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It is OK to eat holy female fruit dispel spot? Is effect of spot of dispel of holy female fruit good?

A lot of people cannot bear there is spot on the face, but long spot is again common the business that does not pass, the place of different person long spot and situation are different, everybody has tried the likelihood the method of all sorts of dispel spot, but some people may be effective some people do not have what effect, someone says to eat holy female fruit can dispel spot, it is OK that that eats holy female fruit dispel spot? Is effect of spot of dispel of holy female fruit good?

It is OK to eat holy female fruit dispel spot? Is effect of spot of dispel of holy female fruit good? (1)

1, it is OK to eat holy female fruit dispel spot

It is OK to eat holy female fruit dispel spot.

The vitamin C content in holy female fruit is very high, vitamin C can restrain the metabolization trash of the body to be changed into coloured material, reduce the formation of melanin, and the peptide of cereal Guang pleasant that contains in holy female fruit also can the melanin in desalt skin, at the same time holy daughter contains a lot ofvitamin A if really, can adjust epithelial become divided, purify cutin, make skin smooth and meticulous, eating holy daughter so is OK if really of dispel spot.

2, it is good to take effect of spot of dispel of holy female fruit

Eat holy daughter to have the effect of desalt splash only if really.

The vitamin C in holy female fruit can reduce the formation of skin melanin only, and peptide of cereal Guang pleasant also can the melanin in desalt skin, eat holy female fruit so can desalt dispel spot, with the formation that reduces dispel spot, dispel spot effect is not very ideal.

In addition, taking spot of dispel of holy female fruit is a long process, if want the effect that holy daughter takes to reach dispel spot if really inside short time,that is impossible, at ordinary times food also can eat a dot to contain the food with vitamin fast C more, can desalt stain.

3, how is spot of dispel of holy female fruit done

(1) emperor female fruit mixes bean curd

Bean curd belongs to bean products, the element of different yellow ketone that contains among them is estrogen of sex of a kind of plant, can help antagonism ageing, and have the capacity that fights oxidation, with emperor female fruit eats together can enhance dispel spot result.

Practice: holy female fruit abluent, stripping and slicing, bean curd is abluent after been iron with boiled water, fish out drop does moisture, press into mushy, join right amount dressing agitate next even, irrigate go up if really in holy daughter can.

(Film of face of honey of 2) emperor female fruit

Holy female fruit and honey have hairdressing to raise colour the effect, both and OK film of make it face, can hairdressing is raised colour.

Practice: emperor female fruit is abluent extract juice, put right amount honey again, mix is even, after clean face, film of face of honey of holy female fruit direct apply is on the face, wash with clear water after 15 minutes, breast of skin of water of reoccupy embellish skin, embellish maintains skin.

4, can spot of dispel of holy female fruit eat more

Holy daughter shoulds not be much if really eat.

Holy daughter contains rich vitamin C if really, often eat hairdressing is raised colour the effect, still can prevent skin of , protection, defer skin consenescence, but unfavorable also also eat more, because holy daughter is vegetables of fruit of a kind of cold sex if really, eat much meeting stimulative hydrochloric acid in gastric juice is secreted, hydrochloric acid in gastric juice can stimulate intestines and stomach too much, cause intestines and stomach unwell, occurrence stomach bilges, the undesirable symptom such as stomach-ache, the proposal eats everyday 15, 20 advisable.

5, take spot of dispel of holy female fruit note

1, the person with bad intestines and stomach shoulds not be eat

Holy daughter is cold sex food if really, the person with so bad intestines and stomach is unfavorable take spot of dispel of holy female fruit, stimulate intestines and stomach easily, cause intestines and stomach unwell, suffer from the stomach trouble patient such as acute gastroenteritis, gastric ulcer to should not be especially eat.

2, unfavorable and hollow eat holy daughter if really

Holy daughter contains the part such as many dissolubility astringent if really, and hollow when hydrochloric acid in gastric juice is secreted overmuch, both meeting produces reaction, make indiscerptible lump thing, jam exit pylorus of the stomach, cause intestines and stomach unwell, occurrence stomach bilges, the reaction such as gastralgia.

3, unfavorable eat together with cucumber

Vitamin C is contained to decompose in cucumber enzymatic, destroy the vitamin C in holy female fruit, bring about dispel spot effect to sell at a discount greatly.

6, the methodological introduction of dispel spot

Dispel spot secret recipe one: General prevent bask in undertake after all

Prevent basking in is the segment with dispel the most important spot, also be the main factor that prevents stain to rebound. Although the sunshine of autumn is inferior to the summer so " enthusiastic " , but the existence of UVA still can make you " become angry " oh!

Tips: When going out, did not forget to wipe prevent bask in frost, choice SPF value is of 15 OK; is additional, go out also prevent on the belt bask in an umbrella, with equipment urgent need.

Dispel spot secret recipe 2: Fixed chamfer pledges

Of autumnal temperature reduce, the metabolism that can let skin becomes slow, corneous layer also because of this thickening. Although originally protective skin is not damaged cutin, can be corneous layer heavy panel, of greatly can abate skin appear a gender, weaken the skin absorption to active ingredient of dispel spot product. A week is used arrive twice, the strength when using wants light, wipe chamfer qualitative frost gently on the face first, keep the left and right sides 3 minutes, the massage means that encircles in order to hit again, let dead skin flake.

Tips: The chamfer qualitative frost with choice gentle nature, it is most important that the protects skin to taste pair of dispel spots skin that does not hurt skin will tell!

Dispel spot secret recipe 3: The fruit raises colour standard

Orange contains rich fruit acerbity, vitaminic with microelement Selenium, among them the content of vitamin C wants than pear, apple, peach and grape tall. Its ample nutrition part can help skin keep wet, fight oxidation, stimulative collagen is formed, enhance flexibility, still can rise " bleacher " action, dispel spot restrains pigment to generate. Love beautiful MM, cannot miss raise Yan Shui fruit!

Dispel spot secret recipe 4: The heart is treated

Overcome fretted psychology

The courage that the woman seeks perfect state and determination are really incomparable. Once discover,can grow fleck, with respect to the heavy thought burden on the back, constant groan even angst. Little imagine, too anxious psychology, can use up the vitamin C that there is desalt stain effect inside body, make stain more flush.

Dispel spot secret recipe 5: Spot of self-restrained and natural dispel Facial mask

Spot of dispel of magical the head of garlic Facial mask

Garlic 3 valve, gram pink 3 spoon, clean water 100 milliliter. Garlic decorticates put microwave oven 2 minutes to go flavour, extract juice again, mix with gram pink next clean water mix is even. Besmear is facial after 15 minutes abluent. This law lets skin be full of burnish, have magical thin face function more!

Milk bean curd is weak spot range film

Put bean curd in the pulverize in clean bowl, enter milk mix next, with gauze general bean curd the bag rises, use face of glacial milk apply first, next install the bean curd in gauze to press press in facial ministry. Film of this iced face can skin undisturbedly after insolation not only, still can make skin more white fair-skinned, the effect that has spot of dispel of desalt spot mark.