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The black head on female nose how purify? How the black head on take out nose?

Every female friend hopes to fair-skinned in vain glossily on his face, but, the skin that there are a lot of people in the life appears a lot of problems, black head is a kind of very common skin problem, then you know to female friend, how Where is the black head on purify nose? Reckon a lot of people want to know exceedingly, below, provide body introduction to everybody.

The black head on female nose how purify? How the black head on take out nose? (1)

1, the method of purify black head

1, cucumber egg goes black first

Use cucumber and egg are OK and effective take out black head. Prepare half cucumber, cut cucumber small chip, the egg does not want yoke, take out egg Qing Dynasty alone, the cucumber of slice dips in on the egg is clear, wait for cucumber piece the apply after dry spot is on the face after clean face, await 15~20 get off after minute. Attention, cucumber piece want small talent to let alimentation, the egg also should be carried as far as possible fresh. Hold to period of time, black to take out head is very helpful.

2, nose of cold towel apply goes black first

Put clean small towel in freezer, after refrigerating half hours, after washing a face with hot water, get on glacial towel apply in the face instantly, wait for towel get off after microtherm no longer. Use cold hot trade so, make skin blood circulates, conduce to black head be being kept clear of. Often can use nose of cold towel apply, will clear the rubbish in nose pore, make gradually black head disappears.

3, lemon juice washs a face to go black first

The person is washing oily cutaneous when the face, a few lemon juice are entered in the drop in clear water, notice lemon juice cannot besmear directly on the face, because the acidity of lemon juice causes the skin too by force,can cause the skin otherwise allergic, red. Can go so black head, convergent pore, can reduce acne and blain again cause, the beautiful eyebrow that suits oily skin to pledge quite people go black head is used.

4, potato milk goes black first

It is OK that potato and milk collocation are together problem of black head of purify of special and effective ground, potato abluent flay is put into juicer, in Facial mask bowl falling after finishing, add milk next, an agitate is become mushy. After facial ministry skin is cleaned clean, besmear Facial mask equably at facial skin, maintain 15-20 minute reoccupy clear water skins facial ministry abluent can. This method suits any skins, but effective purify black head, and have admirable filling water and beautiful white effect.

5, film of banana mud face goes black first

Prepare a squashy banana, put into soya-bean milk machine to extract juice, after clean face, besmear banana mud equably at facial skin, maintain 15~20 after minute, reoccupy clear water skins facial ministry abluent can. This goes black head method applies to any skin, can go not only black head, OK still beautiful white skin.

6, the salt that feed vinegar goes black first

The bilge of purify nose and rubbish, beautiful eyebrow people OK and self-restrained grind arenaceous cream Facial mask, the salt that feed vinegar is first-rate pure natural grind arenaceous cream, black to purify head is very helpful. Will thick salt, white vinegar is put into boiled water, agitate dissolves entirely to thick salt. The autograph that use cotton dips in saline vinegar water brushs black head place, wash become cool to water, everyday. Those who need an attention is, feed vinegar and salt to need to come with boiled water attenuant, feed acetic acidity in order to eliminate, lest stimulate the skin, had better be the hot water of the scram that just burned. Use this kind of means to go black head, beautiful eyebrow people should notice to had better be done less every time a bit, do not do too much, use namely do namely, the black head on nose of can effective dispel and dead skin, make skin moist rises glossily.

2, natural beautiful flour film

1, banana accuses oily beautiful flour film

Banana is the life in again common a kind of fruit that does not pass, it is contained a lot ofvitamin and mineral, poison of aperient, platoon raises embellish bowel colour effect is very distinct, banana is to make more natural one of common raw material of film of the face that protect skin. What kind of skin suits film of apply banana face character? Banana can help skin restrain grease to secrete, can carry bright color of skin at the same time, drive away dark heavy, accordingly, color of skin is dark yellow oily skin suits film of apply banana face quite.

banana flay, dolly becomes mud, dip in with finger take mashed vegetable or fruit of right amount banana, daub is on clean skin, after 20 minutes, reoccupy a few milk daub is on the face, after 5 minutes, rinse clean with clear water can. Make banana Facial mask twice every week, can be cutin of oily skin purify effectively, make skin whiter and whiter fair-skinned at the same time tender slippery.

2, yoghurt accuses oily beautiful flour film

Oily skin is secreted because of grease overmuch, grow blain very easily so, and yoghurt is having alleviate the blain blain, result that dominates oil, the additionally one big distinct effect protecting skin of yoghurt is beautiful white skin, accordingly, beautiful eyebrow people can use yoghurt to accuse blain of oily, dispel, beauty white.

Prepare right amount fresh yoghurt, clean the skin clean, finger shows the abdomen dips in take a few yoghurt, on the face gentleness is wiped, can relapse daub, after 15 minutes, wash clean with Wen Shuiqing can. Every week film of two yoghurt face, accuse oily beautiful Bai Fei to often have the effect to oily skin.

3, red wine accuses oily beautiful flour film

Your skin accuses oil and beauty is the biggest in vain nursed at 2 o'clock appeal to beg, can choose red wine to help you. The extremely strong material that protect skin is contained among red wine, OK and effective moist skin, carry bright color of skin, restrain grease to secrete at the same time, film of face of constant apply red wine, not only cutaneous metabolism can be accelerated, melanin also can have apparent desalt, and do not have love to give oil so.

Prepare a few the red wine of one cannikin, honey, mix red wine and honey, after mix is even, immerse Facial mask paper amid, after soaking, the skin surface that apply is in clean, gentle massage, after 15 minutes, reoccupy warm water is cleaned clean. Honey of red wine collocation, can make of Facial mask moist degree strengthen. Those who need an attention is, this film is not quite applicable for the MM of allergy of easy to the skin alcohol.

4, milk accuses oily beautiful flour film

Milk is having the distinct effect protecting skin of beautiful Bai Danban, so, does milk powder film suit oily skin? Actually, want film of powder of reasonable use milk only, can remove beautiful Bai Danban likewise, dominate the result with relaxed oil. Need general milk and a few sodium bicarbonate mixes, accuse oil and beauty white effect will be double oh.

The fresh milk with right amount preparation and a few sodium bicarbonate, mix milk and saleratus adequately, mix is even, tone becomes slimy state, the skin surface that apply is in clean, gentleness is massaged, after 15 minutes, reoccupy warm water is cleaned clean. Milk matched sodium bicarbonate, grease can be restrained effectively to secrete on the foundation of beautiful white skin, do every week two to 3 sufficient.