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How to raise a powdery tender flesh? How should the woman nurse the skin?

The skin that how lets oneself is looked at more is pink tender? The skin with tender pink is young, symbolize bonnily, protecting skin also have a lot of skill, every woman should master the accurate method that protect skin, have lazy woman only without ugly woman, maintain skin is OK slow down is anile, so, what does hairdressing protect the doohickey of skin to have? How to raise a powdery tender flesh? Will look.

How to raise a powdery tender flesh? How should the woman nurse the skin? (1)

1, hairdressing protects skin small doohickey

1 sleep early rise early the body good

Everyday arrived at 10 o'clock of before dawn at 2 o'clock, it is the optimal time of damage skin rehabilitate. Although already platitude do not fall 1000 times, but be accomplished very hard still. Rest as early as possible please for your good skin.

2 brim place not oversight

Elbow, knee, fingernail brim is the place of dry of body pole Yi Gan. And one bottle maintains article can make your whole body applicable. Face the daub before sleeping, can see moist effect in the morning the following day.

3 proper massage helpful

The edge is cervical, ear root, shoulder undertakes massage. The Morpheus quality that slow massage meeting yields you greatly promotion.

Circulation of blood of hurried of 4 hot water

38 degrees water is warm, immerse 10 to 15 minutes, water has done not have navel can. Can make blood expedite, be helpful for the metabolism of skin.

5 slow motion closes to Morpheus

Can rely on a few slow motion, let the body enter Morpheus with comfortable position.

6 much drink plain boiled water

"Drink 8 cups of water everyday " it is a very vague concept, so called 8 cups of water, it is to point to everyday the person is passed have a meal, the water quantity that drinks water to wait to be absorbed in all, if you drink one caldron boiling water, drink 8 cups of water again, it is to plant for certain destroy. Of course, if holding the coffee, beverage drink that contains coffeine in both hands only everyday, natural meeting affects the intake of normal Bai Shui. The most healthy is plain boiled water, the proposal fills everyday water can be passed drink plain boiled water, draft fruit, drink the means such as congee to finish.

7 fruits are raised colour the most effective

Cherry contains a lot ofiron, iron can make girl color ruddy character; The vitamin C content that pomegranate contains compares malic tall 1~2 times, it is OK to eat more help body and skin fight oxidation. Newest research discovers, vitamin C is OK and outspread the skin is hemal, stimulative blood circulates, make the heat energy inside human body sends out as soon as possible come out, achieve thereby " keep out is cold " purpose. On the west the good origin that the vegetable such as orchid, Chinese cabbage is crude fibre not only, still can take away the redundant moisture inside body in digestive process, prevent bloated happening. Different season feast has different efficient nutrition fruit, WH suggests you can answer season eats these fruit vegetables more. Turning over seasonal fruit is artificial composition a little overmuch, natural nutrition can decrease a few, it is better to still accord with the order of nature.

8 midday nap a little while

Noon break is a luxury to the white-collar commonly! Have how many midday, are you dismiss on happy net and MSN in the past? When chatting, be happy really, time passes quickly, also do not feel tired, arrived nevertheless afternoon, fatigue and Mondayish can begin to look for you " account " . The insecurity that noon break can let your body be in one day gets adjustment in the job, make the psychosis afternoon better, work efficiency is taller, even if be to bend over to shut eye repose on the desk, also be helpful for the refreshment of the body. Prepare soft soft cushion, can become at ordinary times cushion for leaning on, put on the table to bend over midday meeting, even if close a meeting eye, also can have some of effect. Remember bending over monitor must close when falling.

9SPA attune raises color

Color of skin cadaverous, hands or feet is icy be every woman winter avoids hard, besides rest, sleep, motion, actually the fastest alleviate the fatigue, refreshment that can make a person comfortable is caressed even if do a SPA. The environment of SPA center is how we also make what do not come out in the home, if bath crock is put aside without the place really in the home or cask, search leave home recent beauty parlour, handle piece of SPA card to oneself, actually namely a few bubble the money that perhaps has a meal, a week goes massaging humeral neck or bubble bath, do a SPA, lie on the bed with tangy aroma, be loosened thoroughly. Especially facial SPA is massaged, stimulated facial skin, blood and lymphatic loop directly more, having first-rate effect to improving color directly.

2, the method that thin face protects skin

Adjust control water is warm, undertake the cleanness that wash a face

Before thin face is massaged, remember discharge makeup working to also want to be finished seriously, discharge is over makeup when washing a face, water is warm must control between C of ° of 30 ° C~40, can make sure pore is stretched adequately already so, won't make crude oil divides cutaneous to be lost in great quantities again. The face will be washed to suckle rub to give rich hubble-bubble above all when washing, be in next facial undertake cleanness is massaged, remember the neck that always is dropped by oversight on the belt.

Tips: Present ministry cleanness is clean, maintain follow-uply taste ability to be able to be absorbed adequately, with this ability can achieve thin face result!

Evening thin face nurses the 2nd pace:

Daub defends wet water, maintain for sequel taste absorb make bedding

After washing a face, remember be being pressed gently with clean towel press blot facial moisture, next reoccupy protects wet water to undertake nursing, can think maintain follow-uply so article absorb the effect that has a matting. Wet water will be protected to be squeezed in when daub make up on cotton, next of little press on the face pressure.

Tips: Dry skin can choose moist model protect wet sparge to perhaps defend wet water, oily skin suggests to choose those who have clean effect 2 times to defend wet water, so OK adjustment balance of skin water oil and purify are redundant and corneous the effect of the layer.

Evening thin face nurses the 3rd pace:

Use elite, cooperate 3 minutes massage shine skin

Everyday besides the foundation nurse beyond the job, fluid of evening daub elite this one condition is essential also! Because facial ministry is lymphatic blood-vessel is concentrated, can appear without avoidable ageing cutin, moisture, adipose accumulation, facial ministry muscle is met opposite flabby dropsy, so this one pace also is whether you can be modelled piece delicate the crucial step of little face.

It is of course in so crucial step, must choose an elite liquid that has thin face function, cooperate correct gimmick to massage. Can quicken facial ministry not only so metabolic, eliminate exhaustion of a day, still can weigh the facial ministry line with delicate and cabinet model. But in massaging a process, must notice the following:

Tips1: By inside and outside, fingering should accurate

In massage measure of whole, must notice by inside and the order outside undertakes massage, if massage directional reverse, can cause the generation of furrow instead. In massage process again according to facial position different, adjust fingering at any time in order to achieve ideal thin face result.

Tips2: Product of have the aid of, promote thin face effect

The both hands when massaging is even the thin face elite of daub full amount, must in

Below the condition that makes sure facial ministry is wet resumptive massage. Just began to learn facial ministry to massage when holding, the gimmick that can check oneself to the mirror is correct, will avoid to massage with this undeserved the furrow that bring about arises.

Tips3: Facial ministry, shoulder ministry, elbow wants to loosen, have small keenly feel for beautiful

In massage process, in order to feel small painful for beautiful. When massaging, notice facial ministry, shoulder ministry, elbow cannot exert oneself to do sth. , lest force spends furrow of large facial generation.

Before massaging, write down so that thin face elite light besmear is in facial, next both hands rub with the hands is hot product daub even.

Step1: Both hands massages cheek inside gently by next upgrade, will quicken facial ministry loop with this.

Step2: Forefinger and middle finger rise by labial week only then, carry up forcibly pull.

Step3: Palmar inside sticks a face, massage with palmar root ministry zygomatic reach mandible.

Step4: Mandible of both hands edge is carried up forcibly pull.