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Is skin of the turn of life dry how to recuperate? Is skin of woman the turn of life dry how to solve?

The turn of life is the level that everybody can experience, the turn of life is a kind of very common level, the female of the turn of life not only the change with very big psychogenesis, very big change also can produce on physiology, is occurrence skin of woman the turn of life dry it how should run ability is good to how should run ability? Reckon a lot of people still do not know, below, introduce skin of the turn of life to old furniture body dry how to do.

Is skin of the turn of life dry how to recuperate? Is skin of woman the turn of life dry how to solve? (1)

1, skin of the turn of life is dry how to do

1, the attention absorbs Ω 3 fatty acid.

A few fatty acid, for example the contained Ω such as salmon, Hu Tao 3 fatty acid, can make the skin produce an oil reservoir, this keeps wet lock to the skin water is crucial. If diet lacks this lipoid fat, cause the skin easily dry, itching, even inflammation. Oil of pilchard, safflower also contain a lot ofΩ 3 fatty acid.

2, notice the skin is prevented bask in.

Those who use SPF15 above prevent bask in a product, offer for the skin prevent in the round bask in protection. Because,this is, sun ultraviolet ray can cause the skin dry, occurrence microgroove, cause skin cancer even. Because this should be used,contain counteractive UVA and UVB radiant product to protect the skin.

3, do not have steam bath.

Develop a hot bath or steam bath is one kind is enjoyed really. But the hot water of boiling hot can cause harm to the skin, make the skin produces dehydration. Accordingly, the proposal shortens bathing time, and will bathe with Wen Shui. Additional, soap can wash the oil reservoir of flay skin surface layer. Accordingly, be in particularly dry place, wait like elbow, do not use soap.

4, the bath breast with use gentle composition.

A few contain essence, fight bacterium or the toilet soap of deodorization, bath breeds the metropolis is right the skin causes harm, they can move except skin surface oil reservoir, cause the skin dry, itching. Accordingly, the bath with use gentle part of female of proposal the turn of life breeds or toilet soap.

5, must wipe a latex.

After washing Wen Shuizao, must cleanse the whole body with the latex. You are likely deflection selects the product with a few high prices, but a few cheap product, for example: Mineral oil the protective action that wait actually very good also. Additional, to make sure the latex can be absorbed truly, proposal female divides dead skin regularly, let effect composition can be absorbed by skin place

2, of woman the turn of life maintain

1, institutional ego self-identity

Daily life wants relaxed and happy, clear the turn of life is life needs classics phase, all sorts of symptoms that understanding the turn of life can appear, after having psychology to prepare, enter the turn of life the following female should go to what what look upon the turn of life encounters with dispassionate mood and common heart more all sorts of physiology and psychological change, agree with had produced a change oneself, do good psychology so in time to adjust, alleviate psychological symptom, overshoot in safety, although appear a lot of and unwell, also can be in next correctly directive settlement, need not bring psychological pressure.

2, try ego drain

Friend of a lot of females is in the life and job, the mood always can have case have fall, and can pass drain of some kind of way. The fact proves, the person that is good at drain often healthy, and the person that is not good at drain often creates the body from caustic. The female that enters the turn of life because mental stability wave motion of poor, affection is big, because this learns ego drain to appear,attach most importance to especially should, the proposal pours out with other more, communication, change arms to be jade objects and silk fabrics, learn to make anger, conversion think etc. Have even in real life and job so spirit of Q of a bit A, but should have adjusted oneself mood, hold even degree, both neither wants too depressive, also cannot too out of control, maintain stable state of mind.

3, eat more vegetable is mixed coarse food grain

Very much vegetable is to contain rich fibrous, for example bean sprouts, turnip, taro, algal, Xie Cai kind, potato, cucumber, green pepper, contain a lot offibrous these food to human body bowel is to have very good digestive effect, have the peristalsis that stimulative bowel, conduce to the fast eduction of cholesterol. Additional, onion, garlic has good fall fat is aided feed action. Agaric, Xianggu mushroom can fill enrage powerful body, beneficial gas is aided feed. Answer to eat the food that contains a lot ofsulfur amine element and nicotinic acid more, if food grains other than wheat and rice, unpolished rice reachs legume food. Sulfur amine element has certain composed effect, nicotinic acid but outspread blood-vessel, advantageous to reducing blood pressure.

4, have a fish more as far as possible shrimp and legume

Protein relation wears what our human body organizes to create repair and immune function maintain. But want to notice, flesh of onshore animal sex kind accompanying not little saturation normally adipose, let you gain flesh, because this suggests to reduce meat of onshore animal sex kind food, can low fat dairy produce kind, legume and piscine shrimp kind for main protein source.