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Does office worker female maintain what is skin method? How to make skin vigour full?

The female friend of office worker may need to facing computer all day long, so skin hard to avoid can appear glossy, inside the office, in air conditioning room, our skin dispute often lacks water easily, because this should give the skin in time to fill,water is protected wet, so, does office worker female maintain what is skin method? How to make skin vigour full? Will look below.

Does office worker female maintain what is skin method? How to make skin vigour full? (1)

1, law of office worker beautiful skin

Condition of early morning skin: Water portion move sluggishly facial have glossy

1, adrenal Pi Zhisu begins to secrete in before dawn, vigor is in cellular second birth to fall right now lowermost level, lymphatic loop and haemal circulation are slow, water portion gathers easily inside the cell, cannot metabolize.

2, sebaceous glands grease secretes one night, having spillinging over right now skin, an oily film is formed in skin surface.

Protect skin key: Wake skin fills water and detumescence

Cleanness is the first step that wakes up skin, with face of warm water apply, let skin cell from the come to one's senses in Morpheus. Use the clean face milk-like liquid with gentle nature certainly, the dirt that floats in fluid of grease, sweat and air adheres to in skin surface, not be to use clear water simply can clean clean.

Discover whole even face has eye department very easily also in the morning slight and bloated phenomenon, because lymphatic loop is slow,these are, cannot sponge spends much water share.

Can wrap skin of week of light apply eye with little ice bag or deserted tea right now, make the skin rapid exclude water share. Must make appliance has the eye frost that causes the effect closely to massage eye week to skin gently later, enhance circulation of eye ministry blood, tighten up skin.

Water of the skin in sleeping soundly distributes prediction of a person's luck in a given year, skin moisture should complement immediately after cleanness passes, can choose the hairdressing that defends wet filling water to protect skin product, the water of fill prediction of a person's luck in a given year is divided, can prevent effectively more skin is dry by day problem.

In the morning maintain should deal with daylong in pressure of skin place susceptive, make good skin mainly defend the job.

Skin in the morning state: Skin function gives oil the most by force grow in quantity

1, the functional movement of skin is in this time paragraph reached highest peak gradually. Skin organization resistance is the strongest, sebaceous glands is secreted very active also, grease secretes grow in quantity.

2, rate of cuticular cell metabolism rises, cuticular segmentation is more rapid, corneous accumulation is much from this for a short while paragraph begin.

Protect skin key: Compensatory water divides day of skin water embellish

The complement of moisture can safeguard the moisture that skins a day of place needs, water branch evaporates, need intermittence is consequently compensatory. Should note week of T area, eye and labial role especially such detail place. Use only make up water, can make the skin drier, when because should make up,water evaporates, the meeting is implicative skin rock-bottom water portion is taken. And too oily maintain article, what if do not have,pass through member of corneous layer water is auxiliary, stay very easily in skin surface only, permeating force may not be so good. So, undertaking filling when you when wet movement, be sure to keep in mind, must " fill first water, hind moist " . In the meantime, make indoor air expedite as far as possible, assure the humidity in air.

Skin midday state: Skin pressure is the greatest, resistance loses

1, blood pressure and hormonal secrete reduce, the body produces listless move gradually, skin is easy appear petty furrow, skin the cosmetic of efficient to containing material draws strength particularly weak.

2, anoxic skin looks downhearted, the oxygen demand that skins right now rises.

Protect skin key: Fight oxidize and massage skin decompression

Skin is in in a day the flimsiest, when pressure is the greatest. Complement at this moment many nutrition also won't be absorbed, had better be to had been done defend the job. The choice contains vitamin E or vitamin B to wait for those who refuse oxidation class status to prevent bask in a product to make filling a surname, can be in defend while fight skin oxidation.

Can use gently right now show the abdomen massages skin a few minutes. Be in respectively temporal, inside two side and lower part of corners of the mouth press canthus, nose ala greatly after going down 5 seconds, light delay is raised. Accompany expiratory when press, the inspiratory deep breathing when raising.

2, skin defends wet method

One, eradicate old useless cutin, protect the wet place that get countervail to wish

The corneous layer that contains 30% moisture content is healthy cutaneous defends protective screen, but the accumulation of overmuch old useless cutin is to achieve anticipate those who protect wet effect the biggest invisible obstacle. The summer of much oilier much sweat lets corneous layer metabolization quicken, often abandon cutin without seasonable purify, again much moisture also can be isolated outer and cannot absorb, following one by one is change garments according to the season dry. According to skin type, drying chooses gel kind chamfer simple product, oily choice does mineral Facial mask, hard mix model choose chamfer to pledge cotton partition defies, such practice can assure to be in dry when avoid to be close to on one hand sensitive, let keep wet part on one hand immediate effect is in natural and corneous layer, play filling water, build water and the capacity that chain water is divided continuously, chain for skin water is divided for long.

2, add an essence oil / cream, form protect wet " oil seal "

Japanese cosmetologist will make up the assimilate to of relation figure ground of water and cream " water passageway " with " oil seal " relation, not " oil seal " protect wet " cap " , "Water passageway " moisture also grows effect to maintain hard. Dry when protect wet, calculate the male to more grease are secreted, also will surely not achieve the skin protective screen that locks up water quickly. So, learning to be being protected wet model make up after water, add water of a lock for the skin " oil seal " , can let protect wet effect to turn over times. The most effective and convenient method is: elite of a plant oily drop enters day of frost and late frost, add necessary fat to pledge for the skin, make corneous layer cell orderly arrange, maintain skin moist sense.

3, it is the skin and body soul one case " fight oxidation "

The west most of the mainstream fighting anile beauty culture is to fight combustion technique, prevent the skin namely the mainest measure of chronic inflammation, chronic inflammation does not appear, the balance just calculates the water oil of autumn winter change garments according to the season to go up on real significance protect effectively wet. Do not abandon the summer retentive prevent basking in is the one auspicious habit that fights oxidation, use fight oxidation elite the can oldest rate cuts down redundant freedom base, and the product that effect of chaotic of a poison, platoon contains in selecting clean part also is the good method that fights oxidation. Of course, the enough sleep, upbeat mood, state of mind that loosens leisurely can be what fight oxidation in the round to protect wet plan add important weight.