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It how the woman protects hand effect is good how the woman protects hand effect? How to nurse the skin of own both hands?

Both hands is a when the woman shows beauty very significant position, the skin of both hands matters to feminine glamour, if a pair of coarse hands are of young girl, so this will naturally let a person feel some are open-eyed, if the woman is 30 years old, but a pair of hands fair-skinned in vain, tender slip, so more absorbing, so, it how the woman protects hand effect is good how the woman protects hand effect? Will look.

It how the woman protects hand effect is good how the woman protects hand effect? How to nurse the skin of own both hands? (1)

1, the method that protects a hand

Protect a hand first: Bate cutin

We often say facial ministry chamfer is qualitative, actually both hands also is to need chamfer to pledge, old old corneous ability lets purify both hands skin is more tender and slender, but the autumn, both hands skin has been compared dry, it is not quite good to use the chamfer simple product that grinds arenaceous grain at this moment, accordingly, small write a proposal you pledge with olive oil chamfer.

Practice: In olive oil of the drop in Wenshui, the both hands immerge that finish, maintain 15 minutes, ameliorable skin is dry and coarse phenomenon, make corneous bate; Both hands the back of hand is mutual knead, come to feel when to giving out heat, be cleaned with warm water apparently, after wiping, immerse 5 minutes in tepid brine, subsequently, reoccupy washs his hands fluid is abluent.

Protect a hand second: Wash his hands with warm water

Washing one's hands is the thing that does surely everyday, if conditional word, choose to wash his hands with Wen Shui as far as possible, can clean hand ministry clean not only so, still can indirect moist our both hands. Accordingly, the choice washs his hands with Wen Shui is one of methods protecting a hand with first-rate autumn.

Protect a hand the 3rd: Need not soap washs his hands

A lot of people like to wash his hands with soap, feel to be washed neatlier so, but skin of our hand ministry belongs to weak acidity, soap is to belong to for the most part alkalescent, and of some soap alkalescent exceedingly strong still. If use black of this seed manure to come,wash his hands so, can make hand ministry skin more dry, coarse. So, proposal MM people had better choose a bit gentler wash one's hands juice will wash one's hands.

Protect a hand the four fundamental operations of arithmetic: Begin to use protect hand frost

A lot of MM are used to a frost that protect a hand to hide in summer at the same time, essential and trashy arrive. But the autumn arrived, MM ought to the frost protecting a hand that proper daub suits him. And the frost that protect a hand should be carried, after feel skin is dry or washing his hands should smear, can prevent skin desiccate dry effectively so.

Protect a hand the 5th: Proper massage

The autumn arrives, skin metabolism begins slow, maintain hand ministry should be united in wedlock to massage when both hands or practice hand ministry hairdressing conciously holding, in order to quicken haemal flow and metabolism, skin of stimulative hand ministry divides to battalion nurturance absorb.

Protect a hand the 6th: Milk moist both hands

MM people when drinking milk everyday, do not drink milk at a heat, might as well remain came to nutrition of complement of hand ministry skin. the milk that drinks remnant besmear arrives on both hands, clean both hands is washed with Wen Shui after about 15 minutes, caress both hands with milk, make hand ministry skin whiten not only, return can moist both hands, prevent dry of both hands desiccate.

Protect a hand the 7th: Face the bleb that clean out rice is used before sleeping hand

Cook by day when washing rice, do not pour the water that clean out rice first, is that leaving it to work? Can use moist both hands. Face in the evening both hands immerses 10 minutes or so with the water that clean out rice before sleeping, reoccupy lukewarm bath is clean. Wipe, hand frost is protected to be able to make hand ministry skin moister fair-skinned in vain on besmear.

2, use correctly protect skin to taste

Use protect skin appropriately to taste the nutrient component that can add skin place to need, stimulative skin is strong and handsome, defer skin consenescence; But if use undeserved can be just the opposite to what one wished, because this answers to choose to protect the form of a drug that skin tastes and part according to cutaneous type, note the characteristic that its absorb via the skin. Drying skin should choose emulsion (oily bag water) , the form of a drug such as ointment, contain nutrition, protect wet, fight knit, fight consenescence or prevent bask in composition; Oily skin can choose pink model, the form of a drug such as solution and gel, contain dispel fat, cool and refreshing part; Neuter skin summer chooses to be the same as oily, winter chooses to be the same as drying; Mixture sex skin should undertake choosing respectively according to the skin type of different position; The beard when sensitivity skin uses cosmetic is careful, do not change casually cosmetic is phyletic, if need to change,use, can make spot stick an experiment with a few sample first, electronegative person just can use. Should ban with the cosmetic that contains lead, mercury, prevent to cause facial pigment ad cool-headed; Ban with contain sugar the cosmetic of coriaceous hormone, in case dermatitis of sex of skin occurrence hormone. Should choose character the high grade cosmetic with exquisite, pure taste, ban with expire, have peculiar smell, colour and lustre corrupt dark inferior cosmetic. Cosmetic classics skin sucks collection to change temperature of age of the property, person that use, sexual distinction, place, skin at its manage definitely, all round whether do haemal circulation condition and cosmetic contain the accelerant that appear a skin to wait.

Skin (the skin) the note that refuses consenescence

Pay attention to evening long protect

Evening 10:00 -- before dawn 3:00, it is to skin metabolic, ego writes the optimal hour that protect, complement at this moment cellular energy, since gives the skin sufficient build up one's health by rest and by taking nourishing food, also be labor force is waited for hair, the skin of Ling Yi day takes on an entirely new look. The first time use wake the young skin of skin product, answer to be a principle with successive, but will wake first skin kind day frost is used when late frost, after suiting, change again with long protect strength taller wake skin kind late frost.

Notice to strengthen daytime defends

Light is repaired protect do not defend, if bamboo basket hits water, final place is obtained very small. So a lot of wake skin kind day frost holds concurrently prevent bask in effect, what what Dan Rishuang contains is to prevent bask in chemistry, have 2 only, 3 hours defend effectiveness, still should cooperate other to prevent so bask in a product, will help the skin resist ultraviolet ray and the enroach on that the outside pollutes. Contain prevent the day frost that bask in to also should not be use when late frost.