores elastic force.

2. takes exercise not too risk one's life needlessly

Thinking drawing ligament again! Drawing ligament does not give you perfect curve certainly oh! The issue that because we are in,gym ignores the most easily is unwell motion the effect that causes to shoulder above place. "I am OK one seeing what woman was to tighten up whole chin and throat taking exercise. Because such taking exercise,can make the neck looks unusually outstanding, and bring about prolapse of facial ministry cutaneous. " the job tells us so at the dermatologist FredricBrandt of new York and Miami.

3. avoids overmuch sunshine is point-blank

Well-known, the ultraviolet ray in sunshine and pollution let the skin blacken, ageing, among them UVB lets the skin be basked in, and the UVA that nowhere is absent, penetrable and can cuticular layer arrives directly at dermal layer, accelerate skin ageing rate, make the skin suntans. Avoid to be in in the morning 11 when to afternoon 3 when get of sunshine point-blank, because the ultraviolet ray of this paragraph of time is the strongest, power is the greatest also. The first time expose Yu Qing empty sunlight to fall, time should not exceed 30 minutes. Go out maintain an umbrella, wear broadbrim, daub is prevented basking in frost is the basiccest and significant preventive measure. Had better wear brunet long garment, because ultraviolet ray compares dress of light penetrable light color.

4. overheat brings about collagen albumen prediction of a person's luck in a given year

Bai Rui is special (Brandt) the doctor says: All SPF on this world and prevent those who bask in a product to cannot ensure you do not suffer on the side of the table to warm oneself implement harm. The fireplace in still having the home can bring about skin ageing, occurrence skin is aglow, bubbly reach burnable, the likelihood causes permanent harm to the skin. " at least 10 feet sit when he suggests to there is fireplace in the home far. Be far from other the place that makes you burnable.

5. does not want blind plastic

Clinical professor SethL.Matarasso says the dermatology of college of medicine of California university san Francisco, plastic should be discreet. Any operations have a risk, the operation is bigger, the risk is bigger. Face-lifting of a lot of people is gone after only at the moment beautiful, did not consider future tens of year appearance can be retreated change. Face of popular now baby, unplug tooth, cut bone to wait make you become good-looking, but prediction of a person's luck in a given year of human body bone is accelerated after 449 years old, the facial form that devoid tooth and skeleton sustain shrinks narrower more, adhere to the facial muscle on bone is flabbier and flabbier, meet your person appear very aged.

6. in advance anti-creasing

Dermatological department doctor Dr. FrancescaFusco of Manhadu says new York: Fight often the thing that everybody is about to begin to do from 20 years old, place of Botox of the inject after facing consenescence wants paid price, best method appears in furrow namely before coming, block it go back. And the bases of BOTOX is height rarefied element of A flesh poisonous bacili, it is a kind of nerve conducts block to break an agent, break nerve ending to treat muscle through block model facial and fat, muscle leg ministry is fat with all sorts of dynamical sex furrow. But if use undeserved meeting generation if a lot of poisonous side-effect is palpebral function of flesh of faintness of flagging, eyesight, diplopia, face abate, quarrel is askew, allergic reaction, endanger life even.

7. plastic cup still has than polluting earthly worse place

People says, it is good to the skin to drink water more. But in Newyork city and the skin doctor that Shengdamonika works KarynGrossman advocates her female to carry a cup to install water or other beverage. Grab straw for, "For many times repeatedly lay a finger on can let mouth reach all round touch a bacterium. " her proposal is to be in cup of family expenses glass is small to drink filter water, and use the environmental protection cup that takes shower nozzle outside, "Such water are OK gush arrives in your mouth, is not you repeat go touching touch cup mouth " . And this movement still can let suck straw microgroove is formed all round the lip, abandon drinking the habit of water with straw so.

8. sleeps hairdressing becomes aware also may become ugly

Fusco can judge a patient to sleep according to the perpendicular of patient cheek is to lie which edge. "The skin can be in of cloth oppressive next generation furrow " , she says. And the best measure that avoids Morpheus line is lying to sleep with the back namely. A bit more effective method is: With smooth pillow headgear. "Silks and satins or silk are best choice " , she says: "Perhaps buy you to think best sex price compares the softest quality highest fabrics " .