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How should the female fight consenescence? What does the female fight consenescence to should eat?

Every woman is to fear anile, because love the nature that the United States is a woman, so female friends are afraid of consenescence. Female friend wants to fight consenescence to should be in the life add an attention more, especially dietary respect, should eat a few food that fight consenescence more; Still have even if want give up a few undesirable habits and customs. So how should the female fight consenescence? What does the female fight consenescence to should eat?

How should the female fight consenescence? What does the female fight consenescence to should eat? (1)

1, how should the female fight consenescence

1, compensatory female hormone.

It is very important to come female hormone is told to the woman, it is hold together woman the main factor of the 2nd feature. Female hormone can make feminine skin looks tender, exquisite. But the growth as the age, the exudation of estrogen is measured also decrease subsequently, the skin is lost before burnish and flexibility.

2, comprehensive beat back oxidizes.

Fighting oxidation is apparently in last few years the popular character of hairdressing bound. Why to need to fight oxidation? Because ultraviolet ray is after infiltration skin, the freedom with meeting harmful generation base, these freedom radical can destroy skin flexibility fiber, exciting melanin cell increases secrete, cause the skin thereby dry and flabby, quicken consenescence.

So need fights oxidation material to help the generation that reduces freedom radical through complement, commonner fight oxidation material to have red element of E of vitamin C, vitamin, carotene and eggplant.

3, the society alleviates pressure.

As the accumulation of time and life pressure, skin can lose former some bright with flexibility, an of color of skin is heavy, without light, these are ageing omen be about to appear alarm dispatch, if endless fast rehabilitate and improvement skin problem, lose youth with respect to preparation.

So you need often hubble-bubble hot bath, before the muscle that loosens take up effectively and nerve; dinner eat delicate food; to sleep more leg drive up, because stand for a long time,alleviate effectively or undesirable; is in the blood circulation that sitting position place causes as far as possible evening 11 when before go to bed falls asleep etc, let skin obtain sufficient slow with loosen, make skin by inside and outside send out glamorous sheen.

4, often absorb former cyanine element.

The freedom that former cyanine element is the powerful effect that discovers up to now base cleared implement, can protect skin to avoid the harm that suffers ultraviolet ray, precautionary collagen fiber and stretch fibrous degrade, make skin maintains due flexibility and pulling force, avoid skin prolapse and furrow generation, stimulative cutaneous is healthy, make skin young change.

In addition, former cyanine element still is known as in Europe " cosmetic of profess to convinced " , edible hind can promote new skin cell to arise ceaselessly, dead cell is able to keep clear of, flabby skin becomes bouncier, deferred the occurrence of furrow, decrease even can dispel splash, make the skin more ruddy luster.

Nature has a lot of kinds of different cyanine element, they originate different fruit is mixed and if vegetable is violet tendril of sweet potato, cowberry, acerbity fruit, La Mei, grape, black gallon, violet carrot and red wild cabbage, color from red arrive blue. Accordingly, female people wants to fight anile sentence, might as well often absorb these food.

5, the method that should correct a mistake to protect skin.

No matter be a youth,be being returned now is old people, have the habit that protects skin. But the method protecting skin of a few mistakes, the skin that can let you only often is gotten faster, because woman of these 50 years old wants to fight anile sentence, must correct the method protecting skin of the following mistake.

(The class status of 1) , science and technology that refuses anile product to contain is very much, yue Guiyue is accordingly good.

To famous brand vanity, computer and liquid crystal TV, yue Guiyue is below great majority circumstance good. But, in protect skin to taste on, this bit is not quite same. Par product protects skin costlily to taste with those sometimes euqally effective, more effective than latter even. Costly cosmetic costly reason, the likelihood is the cost that its are being packed and place of market investment field spends only bigger, but the content of science and technology of its backside can be not mixed certainly par product photograph is compared.

(2) , fight anile product to be in nightly can produce the result more.

A lot of fighting anile product is in nightly can produce the result better, but not be all. Any containing acid of vitamin A, fruit and fight anile product salicylicly to should be in as far as possible nightly use. Because sleeping when you,that is when, the blood that flows to skin surface estimates increase, skin PH value is reduced, cutaneous ego protects ability to drop, below such condition, these afore-mentioned fighting anile composition can get be absorptioned best. But, should achieve defy anile result goodly, besides in nightly use these products besides, days must cooperate SPF to prevent bask in frost and fight oxidation to maintain tasted help.

(3) , one layer upon layer toward the face besmear fights anile product, meet those who let you fight consenescence more effective.

A daub on another past face fights anile product, can bring safe sense to you -- you feel your skin got the most perfect caress. Actually, do not mean good more sometimes, your effort may be to waste, wasted time and money. Actually, use product is more, the possibility that creates skin allergy is larger, and probable a which you cannot judge allergen after all is your daub, because your measure is really too much. Use protect skin to taste must remember " evenly " 2 words, understand oneself skin type and the problem that need improvement above all, appeal to to choose on the base that seek in these later a few can achieve accuse the product that try is enough. For better help the woman fights consenescence, the note of above respecting, must remember well.

