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Woman 30 how to cause the skin closely? How to improve facial and flabby position?

After the woman passed 25 years old, the skin can appear very easily flabby, the skin problem such as long lines, the skin flexibility that this shows you is in drop, so, woman 30 how to cause the skin closely? How to improve facial and flabby position? There are these two issues below, actor or actress accordingly actor is young make up how do reading an article together say, actor or actress accordingly actor is young make up will learn.

Woman 30 how to cause the skin closely? How to improve facial and flabby position? (1)

1, send skin means closely

, hairdressing frost + massage -- improve skin outward appearance

After 30 years old pass, every angel cooperates to massage with the elite cream that delivers promotion closely, do regularly every week massage, go to beauty parlour undertaking nursing thick and fast, the result that perserve is cutaneous moist spend and burnish maintains very well all the time, flexibility is good also, but promotion and the effect very little that tighten up. Because, send closely kind nurse maintain article prevent aggravate in order to prevent to give priority to with the help. Want to know, although the product of again powerful effect, do not keep out bout to stay up late at all: Want a few days to sleep only bad, daub what good thing, the face still looks of be slack and perfunctory without expression.

2, facial promotion appearance -- muscle does exercise, the help discharges oedema

Facial promotion appearance, through electric current stimulation exercises facial muscle, let muscle become strong, deliver facial line closely. When nursing, have on the face slightly pinprick and clear contractive sense, the hand that seems to be lost sight of only is being squeezed ceaselessly hold, muscle can beat slightly as voltaic rhythm, reach more advanced level when intensity, feel even the tooth ache. Finish after nursing, skin low-grade fever, the cheek the muscle of two side is faint ache slightly, resemble the feeling after motion a bit really, if have oedema problem, clear improvement can see after be being pressed.

3, inject promotes -- get effective fast, be confined to essence of life subtle shift

The principle that inject promotes is: The happening with flabby skin, depend on ought be in the stay shift of some area, need to inject in this one area only fill, the place plentiful that can let cave in is full, will flabby place is carried, kill two birds with one stone. Sound simple, how to fill actually, how much to fill, use why to plant material is qualitative, very exquisite: Concern with condition of the facial structure of everybody, skin not only, having extremely close connection with the technology of hairdressing doctor and experience more. Nevertheless, the place that inject promotes has limit, the delicate sex that changing because of its, to apparent flabby or double chin, improper.

4, light energy, electric wave pulls a skin -- effective, but need is enough patient

The effectiveness of phototherapy, electric wave, all the time by everybody overmeasure. In impression of a lot of people, want magical light to be swept on the face only it seems that, do not have already any unwell, can instantly " old appearance is changed new colour " . In fact, although the simplest go splash, perhaps want to nurse several times repeatedly, and promotion is sent closely kind, it is all get effective in period of treatment the slowest, differ according to instrument and period of treatment, the fastest 3 two months, need the slowest to be as long as half an year, during this, the frequency that should suggest by the doctor not only is accepted nurse, more need to notice to defend daily, prevent the skin to be damaged once more.

5, endoscope promotes -- show effect irreplaceably, choice of take into consideration the circumstances

With the tradition " pull a skin " different, new-style facial promotion art is not the skin taut, adjust the structure of musculature from whole however, by inside and the other place promotes and tighten up, solved associate with skin to tighten the facial and inflexible, expression that dried meat floss causes to wait for a problem artificially thereby. The effect that promotes art can maintain 10 years at least, if notice to nurse,maintain, hold time is OK longer. So, although pull leather hind, still insist to use everyday maintain taste and insist to massage!

2, rule of skin work and rest

Nightly to before dawn 23: 00 ~ 05: 00 -- alimentary skin optimal time

At this moment the cell grows and repair is the most exuberant, the speed of segmentation should be compared control 8 times more quickly at ordinary times, skin is particularly strong to protecting what skin tastes to draw strength. Should use the moist late frost that contains a lot ofnutrient material at this moment, make maintain effect play comes groove. Can say the time of alimentary skin.

Early morning 6: 00 ~ 8: 00 -- tighten up pouch is optimal time

The exudation of adrenal coriaceous element began to strengthen at 4 o'clock from before dawn, second birth activity of the cell falls right now to the nadir. Because moisture accumulates within the cell, lymphatic loop is slow, a few people can have eyelid strut state at this moment, usable can enhance eye ministry to circulate, tighten up the eye frost of pouch.

In the morning 8: 00~12:00 -- do hairdressing the project is optimal time

The function that skins at this moment is in a height, constituent resistance is the strongest, the exudation of sebaceous glands is most active also. Can do facial, body to depilate, dispel spot reachs the hairdressing project such as line of look of Wen Mei, article except mole.

Afternoon 12: 00~15:00 -- the skin is loosened with rest optimal time

Right now blood pressure is reached hormonal secrete reduce, the body produces listless move gradually, the skin is easy appear petty furrow, skin the cosmetic of efficient to containing material draws strength particularly weak. If want to make skin looks,have life at this moment, but frontal external use some elite element, protect film of face of Shi Shuang, close skin to wait.