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What does office worker female skin the problem has? Is skin of office worker woman dry how to do?

Office worker woman often can face computer, so skin hard to avoid can appear all sorts of problems, skin lacks water, skin pore is bulky, skin grease is secreted exuberant, complexion also is met dark heavy, these are the skin problems that meeting of friend of office worker female faces, so, what does office worker female skin the problem has? Is skin of office worker woman dry how to do? Will look.

What does office worker female skin the problem has? Is skin of office worker woman dry how to do? (1)

1, problem of skin of office worker woman

"The job is ugly female " symptom 1: Skin dry

Behave a form: Go up hard pink, makeup look is not stuck

The OL to often needing to make up people for, they are faced via regular meeting " powdery bottom refuses to obey post " , " makeup look is factitious " , " go up hard pink " etc on makeup problem. Miss Zhang points out adviser of elegant appearance hairdressing, the water content of skin decided makeup look directly whether post take, the temperature change that the office brings because of pollution of air conditioning, computer, seasonal changeover, can cause skin moisture prediction of a person's luck in a given year, your skin coarse, desquamate, form Gan Wen, cause problem of a lot of skin. For example, air conditioning is in refrigeration process, can smoke not only go air of indoor damp and hot, also can take away the moisture of skin surface.

Additional, period of present worth change garments according to the season, skin can have the desquamate, symptom that take off bits to appear, lacking water is main reason. So, people is in such environment, should strengthen filling water consciousness more, asperse moisture in skin surface gush at any time, and time drink water.

Answer TIPS

Filling water sparge -- this is to be in the office to feed skin " drink water " the simplest method, oilpaper is sucked to suck facial oil to divide with a piece first before filling water, the makeup with wet reoccupy cotton obliterates gently facial contamination, water agent fills on even ground gush next.

In the morning water of a cup of red jujube -- rise in the morning the simplest and effective skin fills water method is to drink one dock-glass to rinse; woman can use red jujube water to replace plain boiled water, drink not only not fat, still have enrich the blood moist effect.

Protect wet fluid to mix powdery bottom juice -- doing makeup before when skin bottom, use daily with 3 two first protect Shi Lou or protect wet fluid and powdery bottom fluid to fuse together, again put on the skin is on the face, so moist sex is very good, go up powdery result is very right.

Feed skin to drink water with cotton -- human body need drinks water from time to time, skin is same also. OL of proposal of Taiwan cosmetologist square teacher people making up the pily bubble with one small soft group in water, next place of gently from bottom to top presses skin, speed wants slow, lie between 3 two hours. If you think skin beauty is white, still can reach pily bubble most probably moisture, add juice of a few beautiful white cream, undertake nodding pressing gimmick again next.

"The job is ugly female " symptom 2: Computer skin

Behave a form: Skin is dark fizzle out lacklustre, have spot

What is " does computer skin " ? Beautician says this is the skin problem that poses because of often contacting computer: Computer has certain radiation cause, these radiation sources can affect internal system directly, make the skin metabolizes thereby not the rule, computer of; of blain of occurrence stain, blain has magnetism, assemble accumulates a few dirt and feculent air, influence skin cleanness is spent, skin can appear sallow, lacklustre wait for a problem. Hairdressing adviser ALICE points out, computer skin can have different show on different skin, for instance oily skin can appear character case giving oil is severe, give oil while facial still can send dry, remove blain, pore is bulky; and drying skin can appear character the skin the circumstance of dry, microgroove and shading.

Answer TIPS

Keep apart frost -- the electrostatic effect of computer screen will be adsorptive the small this world in a large number of air, and brush segregation frost to be able to reduce dirt to be harmed to cutaneous. Keeping apart frost is to be after embellish skin frost, use before powdery bottom, frost was kept apart at 5 o'clock in facial dot, next in order to flap even. Want to be sure to keep in mind additionally, cleanness should be paid attention to particularly after use segregation frost.

Clean skin -- computer radiate brings the most immediate impact to skin is pollution, because of this OL people must remember well, "No matter come home,much evening should do reentry of full clean program to sleep " . Above all, if have,make up must use special strip first makeup breast undertakes discharge makeup; catchs the towel dip overheat water to be built gently go up in the face, your towel is stuck close facial with eye ministry skin, let the steam on towel keep about 30 seconds, can add 9 essence oil in towel at this moment, oily type of essence of life can choose; character according to individual skin next reuse washs grandma, in order to circle the gesticulation of circle, with show the abdomen is massaged gently.

