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What does the female fight consenescence to need to eat? How does the female fight consenescence to should be done?

To female friends character dispute Chang Lingren is fear of consenescence, so friends of a lot of females to maintain oneself are spent really method. The food that there is a lot of in the life can fight consenescence, proposal female friends can eat the food that can fight consenescence more, so what does the female fight consenescence to need to eat? How does the female fight consenescence to should be done? Does the female fight consenescence to there is He Fang way?

What does the female fight consenescence to need to eat? How does the female fight consenescence to should be done? (1)

1, the female fights consenescence to need what to eat

(1) , orange: Orange is contained abounding is vitamin C, an orange satisfies the vitamin C amount that human body requires everyday almost.

(2) , pumpkin: A variety of amino acid that human body place contains to need in pumpkin, still have very high vitamin C content of course, very healthful.

(3) , wild jujube: Fruity of every 100 grams VC content 900 milligram, its peel red or amaranth, pulp is thinner, loose, flavour acid is sweet.

(4) , yangtao: Fruity of every 100 grams VC content 420 milligram, character is fresh and tender, nutrition is rich, gust is delicious, people is fond of the fruit that eat, hairdressing is raised colour the effect, the action of defer skin consenescence, get of each age person love.

(5) , tomato: One kind is contained in tomato juice natural pectic, the rubbish inside the cleared system with OK and effective edible, tomato contains rich vitamin C to wait, be known as " the storehouse of vitamin C " .

2, the female fights consenescence how to should be done

Washing a face is everybody rises early the business that before sleeping, should do, raise Yan Hufu the first pace also is to wash a face, washing a face so is very important thing. Little is added when washing a face " spice " , with respect to the step that can prevent to age. Among them small when making up proposal woman to fight consenescence, might as well join when washing a face daily the following these 3 kinds of things.

(1) , salt: Little salt is joined in the water that wash a face, grease of can cleared cutaneous, the action of purify cutin, convergent skin, conciliatory tide red skin, washed one week later, facial skin is met apparently fresh and tender rise, defer skin consenescence.

(Vinegar of 2) , rice: Rice vinegar is joined in the water that wash a face, can squelch skin bacteria is caused. And acetic itself contains change cutaneous acid-base value, layer of bate skin cutin, make pore expedite, reduce infection sex skin disease to happen. Use the moisture content that can add skin cell and nutrition for a long time, regain cutaneous burnish and flexibility.

(3) , green tea: Green tea is added to also can fight consenescence in the water that wash a face, return can exquisite skin besides, counteractive radiate. Because tea much phenol is contained inside tea, have the effect that combats oxidation, can prevent skin consenescence. Suit to use the female sex of computer for a long time especially, restrain skin pigment ad cool-headed, reduce the happening of allergic reaction.

3, it how the woman defies anile result is good how the woman defies anile result

(1) , facial expression does not want too rich: Chronic ground frown ponders over the grain between easy generation eyebrow, narrow one's eyes soon the thing produces at present microgroove easily, often yock of to one's heart's content produces piscine end grain easily, love carries orbit produces wrinkles on one's forehead easily, often sadness or twitch one's mouth produce decretal grain easily, often pouty, smoking produces labial ministry furrow easily, and the mark that furrow is consenescence, once appear furrow, be about to think method fights consenescence.

(2) , filling water is insufficient: Cutaneous is the outerest for corneous layer, it can pass moisture of the supply inside body, OK also from the imbibe outside body, make the skin maintains measurable moisture content. But, the water content in our skin is in 10%~20% is the most appropriate, if under 10% , the skin assumes dry position, appear coarse, flabby, time grew, with respect to meeting occurrence furrow, let you look more than actual Laoxu.

(3) , undesirable habits and customs: Long-term overly smoking, excessive drinking not only right healthy have harm, and still can quicken cutaneous ageing, produce furrow prematurely thereby, make the person appears aged and gaunt. Nicotine has contractive effect to skin blood-vessel, occurrence furrow of skin of the person that smoke so should compare the person that do not smoke to come 10 years ahead of schedule. And amount of the grease in drinking bender to reduce the skin, make skin dehydrate, it is normal to affect cutaneous secondhand function. Additional, if eat salt overmuch, ion of the natrium inside body increases, can bring about facial cell to dehydrate, cause skin ageing thereby, time grew to be able to make furrow grow in quantity, quicken the consenescence of human body.

Saw above introduce a woman to fight anile method for everybody, to how be being fought most propbably women are senile this problem has done not have doubt. Small make up remind, fight consenescence to need to hold to for a long time, want to keep young, must not quit.

4, the female fights consenescence to have He Fang way

1, moderately motion

Often undertake proper motion conduces to the supply that improves body oxygen and nutrient, can accelerate hormonal production. Generally speaking, those female menstruation that like sport are met more the rule, color of skin will be more healthy, appetite and desire are tall also. The proposal has oxygen to move to undertake alternately with the motion that do not have oxygen, maintain every time 30- - 45 minutes. Long or the motion that is high strenth is adverse instead to hormonal balance. The expert points out, it is follicular that menstrual end day influences time 10 days to in the future period, belong to every months to use up human body caloric " gold period " , gymnastical effect is right now optimal.

2, do not miss gold Morpheus time

Often stay up late or time of work and rest not regular person often is gotten not only particularly fast, health also can be damaged badly, because Morpheus is insufficient,can bring about metabolism maladjusted. The expert admonishs we, coming at 11 o'clock in the evening is person Morpheus between 3 o'clock when quality is top, also be human body grows at the same time the time that hormone releases in great quantities, if you can hold gold of this one Morpheus period, your hormonal meeting more obedient.

3, it is crucial evenly, not abusive cordial

Hormonal too small conference causes consenescence and disease inside body, nevertheless, also be not had jumped over higher, must not have blind faith in businessman advertisement, health care to taste the ballyhoo that go up, and use all sorts of cosmetic that contain hormone and edible health care to taste, they can break system probably inside all sorts of hormonal the balance between, cause mammary gland and ovarian disease thereby.