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How does middleaged female fight consenescence? What does middleaged female fight consenescence to notice?

Consenescence is the thing that female friends are willing to face least of all, because the woman hopes she is OK always nurture is green, forever not old, but the rule that consenescence is nature, can not change, what we can change is as far as possible defer consenescence, can eat a few food that can fight consenescence more at ordinary times. How does so middleaged female fight consenescence? What does middleaged female fight consenescence to notice?

How does middleaged female fight consenescence? What does middleaged female fight consenescence to notice? (1)

1, how does middleaged female fight consenescence

1, middleaged woman fights consenescence to should caress 4 place more

(1) , knee

High-heeled shoes wears 5 days, must rest two days, otherwise knee susceptive pressure is couldn't get alleviate; also does not want when stair up and down too fast, in order to reduce loss.

(2) , bosom

Perfect and strong bosom is the wife's lovely mark. Good times don't last long, after 30 years old, the bosom began to appear anile omen, begin prolapse slowly, return the disease such as hyperplasia of meeting occurrence mammary gland sometimes. Expert proposal, choose appropriate underwear, not beyond the mark " crowded " and " strap " ; should let bosom get be relaxationed thoroughly everyday, before sleeping, best gentleness is massaged.

(3) , ovarian

Medicine considers to make clear: Ovarian it is the only organ that the woman secretes female progestational hormone, the state of female progestational hormone will decide the rate of female consenescence. Had held to sexual life 1 times every week, can adjust hormone level. Can insist to absorb soybean products, with yellow ketone of compensatory soja different.

(Path of 4) , bowel

Alvine path is the body in most first anile organ. Alvine path is important assimilation absorbs a system, nutrition is absorbed from here, trash from here eduction. Alvine path is anile, peristalsis decelerates brought the biggest question is constipation. Many constellation jams in alvine path, can be treat as by bowel " nutrition " absorb afresh, the problem such as dark and gloomy of occurrence color of skin, long spot. Precaution is anile, want to protect good bowel way above all. Every week but food of edible tall fiber 2 arrive 3 times.

2, massage point is fought anile

Human body is the most crackajack artwork on this world, break up a dot to search by gold, have acupuncture point of 5 pieplant gold. Expert of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine points out, often massage gold acupuncture point to be able to fight consenescence. It is material information below:

(1) , emerge fontal acupuncture point -- calcaneal reachs the 0.618 point of toe is to emerge fontal acupuncture point, in arch.

(Acupuncture point of 2) , 100 meetings -- the top of head reachs the 0.618 point of afterbrain is 100 meetings acupuncture point, it is in the middle of the top of head heart.

(3) , close yuan of acupuncture point -- sole is to the 0.618 place of the top of head close yuan of acupuncture point, below navel 4 horizontal strokes point to place.

(4) , imprint hall acupuncture point -- calculate from chin case, be located in the head 0.618 place are imprint hall acupuncture point, the midpoint of the line is connected in two eyebrow

(The acupuncture point in 5) , the smell of mutton -- the intermediate part in human body, 0.618 place are trunk the acupuncture point in the smell of mutton, the line is connected in two tits among.

3, middleaged woman fights consenescence to eat these more food

(1) , on the west orchid

Orchid belongs to the mustard family on the west, it is the another mutation of wild cabbage. Orchid is contained a lot ofon the west fight oxide vitamin C and carotene. Science considers to prove, orchid is professional on the west fight consenescence and the food that fight cancer. Accordingly, the woman fights consenescence to often can eat it.

(2) , blue berry

New research has made clear, the fruit of gules, purple and blue, the grape that includes La Mei, blackberry and black will be 21 centuries fight anile food. These contain a lot ofcyanine element among food, its fight oxidation ability very strong also.

(3) , tomato

Tomato can enhance human body strength really, fight consenescence, fight oxidation, can achieve a woman to defy anile result especially, let women hold young position. This main factor depends on the part of tomato red plain inside tomato, it also is had fight oxidation ability.

