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What does the female protect the error of skin to have? Does the woman protect skin what to error there is at ordinary times?

We are doing the work that protects skin everyday, the product that skin protects in the life has a lot of, the different product that protect skin has distinct effect, to female friend, protecting skin is the normallest the business that does not pass, do then you know? In the process that protects skin, also put in a few errors, what does the error that then you know to the female protects skin have? We look together.

What does the female protect the error of skin to have? Does the woman protect skin what to error there is at ordinary times? (1)

1, the error that the female protects skin

Error 01: DIY protects skin to taste least of all injury skin

Face " chemical composition " , actually we are done not have really necessary too panicky. Harm cutaneous truly, it is inferior raw material, excitant larger part and unscientific recipe craft. With respect to the antiseptic that takes the biggest dispute, old-style antiseptic can excite the share the skin, however it has the stable, effect that avoids metamorphism in protecting skin to taste, did not have it, a week is put to also be no good after protecting skin to taste open. And at present the development as craft, many brands had replaced the causes stimulation easily part in the recipe with safer composition.

And DIY Facial mask, cream look be like natural and harmless, make container, raw material want to notice however, if was not disinfected good, cause bacterial infection very easily instead. Self-restrained protect skin to taste the expiration period short, saving is debatable more, although sealed germiculture also is become likely in be being put in freezer Min

Error 02: The skin after one one-sided film replaces clean face measure

Especially summer, many maintain measure comes down to feel sticky sticky be bored with, occasionally lazy be over in cleanness apply protects wet noodle film one piece to sleep. Although be contained in Facial mask,keep wet part, many brands are conduct propaganda more contain in Facial mask " fluid of many bottles of elite " , but the effect that Facial mask has to strengthen only, can not replace completely protect skin taste.

If want to simplify,protect skin measure, proposal apply is over latex of the daub after Facial mask or condensation (the summer is applicable) , let nutrient be locked up to be in skin, ability has the better effect that protect skin.

Error 03: Face film lay out is long more protect wet

Believe a lot of people know Facial mask cannot lay out is too long, but often see Facial mask is wet still think again " not wasteful " continue apply. Elder sister of stay of proceedings reminds more here, already enough skin draws 15 minutes of time the nutrient in Facial mask. Apply Facial mask is too long, Facial mask is in the process of desiccate, meet instead converse draw skin water share, let dry more serious.

Error 04: The apply when bathing piece it is better that shape Facial mask is absorbed

"At the same time apply Facial mask bathes at the same time " look seem economic time efficient absorption kind, elder sister of stay of proceedings can be breathed out only breathe out Da! If apply piece shape Facial mask, vapor makes Facial mask and skin not easy joint, drop; easily downward and water portion evaporates from inside pore, Facial mask effect is inferior to anticipating! If slimy shape or cream shape Facial mask, easy by vapor or water dilute, as to meeting desiccate fight anile Facial mask and clean Facial mask, do not count on it to be able to work.

More the way with effective joint is to abandon bubble the bath sticks one-sided film and need to meet with the apply when bathing " desiccate " cream shape Facial mask, the spread before other side film is bathing is good, bathe at the same time at the same time abluent. The word of bubble bath, fit apply mud condition or cream shape Facial mask.

Error 05: Sleek skin ability is enough

The lacteal frostlike powder that how judges skin daub is enough? Some people are met pieces of whole face daub gets sleek glow to just feel much enougher. Actually our skin needs water share and be not overmuch grease (either do not need) completely. In 40 years old before, skin grease secretes ability still is pretty is enough, mixture skin and outermost layer of skin are to overdo amply more. Compensatory and too much grease, grow blain blain and acne very easily instead. The proposal is in only easy and dry place and capacity of fat of oiliness of daub of focal point of U word point are more protect skin to taste.

Error 06: Should absorb ability to have the next step that protect skin

How long should ability wait to undertake the next between two measure that protect skin? Should feel only actually had been absorbed, and be in the follow-up measure that protect skin won't " rub mud " can continue completely to nurse, need not when maintain taste airing. Taking the advantage of water portion to still be in of measure of daub the next protecting skin to taste also is one is held out maintain well method.

Error 07: Make up water must with make up cotton is patted

Use make up when water, the basis makes up of water phyletic and the decision uses technique, be not make up entirely water suits to use make up cotton flaps. If distinguish simply, clean kind make up water suits to use make up cotton Qing Dynasty is brushed, the United States is white kind make up water suits to make up Shi Fuhe hand presses cotton pressure, evenly kind, composed kind make up water suits to use make up cotton is pressed pressure. And the choice makes up cotton scarcely should go after low only, meticulous arrange slippery cotton to make up character the cotton harm to skin gift is less.

2, the United States' white cookbook

1, tomato fries an egg

Effect: Skin beauty is white. Tomato contains a lot ofvitamin C, it is the United States' white healthy food. Dimension C can restrain the active with enzymatic acid of ammonia of the cheese inside the skin, reduce the formation of melanin effectively, be being achieved thereby is the skin white tender, shading frightens the effect that remove. Korea stars Cui Zhen fact is tomato beauty white ambassador.

2, kelp pig hoof soup

Effect: Reduce cutin to accumulate. Many collagen protein is contained in pig hoof, make the skin restores a magic weapon of vigor. The collagen albumen of full amount can preserve the flexibility of skin, improve the person's color, let a person appear Bai Xi is ruddy. Kelp contains taller zincic element, can participate in cutaneous to metabolize normally, make epithelial normal become divided, reduce wool bursa sebaceous glands to guide the horn of nozzle is changed, benefit at pore unobstructed, decrease those who interweave accumulate.

3, yangtao color pull

Effect: Compensatory vitamin. The beautiful white principle of yangtao and tomato are similar, contain many vitamin C likewise, it is OK to often be used help skin discharges poison, interference melanin is formed, conduce to those who eliminate the skin to go up is dark heavy, make skin brighter.

4, medlar rice wine

Effect: Make complexion ruddy. What the MM that has deep love for hairdressing can regard complementary afternoon capabilities as his is sweet soup, the United States is white nourishing. Medlar can nourishing liver kidney, contained vitamin A and binding energy of rice wine photograph promote what battalion nurturance divides to absorb, abigail sex complexion is more moist and moving.

5, cucumber congee

Effect: Eliminate fleck. Cucumber contains saccharide of C of rich sylvite and a certain quantity of carotene, vitamin, B1, B2, protein and mustard, phosphor, iron to wait for nutrient composition, often edible cucumber congee is OK spot of embellish white skin, dispel, reduce weight. Cucumber congee is beautiful white, relieve inflammation or internal heat not 2 choices, best everyday edible of morning and evening.

6, yam green bamboo shoot fries gallinaceous liver

Effect: Moist skin. The MM with comfortable formfitting weak put oneself in another's position is nourishing. Yam is the filling Xu Jia that the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine recommends is tasted, gas of beneficial of be good at kidney, filling choice is strong lienal; Gallinaceous liver contains a lot ofiron, zinc, copper and vitamin, it is the first selection food that enrich the blood; Qing Sunfu contains prandial fiber, can aperient, filling gas. 3 person union has take good care of sb to enrage blood, improvement cutaneous is moist the action of feeling and colour and lustre.

7, congee of Yi benevolence milk

Effect: Cut off ultraviolet ray. The beautiful white effect of Yi benevolence and milk is approbated by everybody already, yi benevolence besides beautiful Bai Zhi, right still facial acne and skin are coarse have apparent curative effect, have to ultraviolet ray at the same time absorb ability, the result that prevents ultraviolet ray still can be achieved in abstracting its content to join cosmetic.