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What does the female prevent the method that bask in to have? Is the female prevented it with what method is good to bask in?

Prevent basking in is the business that we should do everyday, no matter be in what season, need to had done those who defend the work that bask in, actually ultraviolet ray exists all the time, it is to say to be in only not just the summer when just can have, actually the female prevents the method that bask in to have a lot of, do then you know the female is prevented what to bask in specific means to have? We look together.

What does the female prevent the method that bask in to have? Is the female prevented it with what method is good to bask in? (1)

1, the female defends the method that bask in

One, prevent bask in should absorption and careful

Everybody connects regular meeting to think, the summer is prevented basking in is the mainest, the age winter that go, can prevent bit lesser bask in, not necessary too too serious. Actually, want to have the skin of healthy Bai Xi, prevent bask in be like meal of the daily life of a family, want to have every day, and must absorption and careful. We are prevented basking in is not to gas defence the sun's rays of intense, prevent invisible ultraviolet ray however. Ultraviolet ray differs according to wavelengh cent is UVA and UVB two kinds, UVA is long wave ultraviolet ray, in spring the strongest, the biggest to cutaneous influence, if this moment is not careful had done prevent bask in the job, skin hard to avoid can suffer ultraviolet enroach on. Additional, day of overcast and rainy and cold winter also are easy by everybody's unwary period of time, this moment, although the quantity of UVB decreased, but UVA is returned very " rampant " . UVA has stronger penetration, calculate the keep out that has cloud layer and glass, highest when still can reach fine day the quantity of 95% . So, even if is day of overcast and rainy and winter also cannot lazy oversight is prevented bask in. If be,go in the winter ski, should notice facial ministry more defend.

2, prevent bask in return need astute

In our life besides had done to skin nurse daily, prevent bask in want not only careful, even astute. Of summertime UVB " power " the biggest, although it is shortwave ultraviolet ray, but it injures cutaneous surface layer the most easily, if be not done good seriously,prevent bask in, not astute control time paragraph a travel, suntan be being basked in is incidental thing. Want to have the skin of a healthy Bai Xi so, prevent bask in no matter seasonal, weather, want to undertake outdoors activity wants to undertake preventing basking in by day only.

How can have you just done in the summer so prevent astutely carefully again bask in? The expert tells us, summer is prevented basking in is to have cultured, must notice the following skill:

3, not Tu Tai little

Use prevent bask in article do not carry on economical traditional goodness, brush sufficient capacity (facial ministry dosage is a size of 1 yuan of coin at least) prevent the ability that bask in frost to achieve prevent the effect that bask in.

4, besmear ahead of schedule, repeat besmear

Before going out 15 to 20 minutes smear is prevented bask in article. If your prevent bask in article not waterproof and you are easy perspire, best can 2-3 hour fills brush.

5, compensatory vitamin C

Everybody knows, vitamin C can restrain the growth of melanin, beautiful white effect is very apparent. So, want the United States is white, the complement of vitamin C is very important. Besides C of vitamin of profess to convinced piece, still answer to be absorbed more in food, the fruit vegetables that contains vitamin C has a lot of, wait etc like tomato, citric, cucumber, carrot, yangtao, apple, orange, the healthy beautiful white position that takes these fruit vegetables to maintain skin more.

6, it is good to do the rehabilitate after basking in

The skin is basked in instantly daub aloe glue

After the skin is basked in, if at hand of younger sister paper has aloe glue, the skin bedding face that can hurt to basking in instantly accumulates daub. The skin that aloe glue can be basked in undisturbedly quickly, avoid the skin to be basked in desquamate, aching, extensive is red the happening that waits for a circumstance.

Filling water spray is used instantly when the skin is basked in drop in temperature

After the skin is basked in, can use filling water sparge to drop in temperature instantly. After the skin is basked in, the water in the skin distributes meeting quickness prediction of a person's luck in a given year, while filling water sparge can make skin surface drops in temperature quickly quickly, still can give the skin compensatory moisture.

The skin is basked in the injury needs to maintain skin low temperature

After the skin is basked in, can reach shady and cool place instantly. Because of shady and cool air, can alleviate the state that the skin basks in. After in summer the skin is basked in, can arrive inside air conditioning room, after waiting for the skin to drop in temperature completely, again filling water of clean face and daub protects skin to taste.

2, the food that the United States protects skin in vain

, apple

Malic nutrition is rich, it is the natural hairdressing fruit with a kind of wide application. A large number of water that contain in the apple are divided and all sorts of protecting wet factor has to the skin defend wet action, what vitaminic C can restrain the melanin in the skin is ad cool-headed, often edible apple but desalt is facial stain and Chloasma. Additional, the rich fruit acerbity part that contains in the apple can make pore unobstructed, have the effect of dispel blain hairdressing.

2, sanded thorn

Vitamin C is accepted beautiful white agent, and in fruit juice of every 100 thorn that overcome sand, the content of vitamin C is as high as 825 ~ unexpectedly 1100 milligram, so, sha Ji has the good name of the king of vitamin C more if really. Additional, a variety of vitamins, fatty acid, microelement still is contained in Sha Ji, inferior all sorts of yellow ketone of oily element, Sha Ji, amino acid that exceed the active material such as oxide and human body place to need, can calls the highest grade that is beautiful white skin the fruit.

3, cherry

Cherry also contains rich vitaminic C, can moist tender white skin, the formation of effective counteractive melanin, and cherry still contains a kind of fruit with iron and more carotene, these two kinds of elements can add skin flexibility. Additional, the fruit acid that contains in cherry still can promote the formation of corneous layer.

4, yangtao

Yangtao contains rich vitaminic C and vitaminic E, not only can beautiful white skin, return what can promote skin to fight oxidation ability, be in effective and whitened the skin, eliminate stain and dark sore while enhance cutaneous to fight anile ability. In addition yangtao still contains many solubility fine peace keeping mineral, have profit very much to skin health.

5, lemon

The vitaminic C that lemon abounds because of containing, organic acid, mineral the hairdressing beautiful that the nurture that waits for a variety of beautiful white skin pledges and can weighs the fruit is medium is tasted. But, citric acid flavour is too heavy, immediate entry has some of difficult the following pharynx, had better squeeze its fruit juice piece, join course directly, or make drink of Cheng Ning Meng, will be right choice.

6, strawberry

Main beautiful Bai Cheng divides: Vitaminic A

Strawberry belongs to berry, the quantity that contain sugar is as high as 6%-10% , contain a variety of fruit acerbity, vitaminic reach mineral etc, can enhance skin flexibility, have whitened and moist protect wet effect.

Additional, strawberry agrees with quite oily skin, have go the action of skin of oily, clean, strawberry crowded juice can taste apply face as hairdressing. Present a lot of cleanness and nutrient face also added the part of strawberry in film, agree with any skin are qualitative. Often use strawberry hairdressing, can make the skin pure and fresh, flowing, avoid pigment ad cool-headed.

Rich vitaminic A and Potassium still are contained to pledge in strawberry, very advantageous to the health of the hair. Juice of a cup of strawberry still can make the drink before falling asleep nerve is flabby, pretty good to treating insomnious effect.