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How does the female maintain labial ministry? How is purify lip ministry corneous?

The lip is weather-shack desquamate is the problem that friend of a lot of females can encounter, be in especially in the winter, so female friend should notice to maintain in the winter oneself labial ministry, the labial ministry that does not let oneself is weather-shack, desquamate. There is a lot of to be able to maintain in living actually labial method, dietotherapy is the commonnest. So how does the female maintain labial ministry? How is purify lip ministry corneous?

How does the female maintain labial ministry? How is purify lip ministry corneous? (1)

1, how does the female maintain labial ministry

1, embellish lipstick

Should besmear all the year round embellish lipstick, this is the basiccest maintain method, choose SPF to be worth as far as possible of 8 protect a lipstick, this coefficient suits a lip quite. Coefficient is too tall, the meeting is fat.

2, should not lick a lip

This is a bad habit, so if doing, can cause labial ministry moisture to accelerate prediction of a person's luck in a given year, cause desquamate weather-shack. The earthy method that if the lip is red,can try folk, wipe the mouth with balm, super and effective. Before sleeping in the evening everyday, wipe buy on the lip can improve the following day. It is OK to insist to wipe restore ruddy health.

3, improve a lip grain

Should reduce smoking to drink above all, eat exciting food less, do labial ministry to massage next.

Also still be another bit very main of course, love gives labial ministry to go up makeup the female also should remember labial ministry discharge certainly makeup, and should choose gentler discharge makeup product, otherwise labial ministry also is the dark sunken luster that can change.

2, how purify lip ministry is corneous

1, go up in the lip with tepid towel apply first, towel gets off after 20 seconds.

2, with olive oil (honey is OK also) with Bai Sha candy mixes, wipe after agitate in labial ministry, massage in order to make the way of the circle gently.

3, massage after ending static wait for 5-10 minute, wash subsequently, wipe again on embellish lipstick, labial ministry with respect to monkey beautiful.

3, maintain what does labial ministry eat

1, greengrocery

Be like spinach, mustard, three-colored amaranth, shepherd's purse, day lily (bright day lily should classics evaporate or after the processing that boil again edible, prevent meadow saffron alkaline toxic) , wild rice stem, turnip, aubergine, bamboo shoot, tomato, wax gourd, cucumber, towel gourd, balsam pear, dawdle, tremella, gram, soja and its goods.

2, aquatic product

Be like flesh of laver, kelp, jellyfish, clam, chelonian, river snail, crab, loach, carp, eel, snakeheaded fish, oyster.

3, birds fleshy egg kind

Meat of lung of egg of flesh of chicken of the bone that be like black, pork, duck, duck's egg, goose, goose, pig, rabbit, horseflesh and grandma kind.

4, commissariat reachs hard fruit

Be like sesame seed, pine nut, black soya bean, millet, wheaten, barley.

5, water fruit reachs other

Wait like lotus root of fruit of mulberry, sugar cane, banana, watermelon, muskmelon, loquat, mango, pear, arhat, persimmon, pineapple, coco, water chest nut, lotus, unripe water chestnut, lotus seed, lily, Job's tears benevolence, medlar, tea, chrysanthemum, honey, rock candy, salt.