2, the female fights consenescence what to should eat

1, onion.

Onion but clear blood, reduce cholesterol, fight consenescence, and seafood can offer many protein, contain a lot ofzinc at the same time.

2, cucumber.

Rich vitamin E is contained in old cucumber, the cucumber in can having the prolong life, action; cucumber that fights consenescence is enzymatic, have very strong biology active, promote the metabolism of airframe effectively.

3, on the west orchid.

Orchid also is the frequenter on table on the west, orchid is contained a lot ofon the west fight oxide, vitamin C reachs carotene, opening the vegetable of crossed flower to already was confirmed by scientists is best fight consenescence and the food that fight cancer.

4, red jujube.

On the problem of consenescence of skin of female people antagonism, what must carry is red jujube. Gong Zaozhong contains substantial candy component and vitamin, having very powerful hairdressing effect, can help skin antagonism consenescence, female people often has red jujube, skin can become all the more Bai Li is fully red, exquisite bouncy.

5, pomegranate.

Delicate and charming the red pomegranate that is about to drip, had been confirmed to have very strong fight oxidation. It contains the part with a kind of acerbity flower calling tan, can make the cell avoids the harm of ray of the pollution in the environment, UV, alimentary cell, the consenescence of slow down human body. Research makes clear, tan beautiful acid compares the much phenol that contains in red wine and green tea in radiation-proof respect more " fierce " .

6, cherry.

Cherry is hairdressing fruit from of old. Cherry juice can help facial skin tender Bai Gongrun, go knitting clear spot, be many beautiful white products love most. Cherry contains a lot ofrich vitamin C not only, and contain iron to be abounded extremely, it is 13 times of hawkthorn, 20 times of the apple. Besides containing iron to measure Gao Zhi, it still contains a balance coriaceous secrete, the vitamin A that defers ageing, help skin of activation cell, beautification.

Woman of 50 years old should be to had entered the turn of life, this was about to often go with respect to the appearance of imply belle person, be about to had made the preparation that fights consenescence at that time, right now accordingly or else has become the word that fights anile preparation, so you get consenescence faster. Above introduced conduce 50 years old for everybody the method that the woman fights consenescence and fight anile food, everybody is not prevented look seriously.

3, the female fights consenescence to should notice

1. hair

Modern very much woman likes to iron catch a hair, and very hot catch not only big to hair harm, bring other health issue possibly still.

Research points out: If the female acquires hair number one year more than 12 times, the woman that the probability that then she has lymphatic tumor can send than never be being caught is tall 26% . American Yale investigates discovery to what 1300 females undertake, catch the woman that sends an agent more than 25 years with black, the risk of sicken is one times higher than someone else. In addition, catch send the osculatory sex dermatitis that bring about to be occupied in catching hair crowd 10% the left and right sides.

Sweet clew: Iron every year catch a hair to be fastened more than two times

Expert proposal, the female is ironed every year catch hair scarcely not to want twice more than. Catch skin test must be done before hair; Do not acquire hair agent with what place above of half an year; If want to pursue style, best choice is local carry catch; Scalp has cut, suffer from the chronic, female that be about to be pregnant or already was pregnant to should not be very hot catch hair.

2. breast

The breast is the place that having affinity with female consenescence, also be one of the female's weakest position. While the breast brings self-confidence and beauty to us, often be in danger in. Breast cancer is the first malignant tumor that endangers health of our country female and life, have research discovery, if the female has done induced abortion, the odds that contracts breast cancer increases greatly; The bra that if the female often adorns,bud silk or nylon material pledge, appear very easily secrete breast obstacle.

If you adorn for long,cross much bud silk or the word of the bra with nylon qualitative material also is very possible bring about a female to appear of the symptom of secrete breast obstacle.

Sweet clew: The woman wants a society the breast is checked oneself

Every female should learn her to check mammary gland, if bathe, too big, even clockwise does not want forcibly when breast, feeling is being felt with finger when sleeping ordinal undertake, it is mammary midsection finally, like discover nugget or have unusual place, rapidly go to a doctor.

3. ligament

Compare with man photograph, the woman pulls the articulatory ligament such as genu, ankle more easily, because female coxa ministry is wide,this is, make ligament bears active force is too large, because the ligament of this female is inherent flimsier than the man much. Next, athletic reaction of the female compares the man commonly slow, when occurrence danger, cannot alleviate in time, get hurt more easily also.

Sweet clew: Period around notices especially protect ligament

The expert points out, ligament reachs a week after menstruation ends in menstruation most flimsy, bad good protection sends female consenescence easily. Proposal female friend is done less in period kick the requirement such as shuttlecock to react fast, accuracy moves high, and dance, play a ball game wait for the exercise that needs to control move to move, avoid to promote a heavy thing as far as possible even.