Salt washs a face -- dim to skin oily skin, beautician suggests a week undertakes the salt that arrives twice washs a face: Dip spoonful salt, fall in control, the hot water that increase a point changes thick solution, all over again facial, after delimiting the circle massages 30 seconds gently, wash with clear water clean.

"The job is ugly female " symptom 3: Ursine cat eye

Behave a form: Black rim of the eye, canthus grain

Eye ministry skin is the most delicate and flimsy, 1/10 of only other cutaneous is thick, peace keeping of devoid flexibility fine is adipose, blood-vessel and lymphatic system short. To often wanting to computer and stay up late even overwork OL people for, eye ministry skin can have apparent feature: Ministry of black rim of the eye, eye does grain. These features are provisionality mostly, want to make measure of full emergency treatment and the living that defend hold law as far as possible only, can get settlement.

Answer TIPS

Milk light apply -- wipe eye week gently with milk, reduce; of black rim of the eye black rim of the eye is more serious, dip in with gauze on milk, apply is in 10 minutes all round the eye, the skin of eye week drinks full water, black rim of the eye also can be reduced.

Drink medlar tea -- medlar a small, bead of red jujube 3~4, put medlar and red jujube into glass directly, with boiled water strong bubble is taken, after perhaps using water boil, take.

Eye ministry massages a law -- be in middle finger and ring finger put down gently at fluctuation eyelid, slip by nose place gently to temporal, knead pressure temporal, do; 3 times to repeat above measure in all, do twice with the method that help again, change middle finger and ring finger next eyelid next, repeat an act, do; twice to nod eye glue at eye ministry in all all around, repeat measure the movement of 2, change to press a method in order to press to be done 3 times can.

2, use correctly protect skin to taste a method to have

Use protect skin appropriately to taste the nutrient component that can add skin place to need, stimulative skin is strong and handsome, defer skin consenescence; But if use undeserved can be just the opposite to what one wished, because this answers to choose to protect the form of a drug that skin tastes and part according to cutaneous type, note the characteristic that its absorb via the skin. Drying skin should choose emulsion (oily bag water) , the form of a drug such as ointment, contain nutrition, protect wet, fight knit, fight consenescence or prevent bask in composition; Oily skin can choose pink model, the form of a drug such as solution and gel, contain dispel fat, cool and refreshing part; Neuter skin summer chooses to be the same as oily, winter chooses to be the same as drying; Mixture sex skin should undertake choosing respectively according to the skin type of different position; The beard when sensitivity skin uses cosmetic is careful, do not change casually cosmetic is phyletic, if need to change,use, can make spot stick an experiment with a few sample first, electronegative person just can use. Should ban with the cosmetic that contains lead, mercury, prevent to cause facial pigment ad cool-headed; Ban with contain sugar the cosmetic of coriaceous hormone, in case dermatitis of sex of skin occurrence hormone. Should choose character the high grade cosmetic with exquisite, pure taste, ban with expire, have peculiar smell, colour and lustre corrupt dark inferior cosmetic. Cosmetic classics skin sucks collection to change temperature of age of the property, person that use, sexual distinction, place, skin at its manage definitely, all round whether do haemal circulation condition and cosmetic contain the accelerant that appear a skin to wait.

Skin (the skin) the note that refuses consenescence

Pay attention to evening long protect

Evening 10:00 -- before dawn 3:00, it is to skin metabolic, ego writes the optimal hour that protect, complement at this moment cellular energy, since gives the skin sufficient build up one's health by rest and by taking nourishing food, also be labor force is waited for hair, the skin of Ling Yi day takes on an entirely new look. The first time use wake the young skin of skin product, answer to be a principle with successive, but will wake first skin kind day frost is used when late frost, after suiting, change again with long protect strength taller wake skin kind late frost.

Notice to strengthen daytime defends

Light is repaired protect do not defend, if bamboo basket hits water, final place is obtained very small. So a lot of wake skin kind day frost holds concurrently prevent bask in effect, what what Dan Rishuang contains is to prevent bask in chemistry, have 2 only, 3 hours defend effectiveness, still should cooperate other to prevent so bask in a product, will help the skin resist ultraviolet ray and the enroach on that the outside pollutes. Contain prevent the day frost that bask in to also should not be use when late frost.