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How many days is skin beauty's white cycle? How long can the skin just bleach?

Cutaneous beauty nurses in vain is a more haste,less speed, cannot act too hastily, but friend of a lot of females in the life is nursing oneself cutaneous moment, feel use beauty protects skin in vain to taste the OK and fast skin that lets his to become Bai Xi rose, actually this is impossible, so, how many days is skin beauty's white cycle? How long can the skin just bleach? Will look.

How many days is skin beauty's white cycle? How long can the skin just bleach? (1)

1, skin beauty's white cycle

More haste,less speed: Beautiful white cycle 28 day

For the MM that to begging the United States the heart cuts, wish the skin that delicate Bai Xi has between one night, but, the United States is the chronic process of a successive in vain. Those claim of spot of white dispel of OK and fast beauty protect skin to taste, violate probably compasses add plumbic mercury these elements, although fruit of first use effectiveness for a given period of time is remarkable, use plumbic mercury to restrain the active with enzymatic acid of amine of subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy, restrain melanin to form namely, however virtually destroyed cutaneous natural protective screen, once out of service, melanin is generated meet instead aggravate, your skin is compared before using blacker, serious still can cause the whole body toxic reaction. Professor Cha Xushan reminds, the female that is pregnant to be in especially, if use these,add those who have plumbic mercury to protect skin to taste the health that still can endanger darling.

28 days are skin the time of process of a loop, after any products want to be being used 28 days, ability can have relatively apparent effect, why to no matter use,plant accordingly beautiful white means, MM people should have enough patience, down the footstep of skin metabolism.

Prevent basking in ability is beautiful white at all

Want to bleach skin, the most efficient way prevents to blacken namely, because this is when the summer is coming, skinning Chongzhongzhi is weighed is not the United States is prevented however in vain bask in. Prevent it is good to if was not done,bask in the job, skin not only the look is changeful black and what also can skin quickly is anile. Many hairdressing amount to person and dermatologist to take seriously very resist of ultraviolet ray erode.

Good skin makes before going out everyday prevent basking in the job is the most important one step, want to avoid to go out when ultraviolet ray is sharp at the same time, parasol also should get ready at any time.

The United States maintains in vain eat more contain a lot ofthe fruit of dimension C


The United States fights ageing in vain. Lemon contains a lot ofacid of vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, citric acid, apple, etc, very beneficial to human body. Among them citric acid is had prevent to melanin precipitates and remove the effect with ad cool-headed pigment.

Bizarre fruit:

The United States is white, prevent shading. Bizarre fruit contains rich vitamin C, A, E, still contain other fruit to compare element of scarce nutrient composition folic acid, carotene, calcic, corpus luteum, amino acid, natural inositol. Its rich vitamin C, can beautiful white color of skin, the most commendable is, it still contains the scarce magnesium in other fruit, it is the most appropriate fruit reducing weight.


The United States is white, fight oxidation. Divide outside containing a lot ofVC, with other vegetable fruit photograph is compared, the oak seed that contains in the apple and VC make together oxidation effect enhances beautiful Bai Kang.


Beautiful Bai Zirun. Pineapple contains rich vitamin B, can effective alimentary skin, prevent dry, make the skin shining, also can eliminate cutaneous to stretch tight closely at the same time feeling.

2, Japan protects skin to taste recommend

1 flesh grinds pole face of embellish bubble clean is suckled

Flesh grinds extremely foam of embellish clean papula, be like tide reputably all the way, ever won Cosmo is big award! Extremely of embellish times doubler transparent qualitative acid, the face is washed very neatly, but stretch tight closely not at all, also won't feel dry, effect of filling water, clean strength is very marvellous! Unique bubble design still meets him greaten, use the state of mind auspicious!

Bubble of embellish of Curel of 2 beautiful king aing jade-like stone is gentle clean face rub tiny bit

Face of this bubble clean also is a good thing ~ that spends absolutely squeeze the hubble-bubble ~~ bubble that those who come out is Mu Si directly gentle and gentle, and the effect that has diminish inflammation, suit dry and sensitive skin to use very much. Be without exciting feeling Ju Qingrun is not dry, do not have any burdens to skin, when shutting a mouth to run rampant especially, need not fear accentuation closes a mouth, and use period of time hind, the meeting that close a mouth decreases gradually, skin whole also restores to come slowly normal period. Amino acid is, bubble is close without special continous thick, but clinking really gentleness is comfortable, need not exert oneself to do sth. knead can relaxed and abluent skin, those who wash is very clean also, the girl of sensitive flesh does not have a bit burden completely also, very gentle ~ is recommended

Amino acerbity bubble washs 3MINON grandma

Bubble of MINON amino acid washs grandma, public praise is super good, strong simple sense, permeate corneous layer, make skin heavy full figure moist, increase the defence capacity with original skin, make skin does not suffer the outside to stimulate, protect wet power extremely tall, this clean face has one share to suckle flavour, bubble is not belonged to the sort of especially solid, but also had calculated, wash sense is very facile, do not work completely, suit dry skin qualitative ~ very much

4VioLux lordliness ice-cream washs a face grandma

Ice-cream of Japanese VioLux lordliness washs grandma so-called history on most protect wet! The cleanest the most beautiful the white milk that wash a face! Build didymous cutaneous to harm to reduce the attrition place of hand and facial ministry, every ice-cream grandma that wash a face is special the net gauze that deserves to high grade material is made, can hit thick hubble-bubble. This grandma that wash a face is crowded come out to resemble ice-cream same ~ actually 77 feel very good to see ~ namely

5THEGINZA lady clean

Bring profit to everybody again face of clean of a lady, sexual price is compared pretty good. Have the extraction thing that root of 4 kinds of orchid takes, can restrain acidification, stimulative collagen albumen and transparent generate acerbitily character, those who restore skin is moist reach spring. Very special use well, the clean face product with general and clean good effect washs a face to stretch tight very closely, and this is not! . Grumous and exquisite bubble, be in those who withheld skin need is moist at the same time, complete purify bilge and the do not want cutin that want form quality spot and leather fat, well-illuminated of the skin after washing is moist. . . Still have composed function allegedly.

Water breast: Ropier pledge without exciter.

6 black a jade-like stone Liposome is protected wet make up water

This makes up water is a woman I am the biggest one when had recommended strongly makes up water, special person makes up angry water oh, increase the in-house size of corneous layer, strengthen skin to draw strength with this. The skin after using can see improvement skins apparently can become soft apparently close fact, microgroove decreases, deeper furrow and bulky pore also can get better improvement. The proposal makes face of water film apply with this water, the effect is better.