(4) , carambola

Particularly much fruit acid is contained in carambola, its embedded fruit acid can restrain corneous cell cohesive force and melanin precipitation, effectively purify or desalt shading. And, fruit sick at heart can be further bate cutin layer, can promote cutaneous metabolism, quicken the skin to replace a process, make cell of rock-bottom new student more active, reduce furrow and microgroove effectively.

(5) , 3 article fish

Qualitative Gong Gong of 3 article cruelly oppress, flavour is super and delicious, satisfying requirement of our taste bud actually while, also fought consenescence to provide very good help for the woman. This among them secret depends on, the flesh of 3 article Yu Gonggong is qualitative in, contain a kind of mysterious part, fight the natural material with oxidation the strongest capability up to now namely -- rain gives birth to Gong Qiuzao elite, be called again shrimp green element.

(6) , wax gourd

Wax gourd is tasted for hairdressing beautiful since ancient times, a variety of vitamins and human body are contained in wax gourd indispensible microelement, can adjust the metabolization balance of human body, long feed wax gourd to be able to maintain skin whiteness to be like jade, wintry melon seeds can make face fat protect skin. Wax gourd and wintry melon seeds can treat a variety of facial skin disease, have fight anile action. Often edible, of OK and effective counteractive and earlier furrow generate, make skin tender and smooth.

(7) , Xianggu mushroom

Respecting Xianggu mushroom is had fight oxidation function, very may much person had not listened. Xianggu mushroom and glossy ganoderma are same, having the main reason that fights oxidation ability is the material that has a name to be polysaccharide, also the woman defies anile result. Of polysaccharide fight oxidisability very stable, no matter be high temperature,heat, still be aerobic environment, a bit won't affect the performance that fights oxidation ability. Fight consenescence in the light of the woman this problem, since glossy ganoderma eats not to rise, that numerous female people buys bit of Xianggu mushroom to eat more.

The woman arrived middleaged later, anile rate will be rapidder than the man, at this moment the preparation that the female wants to do good antagonism consenescence works, above introduced 3 methods that suit middleaged woman to fight consenescence for everybody, want to jump over young women alive more, must not miss oh.

2, the woman fights consenescence to want what to notice

1. deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it causes consenescence, enrich the blood it is a key

Deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it is one of causes that cause female consenescence, can behave normally for coating on the tongue thin and hoar, classics blood color is rare, color is light, feel easily at ordinary times tired, giddy, often move easy be discouraged.

Enrich the blood best method is to pass dietary recuperation, raise the food that a few filling gas enrich the blood at ordinary times, if chicken of red jujube, longan, black is waited a moment, in the meantime, can increase a few physical training, to middleaged female, athletic intensity shoulds not be too big, gem gal is method of good preserve one's health, can increase the strength of airframe, strengthen hematopoiesis function.

Do up one's hair of foot of the rub before 2. sleeps is preserve one's health key

Head and foot are the vitals of human body health care, to the female, foot of the bubble before sleeping and rub foot, give out heat to double arch, can raise gas heart's-blood, stimulative gas blood moves, yin and yang of stimulate the circulation of the blood and cause the muscles and joints to relax, balance; And head point is more, through combing, can rise to massage, stimulative effect, smooth liver, have one's ideas straightened out is defended god, acetanilide bright eye, when do up one's hair must complete comb, every place at least combs 50 times, ability can have those who raise hematic heart's-blood to use, ability rises to defy anile result.

3. raises a heart is a key very

Middleaged female, often be lived trivial issue gives a worry, add " on have old, have below small " situation, the mood can be affected more, little imagine, the mood is bad to can make his anile faster, can make skin cell lacks nutrition, face to go up sere without China, appear even furrow. The woman has only by inside begin to adjust, assure a smooth heart, ability has ageless appearance, must learn to release a mood, a journey, confabulate can loosen the mood.