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Is the pore on the face bulky black head does? How is there black head to do on woman face?

To female friend, what hope most is he can have Bai Xi's smooth skin, but, because,are a lot of people in the life long-term pressure, bring about skin to become more and more serious, especially pore black head is very much, do then you know the pore on the face is bulky it black head should run ability is good to have black head should run ability? What idea is there can purify black head? We look together.

Is the pore on the face bulky black head does? How is there black head to do on woman face? (1)

1, how does Kong Hei head do hairiness

1, in dietary respect, had better not eat acrimony and fat the food that reachs heavy taste, the proposal eats a fruit more, drink chrysanthemum scented tea, jasmine scented tea more.

2, wash a face cannot excessive, proposal MM people the clean face product with choose to protect wet sex good. Additional, in clean face ministry when, use Wen Shui can. Do not use very hot water, can let pore greaten otherwise stretch.

3, after washing a face, want to use the bright skin water that has convergent effect in time. Of course, also can use pure dew to replace.

4, do every week chamfer pledges and go of black head nurse. Black head is serious, can use acne needle to blow except. After finishing, if be on the face,spray continuously pure dew, OK and effective contractive pore.

5, do a Sleeping Beauty, skin club marvellous Da. MM people should notice everyday Morpheus time, the skin that lets oneself sleeps full become aware.

2, precaution grows black head

1, dietary health, law work and rest

MM people want to prevent pore thick have black head, had better eat vegetable of fresh melon and fruit more, hold regular work and rest. After the body discharges poison, normal metabolization effectively, pore also can metabolize normally. Such grease won't pile up jam pore, black head, pore is thick wait for skin problem also not answer exist.

2, on time cleanness is facial

Morning and evening should use the grandma that wash a face clean and facial! MM people best choice contains the part such as salicylic acid, the clean face product of grease of can effective clean skin (sensitive flesh careful with) . Additional, after washing a face, remember filling in time water oh.

3, little make up

Because want to cover the thick pore on the face and black head, go up toward the face desperately face powder? STOP! If making up for a long time, the skin can cannot get breath, of horse of god of aperture of black head, shag more took advantage.

The pore on the face is thick still have black head, how can this do, to the female, beautiful appearance is proud capital, so, without giving thought to when, protect skin, maintain the thing that skin is no time to delay, good, follow below small make up understand together! !