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How should woman office worker nurse the skin? Office worker woman protects skin skill

The female friend of office worker protects skin to want in daily life more some more meticulous, because of the reason on the job, perhaps need to facing computer for a long time, so skin appears very easily skin problem, the female friend of office worker more of the figure that notes oneself, so, how should woman office worker nurse the skin? Office worker woman looks to protect skin skill in light of.

How should woman office worker nurse the skin? Office worker woman protects skin skill (1)

1, office worker female protects skin point

Water of 1. reply skin is oily evenly

Protecting wet sparge is desk those who go up is necessary article. Will protect wet sparge gently gush is on the face, begin on help skin dizzy makeup powdery bottom nature melts. Your skin is in if time goes oil afternoon serious, might as well according to his skin simple alternative contains a large number of mineral part or green tea protects wet sparge extractively, the water oil that conduces to balance skin is balanced, make fill follow-uply makeup more smooth docile.

2. ball is bright

Staring at computer work, dry air conditioning room for long, these meetings make eye ministry skin dark sink and produce Gan Wen. The simplest way, it is to use applicable makeup hind Li of ministry of the ball of skin eye, massage eye ministry skin to eye end gentleness from canthus. Stroke smooth Gan Wen while, cool and refreshing tactility still can promote the small loop that eye ministry skins quickly, eliminate eye ministry exhaustion, your double eye reproduces bright glorious.

3. is used shake puff fills makeup

Fill makeup when, the advantage that shakes puff particularly remarkable. After using spray or protecting wet breast, you can be used shake puff to draw a circle on the face, get on skin dizzy catch or the powdery bottom that felt is together incomplete makeup clears clean, enclothe pore effectively not only, the moist that still can enhance skin is spent. In need key block defect or go up afresh powdery place, you are OK will protect the powdery background with wet remarkable effect to nod besmear to be on skin, reoccupy shakes puff to try to press pressure, even daub. Come so, bottom makeup can regain the new position to the front of going out in the morning quickly.

4. cover black rim of the eye

Black rim of the eye is met in midday of every the world particularly apparent. Protect in aggrandizement of the ministry that it is an eye wet hind, you can choose a bright eye pen that is aimed at black rim of the eye technically or block defect breast to undertake the key is decorated. Notable is, must use show the abdomen flaps eye week skins gently, breast of your block defect is complete joint, show the most natural makeup effect. In addition, the sky that you also are drinking tea presses those who control part of drape of joint of left hand thumb when dexterous thumb and forefinger bright eye acupuncture point, large hole, in order to eliminate eye ministry exhaustion.

Cutin of ministry of lip of 5. tender purify

Many people can encounter this kind of situation: Arrive afternoon, the lipstick on the lip begins to be changed outwards along labial grain. In the meantime, the moisture that brings about because of central heating quickens prediction of a person's luck in a given year to also can make double lip becomes coarse remove a skin even. You need to use labial department for a special purpose to grind arenaceous cream gentleness massages double lip, cleared lip ministry often abandons cutin, make double lip more exquisite and silky.

Render of 6. labial ministry

Make gone lip ministry is ground arenaceous after creaming, the labial ministry render that reoccupy has effect of heavy full figure creams or embellish lipstick undertakes labial ministry render. This can help microgroove of fill lip ministry not only, still can make labial ministry becomes more plump and smooth-skinned and attractive, still can make at the same time follow-up lip makeup more abiding.

7. uses a lipstick opportunely pen

Compared with the lipstick, more suggest you are making up in the bag standing pen of a lipstick. The quality of a material of lipstick pen normally lightsome soft embellish. Although do not have mirror or time pressing, you are OK also and fast daub is on labial ministry makeup, a bit need not fear colour is dizzy, make an exquisite and plump and smooth-skinned labial ministry rough sketch easily.

8. is alternative calm makeup

In embellish skin and fill makeup after finishing, what you should do is use sweet noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch or decide makeup sparge is decided makeup. After all, after come off work, perhaps you still need to be driven hastily go to appointment. Suggest oily skin attacks gently with sweet pink calm makeup, and mix model can use fluid account with drying skin calm makeup sparge sprays whole face, calm makeup the moist that increases skin at the same time is spent.

9. is offerred fight oxygen energy

Leave midday time, the harmful oxygen content in air can increase, this also is why every arrive afternoon at 23 o'clock, the body can feel special exhaustion. Right now, you can be passed absorb complementary enzymatic Q10 (CoenzymeQ10) will help skin cell oneself produce more energy, fight oxidation independently, restore the bounce of skin and vitality afresh. In addition, the candy that also suggests your edible contains vitaminic B, C and fruit serve as noon break small feed, the refreshment of stimulative physical strength, eliminate exhaustion.

10. comes to a cup slow tea

Foreign Gan Ju is had fight pressure slow with combat oxidation effect, it is afternoon tea time antagonism exhaustion, adjust the optimal choice of the mood (although fast dissolve irrespective also) . Best can drinkable inside 30 minutes after eating snacks refreshments, the help restrains food translate into adipose.

2, eat what food to protect wet accuse oil

1, lettuce

Between all vegetable, of lettuce ensuring wet result is first-rate, in the meantime, lettuce still is having the first-rate effect that causes skin pore, moist skin closely, so, lettuce is the skin is protected wet control the food option with first-rate oil. No matter you are,fried lettuce eat, still extract juice to drink, still be apply face does Facial mask to use, it is to protect wet control the choice with right oil. Extract lettuce juice, after adding water dilute next, can serve as make up water will use, can help the skin tighten up water of pore, effective lock to protect so wet.

2, milk

Milk is beautiful eyebrow people the very commonly used raw material that protect skin, milk is OK the beautiful white skin, melanin precipitation that restrains skin, small microgroove that eliminates facial skin, tension that heightens skin have first-rate effect, in the meantime, milk also is the good provision that defends wet skin. Now and then will wash a face with milk, massage the skin adequately, wash clean skin with Wen Shuiqing after that, and the moist bright skin water on daub and latex, such protect doing that what can strengthen skin wet with reduce furrow to cause, the small method that goes to the lavatory very simply, those who keep thick line of wet effect bar.

3, celery

We know celery fall blood pressure effect is very powerful, in the meantime, celery still is having the first-rate effect that protect skin, a lot of beautiful eyebrow do not understand this. The effect protecting skin of celery depends on it consenescence of skin of OK and effective antagonism, prevent furrow to cause, protect wet skin effectively, the grease that controls skin is secreted. After extracting celery juice, undertake dilute with right amount clear water, can regard as make up water will use, have the first-rate effect that accuses oil to protect wet skin. Do such nursing every week, can make skin water embellish a lot of cleaner, look greasily no longer.

4, cucumber

Cucumber is hairdressing is raised colour reduce weight the food with thin first-rate body, the water content of cucumber taller, quantity of heat is inferior, so, often eat cucumber to won't grow adipose, can have wonderful effect reducing weight. Cucumber is beautiful white diminish inflammation, composed protect wet accuse oil relaxed first-rate choice, the needle is fat to skinning the surface is compared, dry be short of the condition such as water, can try to improve with cucumber. Beautiful eyebrow people can extract cucumber juice, join dilute of a few clear water after that, again apply is in skin surface, after 15 minutes, reoccupy clear water is cleaned clean can. Make cucumber surFacial mask every week, hold to period of time, skin is fat can get clear improvement with the issue that lacks water.