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What bad habit makes a woman anile? What does the woman fight consenescence to need to eat?

The bad habit that there is a lot of in the life meets aggravate female friend anile, stay up late for instance, food not the rule is waited a moment, so female friends want to defer skin consenescence to be about give up the bad habit on a few lives. Still can eat a few food that can defer consenescence more, such ability protect his skin. So what bad habit makes a woman anile? What does the woman fight consenescence to need to eat?

What bad habit makes a woman anile? What does the woman fight consenescence to need to eat? (1)

1, what bad habit makes a person anile

1, before sleeping, get angry:

The life before sleeping is huffish, can make person heartbeat is accelerated, breath is hurried, feeling myriad, as a result falls asleep hard.

2, the play knife and fork before sleeping:

Before sleeping, eat too fully, gastric bowel should intensify digesting, the stomach meets replete alimental stimulate cerebrum ceaselessly. Cerebrum has excited place, the person cannot fall asleep peacefully, place of traditional Chinese medical science of no less than says " the stomach is on bad terms, lie disturbed " .

3, pillow begins to sleep:

Below head of pillow of the two tactics when sleeping, except the influence blood circulates, outside causing ache of upper limbs coma, make force of celiac internal pressure easily still elevatory, as time passes still can arise " return esophagus drifting a gender phlogistic " .

4, the pillow is exorbitant:

Tell from physiology angle, pillow with 8 ~ 12 centimeters advisable. The pillow is too low, cause easily " stiff neck " , or the blood because of flowing into brains is overmuch, cause morrow head hair to go up, pillow of eyelid dropsy; is exorbitant, meeting influence respiratory tract is expedite, snore easily, and long-term tall pillow, easy bring about cervical and unwell or bow-backed.

5, half-cocked fall asleep:

As the change of lifestyle, the night life of young nowadays woman is relatively rich, especially the dinner party of female of a few professions is more, regular meeting is being accompanied half-cocked fall asleep. Consider to make clear according to medicine, before sleeping, drink after falling asleep easy appear asphyxial, control 2 times every night commonly, choke about 10 minutes every time. Long and such, the person contracts the disease such as heart disease and hypertension easily.

6, belt makeup sleeps:

A few females, especially before young female sleeps not discharge makeup. The cosmetic that remains on the skin jams pore, cause sweat gland to secrete an obstacle, cause acne easily not only, and time grew to still can injure the skin, make its consenescence speed is accelerated.

7, take bust bodice to fall asleep:

Bust bodice has protective effect to the breast, but wear bust bodice to fall asleep to be able to be enrolled to the disease. Cause mammary gland tumor especially. Consider to discover according to concerning an expert, the person that the schoolgirl that wears bust bodice more than 17 hours everyday suffers from the danger of mammary gland tumour to wear bust bodice or do not wear bust bodice than short time is 20 times taller above. Because the breast is long,this is press press, lymphatic circumfluence suffocate suffocate, ill other people stops mammary result.

8, before sleeping, drink tea:

The material such as theine is contained in tea, these material can stimulate central nervous, make a person excited. Tea is drunk before sleeping, especially strong tea, can make a person not easy fall asleep more.

9, before sleeping violent campaign:

Acuteness activity, can make cerebrum nerve cell presents exalted position, this kind of excitement is in short time won't calm, the person cannot fall asleep very quickly. So, body calm should maintain as far as possible before sleeping.

10, unconscious head sleeps:

Because the weather is cold, a lot of people fear head catch a cold, like to cheating a head to sleep with the quilt, little imagine covers a head and sleep, with be being cheated the face sleeps easy it is difficult to cause breath, lift as chroma of the carbon dioxide in quilt, aerobic chroma drops ceaselessly, long engulf wet moist air, great to cerebrum harm. Time grew, can bring about anoxic, cause sleep bad to become aware, become nightmare easily. After waking, can feel dizziness, lack of power, spirit is dispirited.

11, dehisce breathes:

Shutting buccal night to lie is to maintain the best method of vigour, and dehisce breathes not only meeting engulf dirt, and make tracheal, lung reachs costal region ministry extremely easily get the stimulation of cold air.

12, show a shoulder and sleep:

Some people sleep the habit shows the shoulder outside the quilt, weather of little imagine winter is cold, chill inbreaks extremely easily human body shoulder is articulatory, bring about sluggish of Yu of blood of solar term of bone of local main and collateral channels, not easy and current, cause rheumatism, arthritis, articulatory acid bilges aching. Suffer chill to invade cause a cold easily also, snorty, cause breath not free, dizziness has a headache.

13, do not close electric heat blanket to sleep:

Opening electric heat blanket all night, not only after making the person awakes, feel the mouth does glossal dry, return easy head cold. The person is by the ideal temperature in the nest when fall asleep 33, 35 ℃ , relative humidity is 55% , 60% , plant in this " microenvironment " below, a large number of blood-vessel are in cutaneous contractive condition, blood stream is decelerated, make airframe gets sufficient rest is mixed adjust.

If electric heat blanket heats,time grows too, be lasted by the temperature inside the nest exorbitant, skin blood-vessel is met outspread, blood is accelerated circularly, breath becomes deep to become fast, resist the ability of the bacteria drops, easy cause a cold. So, using a method correctly of electric heat blanket is, electrify source is received in before sleeping 10 minutes, power source should be shut after bedding warm-up, should enter only by do not feel when the nest suddenly cool OK.

