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How does the girl maintain oneself? Does the woman maintain what do oneself need to notice?

Female friends must be known maintain oneself, if do not begin to shift to an earlier date,maintain because of female friend oneself word, after waiting 25 years old show very easily old, so female friend wants early begin to maintain oneself. Want to maintain actually oneself are about above all a few bad habits in give up life. So how does the girl maintain oneself? Does the woman maintain what do oneself need to notice?

How does the girl maintain oneself? Does the woman maintain what do oneself need to notice? (1)

1, how does the female maintain oneself

1, everyday a cup of honey water

Honey to the female it is a kind of special health care and raise colour food, what skin health beauty of the woman also cannot leave honey is alimentary, everyday water of a cup of honey, can help your stimulative hydrochloric acid in gastric juice secrete, quicken peristalsis of intestines and stomach, accelerate the metabolism of the body thereby, the eduction of stimulative toxin and rubbish, invite the color with your good tarry and healthy body then. Insist to drink water of on one cup of honey everyday, body of very good woman and cutaneous are healthy.

2, motion of firm hold oxygen

Modern a lot of women move insufficient, go to work at ordinary times without time, be free to also do not move in the home curtilage on the weekend, what motion measures is insufficient, what bring about the body easily not only is fat, can quicken cutaneous consenescence and oxidation more. So, want to have the tender slippery skin like the girl from beginning to end, you need to hold to motion having oxygen, provide certain nutrient and energy to the skin, enhance the flexibility of skin, in moist maintain cutaneous at the same time, also help the good figure with your slim tarry.

3, determined do not stay up late

Staying up late to be harmed to the female's body is very big, it will be disturbed beautiful eyebrow people the biological clock of the body, bring about endocrine disorder, the more the accretion as the age, stay up late bigger to the body and cutaneous harm. Stay up late enough make skin damage serious, accordingly, you cannot stay up late stoutly, must rest before 11 o'clock in the evening, enter Morpheus state, insist to sleep everyday full full hairdressing becomes aware, avoid to stay up late, the skin can hold the position of very ruddy luster.

4, insist to use hot bleb base every night

Insist to use base of hot water bubble every night, can the hematic arteries and veins of dredge whole body, make the body and cutaneous blood stream more rapid thereby, complexion also is met it seems that more ruddy. Beautiful eyebrow people should insist to use base of hot water bubble every night, the time that sole massages ten minutes again after bubble foot, the color that can let you not only is more beautiful, still having extremely powerful health care effect.

5, tipple red wine

Classics tipple red wine is having very powerful health care effect, to beautiful eyebrow people for, red wine or first-rate hairdressing are raised colour drink, tipple red wine, and use red wine will make Facial mask, wipe the skin, can carry bright color of skin effectively, let the skin maintain complexion the condition with ruddy, bouncy luster. Nurturance drinks the good convention of red wine, make skin more bouncy, but also not be too fond of drink.

6, hold to massage the skin adequately

Our skin cell can undertake metabolism regularly, and when skin metabolism is slow, wait for a problem with respect to blain of blain of meeting occurrence stain, we need the metabolism that makes skin normal, the toxin rubbish that makes skin in-house is effective eduction, insist to massage the skin adequately, can promote cutaneous metabolism and haemal circulation, let skin interior has the deposit of toxin no longer, raise skin of embellish of water of a good color, tarry.

Above the method that these skin maintain, any age level are applicable, raise a good skin of healthy water embellish, these maintain basically true still cannot little.

2, the woman maintains oneself need to notice

1, refuse stay up late

Stay up late to be harmed to the body of female friend great, it will be disturbed the biological clock of human body, cause endocrine function to be waited a moment mussily, accordingly, night before 11 o'clock must go to bed rests, reject to stay up late, beautiful come back. Especially female friend of 35 years old should want to notice this more.

2, attention bosom maintains

The female rises from 35 years old, the breast is organized and adipose begin to lose. As mammary consenescence, can appear gradually the phenomenon such as hyperplasia of dizzy systole of mammary prolapse, breast, mammary gland.

In the meantime, touch alar the place that stands by a breast, meeting feeling is too loose perhaps have hard good sense. Maintain a breast young, need female at ordinary times more care, dietotherapy is added massaging is best method.

On food, feed orange, grape more, shaddock reachs tomato to wait on the west contain vitaminic C kind food, can prevent bosom to be out of shape; The flower of broccoli, broccoli and sunflower seed oil food that contains vitaminic A, the exudation of advantageous hormone; Marine food, wait like shrimp, shellfish, the zinc that its contain is to be able to make the important element with hormonal female.

35 years old of women maintain want to hold to 16 good conventions

3, maintain good humor

Laugh at 10 junior truths who is clear. Appearance is the portraiture of one individual heart, the face is feeling of a favor is caky. Still have common saying: "The abdomen has poetic book to enrage from China " .