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Woman do 25 years old of skins maintain what to notice? How to maintain after the female is 25 years old?

How should the woman maintain later in 25 years old oneself skin? It is after 25 years old, besides should notice to use protect skin to taste will protect skin besides, still should move inside the attention, have immanent health only beautiful ability is quite some more abiding, so, woman do 25 years old of skins maintain what to notice? How to maintain after the female is 25 years old? Actor or actress accordingly below actor is young make up will look.

Woman do 25 years old of skins maintain what to notice? How to maintain after the female is 25 years old? (1)

1, the skin maintains item

1, fill calcic

The woman is after 28 years old, the calcic qualitative meeting in the body decreases with the speed of 0.1%-0.5% . Arrived so the female of this period, want the calcium of filling 1000MG at least everyday. If be pregnant or lactation should increase 1500MG.

2, filling folic acid

Folic acid is a of vitamin of B a group of things with common features, it is human body cell grows with one of material with indispensable dissension, it is to be able to alleviate nutrition lacks disease, be pregnant especially period needs complement more.

3, film

Want to be far from consenescence, Facial mask cannot is short of, filling water, fight the oxidation, Facial mask that fights consenescence to want to have neat. Apply of proposal a week the 3 Facial mask that arrive 4 times.

4, fixed chamfer pledges

Corneous accumulation is on the face, any protecting skin is tasted be skinned impossibly absorb, so, the importance with qualitative chamfer must witting.

5, fixed go to beauty parlour

As the growth of the age, a few film receive the effect to meet with the suction that protects skin to taste slowly abate, so, it is to need to go to beauty parlour doing a deepness to maintain to skin.

6, high quality sexual life

The happening of high quality can help your easy press alive, loosen, it is the strongest age cut agent. The expert points out, the orgasm that the female obtains in a year is more, show more young.

7, nutrition balanced breakfast

Breakfast can promote metabolism effectively, this one annulus is so indispensable, breakfast suggests to eat corn edibles, fruit and milk products more.

8, Morpheus rule

Young skin of the woman can say sleep, keep early everyday sleep early rise habit, time amounts to 7-8 hour, can the metabolization of utmost drops the litter in the body and skin and toxin. Time of feminine first-rate Morpheus is in 22: 30.

2, skin is fought often nurse

Skin (the skin) the life that fights consenescence

As the growth of the age, furrow can appear gradually on the face of people, this is normal physiology phenomenon. But it is likewise 40 come year old woman, why some people in ruddy health, appear young all the more, some people however all over the face furrow, look very aged. Original, of furrow more or less to concern with the age not only, the stand or fall that still gets a sentiment, whether the smoking, effect that whether often suffers all sorts of elements such as wind of strong light intensity.

Avoid mood is low.

The mood is low can affect appetite not only, and ground of meeting reflex sex causes gastric flesh contracture, affect the peristalsis of intestines and stomach, affect alimental to digest the absorption with nutrition then. Accordingly, the person with a long-term and bad mood, because draw nutrient power difference, the skin cannot get enough nourishment, reason easy ageing is corrugate. The person with happy mood, can defer occurrence furrow. Because laugh at the function that can promote circulatory system, make haemal flow is accelerated, facial for blood sufficient, when old friend is laughing, the cheek is ruddy, radiant, furrow is extended, appear more young.

Avoid smoking smoking can quicken cutaneous consenescence. Because the burden of facial ministry sarcous of the person of smoking wants to compare the National People's Congress that does not smoke,get much, when smoking a little while frown, a little while eye of narrow one's eyes, a little while the lip is outstanding, make facial ministry muscle spins a little while, contract a little while, form furrow, make facial appear anile.

Wind of avoid strong light intensity.

Sunlight and wind also can make the skin coarse, corrugate. Because the ultraviolet ray in sunlight is OK permeate skin is in-house, damage skin and blood capillary, and the flexibility that can reduce skin connective tissue. Suffer illuminate of this kind of light for a long time, can make the skin premature not only ageing crumple, cause skin cancer possibly still. So, it is all the year round outdoor working person, chun Xia season goes out labor had better wear straw hat, avoid solar excessive illuminate. Chill is seasonal, the wind of dry and cold can make skin moisture and exterior grease had been used up fast, time grew, the skin also can become coarse. Accordingly, when going out in the winter, can wipe the frost grease that protected skin, mix with nutrient skin prevent the skin to dehydrate hair knit. Avoid lacks motion.

Often join campaign, can be reduced or defer cutaneous consenescence. Foreign somebody considers to after physical training is affected to cutaneous, discover, motion can make more blood run the week outside the body and skin, make its absorb more nourishment, produce more derma, make skin thickening, furrow decreases. Additional, join the person that take exercise, the skin is richer and stretch, former position can regain quickly after extend.