14, sleep to wind:

Ability suits to reduce to what the environment changes when human body Morpheus, sleep to wind, easy catch cold catch cold falls ill. So, the place that sleep should keep away from blast tuyere, the bed should maintain certain distance from window, door.

15, sitting to sleep:

Many person jobs are nervous, the feeling after returning the home is very tired, satiate meal sits toward sofa, begin catnap. And sitting to sleep can decelerate a heartbeat, make blood-vessel outspread, aggravating head is anoxic, bring about the occurrence of phenomenon of giddy, tinnitus.

16, sleep relative to:

Some family are like husband and wife, mother child etc, often sleep relative to. This meeting brings about the waste gas that the gas with inspiratory one party is expiration of the other side mostly, cerebrum lacks fresh oxygen or be aerobic in short supply, create insomnia, much dream easily also, the dizziness after waking is lack of power, spirit is dispirited. As a result of everybody sleep characteristics is different, pull a quilt, pedal leg, snore etc, easy cause a quilt to slide, cold catch a cold, influence Morpheus.

17, take decorations to fall asleep:

A few females did not pick the habit of discharge decorations when sleep, this is very dangerous. One of, a few decorations are a metal, wear away for a long time to the skin, imperceptible in can cause absorb down to save up chronically toxic (if aluminium is toxic,wait) ; secondly, a few have the decorations of luminous action to be able to produce radium radiation, although the quantity is faint but accumulate for long can bring about undesirable and sequential; thirdly, take decorations to sleep the loop of airframe of meeting block up, adverse metabolism, this also is the local skin that belt act the role ofing tastes the reason of easy ageing.

18, store Morpheus:

Human body cannot store Morpheus, to stay up late and sleep more first a few hours, it is to do not have to human body how old of the help. Actually, human body needs the sleep of certain quality only, sleep more not only sleep to be not worn, also be profitless to health.

19, Morpheus is insufficient:

Cerebrum removes fatigue main way is Morpheus. Long-term Morpheus inadequacy or quality are too poor, can accelerate the decline of cerebral cell only, clever person also can become muddleheaded rise.

20, overdraw Morpheus:

Some females like to stay up late, even ground of all night until dawn plays. Although the following day they fill again become aware, but the undesirable consequence that causes mussily as a result of biological clock cannot avoid, mondayish by day, energy is centered hard, in the evening insomnia, cannot fall asleep.

2, the woman fights consenescence what to should eat

1, deep-sea fish

Eat deep-sea fish 3 times to be able to help the skin effectively keep young every week and moist, and 3 article fish is all and deep-sea the fish that effect has most to hairdressing in the fish. A kind of powerful effect is contained to refuse oxidation class status in 3 article fish, shrimp green element, the orange red of 3 article fish originates namely this. Of shrimp green element the 550 ~ that fighting oxidation ability is common vitamin E 1000 times, can effective beat back is free base, defer skin consenescence, still can protect the skin to avoid the harm that suffers ultraviolet ray at the same time. Expert proposal, on the Chinese's table should some more deep-sea fish, best a week 3, especially 3 article fish, it to each ages paragraph the health of the crowd has profit.

2, honey

15 kinds fight anile food to let 40 years old the wife runs 20 years old

To the woman, breakfast chooses biscuit to add honey, it is well-advised undoubtedly. Nevertheless, you had better be to use saturate honey, as far as possible need not of light color. According to discovery of a research, brunet honey is the bodyguard with human body best cell, because it is contained,fight oxidation richly and the material that can protect a cell, this kind of material has profit greatly to purifying blood, return the disease that can prevent system of heart head blood-vessel. Honey is optimal protects skin to taste. It can furnish skin nutrient lets the skin have flexibility, can be exterminated or restrain adherent the bacterium in skin surface, still can eliminate cutaneous pigment ad cool-headed, second birth of stimulative epithelial tissue.

3, carrot

Carrot is known as " skin food " , can moist skin. Carrot contains a lot ofvitamin A and carotene. Vitamin A can make the hair maintains burnish, the skin is exquisite. Carotene can keep clear of the freedom of the consenescence that send a person base. Additional, the B that carrot place contains a group of things with common features the fascia nutriment such as vitamin and vitamin C also has embellish skin, fight anile action. Naphtha creates the balmy flavor of carrot. Can promotional digest, have antiseptic effect.

4, cucumber

Its flavour is delicious, fragile tender faint scent, suffer the praise highly of thin body personage fully. Rich vitamin E is contained in old cucumber, can have the prolong life, effect that combats consenescence; The cucumber in cucumber is enzymatic, have very strong biology active, promote the metabolism of airframe effectively. After you had tried one night insomnia, spirit is bad, pouch however the greeting of brazenly you. At that time, cucumber is sent went up use, inside it natural the pouch that fights oxidation composition to be able to let you is darling and obedient. Lay down come, the cucumber that will cut piece stick on the eye, of static heart wait for its magical charm the part that ~ remains also fastens waste, bubble cup water, give you the feeling like hot spring.