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How should the woman that confronts computer for a long time protect skin is gift nice?

Socially the profession has a lot of, different profession has different difficult problem, for the person to be engaged in computer, face computer all day long, the radiate of computer is exceedingly powerful, especially to female friend, female of computer a group of things with common features grows radiation spot exceedingly easily, what does the skill that then you know to computer a group of things with common features protects skin have? Reckon a lot of people still do not know, below, introduce computer a group of things with common features to protect skin skill to old furniture body.

How should the woman that confronts computer for a long time protect skin is gift nice? (1)

1, computer a group of things with common features protects skin skill

1, facial defend

Get online although the harm of pair of female netizen appearance is not archenemy, but fierce electromagnetism radiate still nots allow small gaze.

One female netizen says: "I originally skin is qualitative very good, for nothing tender, also stain of it doesn't matter. The closest online time is longer, hook up occasionally 7-9 hour.

Feel the skin is dry these days, desquamate, and color slants yellow. " want to abandon getting online to both neither, want to maintain the skin to shine again beautiful for female netizen, this has become an outstanding issue.

Screen radiate generation is electrostatic, the easiest adsorptive dirt, long face-to-face, bring about stain and furrow more easily.

Before getting online accordingly, might as well skin latex is protected on besmear, add a weak pink again, in order to increase cutaneous strength.

2, thoroughly clean skin

After online end, the first task is clean skin, add clean face fluid to wash face thoroughly with Wen Shui, the dirt all of will electrostatic adsorption is washed, skin is protected blandly to taste on besmear next. Can reduce harm for a long time, embellish skin is raised colour. Kongfu of this to online female a bit of Yan Zhen it may be said, gains is great.

3, conserve bright eye

When if you do not hope,seeing a person the following day binocular and red, countenance is gaunt, a pair of black rim of the eye, do not fight for long continuously so, do not stay up late especially get online.

Prepare fluid of eye of a bottle of drop at ordinary times, in order to have untimely needs. After getting online apply a cucumber piece, potato chips or aspic grandma, cold dish is pretty good also.

Its method: cucumber or potato section, apply is on double-fold eyelid, shut repose a few minutes; or aspic grandma cool tea soaks apply eye with gauze, can alleviate eye ministry is fatigue, skin of nutrient eye periderm.

4, increase nutrition

To the person that often gets online, it is very important to increase nutrition. Vitaminic B is very beneficial to the brainworker, if sleep late, the quality that sleep is bad also, answer to eat vegetables of animal liver, fresh fruit more, they contain rich vitaminic B a group of things with common features material.

In addition, the flesh kind, fish, milk products also conduces to increase memory; to overcome product of circle of Wu, wheaten face, sea, dried fruit to be able to enhance neurological harmonious sex opportunely, it is the optimal small snacks when getting online.

2, how does computer a group of things with common features shield an eye

1. places discharge head correctly

The position that computer puts is very significant, because the distance of impropriety can increase eyestrain. In the eye all around the light that there is dazzling inside 50 centimeters of limits to 70 centimeters, it is the position that fits most.

3. makes sure monitor is enough bright

Monitor is not quite bright, the twinkle of screen can be brought about eyestrain and have a headache. And the pupil that bright picture can let you is contractive, focusing limits can greaten, such meetings let the acclimatization with better eye, when the job more comfortable also.

4. every other 15 minutes rest a little while

Every other lets an eye 15 minutes take a rest, visit distant place, do a few deep breathing, can loosen eye ministry muscle so. And before often sitting in computer, eye muscle stretchs tight closely to be able to affect shoulder and cervical sarcous tension likewise, should massage now and then so shoulder and cervical.

5. increases blink frequency

Work absorbedly before computer when, the person is reduced not can self-consciously blink frequency, you are OK second of conscious every other 10-15 blinks. Can make oxygen and nutrient moist so your eye is corneal, and the eyesight that tear still can raise you.

Much blink

6. night reduces blue light

A research of haing Buddha university makes clear, nightly La Guang meets those who restrain fade black hormone to secrete, cause adverse effect to health. The level of fade black hormone and diabetic, fat the incidence of a disease with cancer is relevant, should put out computer to perhaps adorn as far as possible in the evening so prevent blue smooth glasses, screen drops harmful La Guang.

7. natural treatment

The commonnest natural treatment is go admiring in the garden admire the beauty of flowers, perhaps put green in the office potted, tired when have a look. Law of this one party can alleviate greatly the eye that uses computer for long to cause is fatigue.

8. is taken the vitamin is mixed mineral

The eye in human body is very big to the demand of energy, because this assures,enough vitamin and mineral cross-eye have profit greatly for eyeball. Fight oxidation composition and vitamin A, C, E, B and zinc among them, all conduce to alleviate eye ministry is fatigue.

The eye is careful and powerful organ, once give a problem to compare a trouble on cure, precaution is attached most importance to. Computer gens and mobile phone gens must notice the health of the eye more at ordinary times.