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How be far from name of yellow face woman? How to make color of skin even?

The woman does not hope she resembles yellow face husband's mother it seems that, yellow face mother-in-law is to describe a woman to do not have glamour, color of skin is dark yellow, without the view of burnish, will describe a woman with yellow face mother-in-law, show this woman's old pattern, so, how be far from name of yellow face woman? How to make color of skin even? Actor or actress accordingly below actor is young make up those who will read an article to solve, learn together.

How be far from name of yellow face woman? How to make color of skin even? (1)

1, the method of beautiful white skin

Beautiful flesh method one: Purify cutin is beautiful skin in vain

Ageing cutin held back skin newborn outlet! Protect skin to taste nutrition to enter do not go, as if on the face wearing a mask. Select simple product of a gentle chamfer, often abandon those who hold back alimentation corporeal purify, again overlay film of a beautiful flour, as long as 15 minutes short can wake up dark heavy color of skin.

Beautiful flesh method 2: Protect wet nurse skin water embellish transparent

Color of skin is white pure, clear it is nowadays beauty Bai Xin concept. How to let skin hold a Bai Xi and water embellish concurrently? After the United States nurses in vain, use to be able to arrive deep the filling water of bottom of skin cutin layer protects wet product to be able to help skin restores water embellish sense, be far from dry. Seem a bean curd, bai Youshui embellish.

Beautiful flesh method 3: Invigorate the circulation of blood of recuperation of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is raised enrage

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, create facial department dark because painstaking effort empty, menstruation is not moved,sinking is wait for body state to cause, reflex a kind of symptom of facial ministry again thereby. Besides should pay close attention to exterior maintain, immanent recuperation also wants to take seriously. The woman that has feature of yellow face mother-in-law is inferior to trying bubble to nod red jujube tea drinkable, it is not only " natural vitamin bolus " beautiful praise, can prevent consenescence, still can improve inadequacy of deficiency of vital energy, anaemic decline is yellow. Ministry letting a face restores color.

Beautiful flesh method 4: Ore energy shows expression

Stone of royal seal of mineral, green jade, it is diamond even. These have the natural ore of magical charm, the power that uses nature wakes up the skin of sleep deeply. For instance, the microelement copper that contains a lot ofin malachite, can repair skin organization, antagonism is free base, restrain melanin precipitation, improve frosting appearance, for skin infuse expression and brightness.

2, what does oily skin eat

1, kelp

Kelp is a kind of basic provision, often edible kelp can add the human body absorption to calcium, compensatory iodic element not only, and can decrease adipose the stockpile inside body.

2, carrot

Carrot is a kind natural fight oxidation food by force, among them vitamin A can promote epithelial hyperplasia, adjustable skin sweat gland is secreted, reduce the formation of acne. Proposal everyday a cup of carrot juice adds bit of olive oil, clear perhaps fry carrot.

Still can use film of face of carrot make it: Carrot 500 grams and flour 5 grams, preferential bright carrot is abluent, mixer dolly, in the carrot of dolly and its juice, join flour to pound mud again, carrot mud apply at facial, tertian, 10 minutes can, this Facial mask can achieve the dispel whelk, effect that combats facial furrow.

3, dried mushrooms

Dried mushrooms is enraged benignantly be good at the effect such as lienal, alexipharmic moisten the respiratory tract, can increase the immune force of human body and platoon poison capacity.

4, gram

Gram has the effect of fire of clear heat, alexipharmic, dispel, can remove effectively in the food edible that eats blast of fat, decoct, hot sex a variety of toxin.

5, cucumber

Cucumber has apparent clear hot relieve internal heat or fever, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty effect, can beautiful white skin, preserve skin flexibility, restrain the formation of melanin.