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Is the female's skin coarse how to maintain? How should coarse skin maintain?

Everybody hopes he can have Bai Xi's smooth skin, the product protecting skin on market has a lot of, the different product that protect skin has distinct effect, for rude to a few skins person, the method that what maintain is there? Reckon a lot of people still do not know, below, introduce the skin to maintain coarsely to old furniture body method, we look together.

Is the female's skin coarse how to maintain? How should coarse skin maintain? (1)

1, maintain the method of skin

, your this chamfer pledged

Surface of coarse specification skin has the skin a lot of redundant cutin, you should pledge to skin chamfer. If do not go for a long time corneous, can create the situation with coarse skin not only, still can make skin dark heavy lacklustre oh! General fortnight goes cutin is OK, do not need frequent chamfer to pledge. Chamfer must select gentle product character, such ability won't hurt skin.

2, to skin filling water

The skin is coarse still a reason lacks water namely, change garments according to the season when appear particularly easily dry problem, everybody must have done filling water work. The choice is efficient protect wet Facial mask to be able to give skin quickly compensatory moisture, general apply is over to be able to see the effect. Not when filling water just remembers when the skin is dry and coarse, filling water should be done all the time, skin the meeting that lack water causes problem of a lot of skin, wait like acne, furrow, stain, because skin was short of water to cause,be more very.

3, choose filling surface frost

A few beautiful eyebrow are when skin is dry the cream with super and moist daub, dry circumstance did not get settlement not only, still grew many acne instead, why to meet such? What at that time skin needs is filling water, too too moist cream gives facial created a burden, jam pore, so with respect to wrinkle acne. Must choose relaxed model cream, such ability are filling water while do not bring overweight burden to skin again.

2, oily skin maintains method

The skin maintains is now female the problem that care about and cares very much, especially female of cutaneous of a few oily sensitivity, not only above the skin grow blain very easily, at the same time a little can appear carelessly the phenomenon of skin allergy. Nurse bad to still can bring about the generation of skin scar, what affect explicit figure of the female and oneself badly is beautiful, does so oily and sensitive skin maintain what does the method have?

1. decreases leather fat is secreted

When skin of clean of choose and buy is tasted, appropriate is used in high-grade toilet soap (if bee spends liquid toilet soap) or clean frost dirties with complete purify oil, wash a face 3 times everyday commonly, after be being washed with Wen Shui, best reoccupy cold water wipes a face, make facial vasomotor, reduce the exudation of leather fat.

2. uses hot towel spread face

Hot towel can be used after washing a face (50 ~ 60 degrees) repeatedly Shi Fu is facial, make pore opens discharge to remove oil effectively thereby.

3. choice is protected relaxedly skin is tasted

In the morning, after washing a face, make up with convergence water makes skin, protect skin; with relaxed nutrient grandma next in the evening, after washing a face, can add in the bilge in pore with take out with massaged method, dip in with cotton next astringent make up water is on the face beat, nutrition of final blot out is sweet in order to maintain the skin.

4. avoids to eat tartly food

Food should avoid to eat animal oil and hot food, do not smoke not to drink, much draft fruit and vegetable! !

Oily sensitivity skin is making the moisture inside the skin must complement adequately when maintaining, such ability prevent to be secreted overly of grease. Oily skin causes pore very easily to jam, maintaining cutaneous moment must notice cutaneous cleanness and sanitation, but cannot lest exceeding cleanness causes certain harm to the skin.