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Feminine breast enhancement these food are little not, what does the food with female best breast enhancement have?

Want chest plump, just do not have breast enhancement operation this kind of method is effective, a lot of methods in living daily actually conduce to breast enhancement, eat a few food to be able to promote the development of your bosom and health, a lot of food have the effect of breast enhancement, it is OK that the female often eats these foods better caress bosom health, let bosom become more plump and handsome.

Feminine breast enhancement these food are little not, what does the food with female best breast enhancement have? (1)

1, what does breast enhancement food have

Breast enhancement food, fermented glutinous rice

Executive method: Fermented glutinous rice adds water right amount, microwave is controlled 2 minutes can, or make stuffed dumplings masse of glutinous rice flour served in soup of egg of fermented glutinous rice, fermented glutinous rice. Menstruation comes edible of the morning and evening before tide,

Action principle: Day heart can have devil figure, result of fermented glutinous rice cannot be done not have. A lot of nutrition division also agree with the breast enhancement effect of fermented glutinous rice. Because be contained in fermented glutinous rice,can promote female bosom cell plump natural hormonal, its alcohol composition also conduces to improvement bosom blood circulates.

Breast enhancement food 2: Accept beans

Executive method: Weak soy is joined in the accept beans of 50 grams (birthday department soy) edible, add sweet spice of a few laborious at the same time, for instance chili, curry, can make thin body effect double.

Action principle: Accept beans contains rich potassium, nutrient value is very high, besides helpful to breast enhancement outside, will be replaced with it prandial be in what battalion nurturance divides to absorb also be no problem, and absorbed quantity of heat is reduced greatly.

Breast enhancement food 3: Cauliflower

Executive method: Cauliflower has a lot of in have a way, can be done by practice of the daily life of a family go. For instance cold and dressed with sause.

Action principle: The principle of cauliflower breast enhancement contains rich vitaminic A namely, the exudation of advantageous hormone. In the meantime, cauliflower contains a lot offiber of protein, adipose, carbohydrate, food, vitamin to reach mineral. Calcic content is higher, the calcic content in every gram and milk is rivalled. Contain the vitamin K that general vegetable does not have some abundance. It is to contain the food with kind of yellow most ketone. Often eat cauliflower so, can get the result of breast enhancement beautiful skin certainly.

Breast enhancement food 4: Black wood melon

Executive method: The Chinese flowering quince that use blueness stews chop, it is form of the most classic soup of breast enhancement of green Chinese flowering quince.

Action principle: Green Chinese flowering quince is embedded and many papaya ferment, dissoluble protein, saccharide, still have MM most of hate adipose. The rich Chinese flowering quince in papaya is enzymatic very beneficial to mammary gland development, exciting female is hormonal secrete, mammary gland is expedite, achieve the goal of breast enhancement.

Breast enhancement food 5: Walnut, pine benevolence

Action principle: Walnut and Song Renfu contain vitamin E and zinc, contain a lot offlax acid especially, can defer mammary consenescence, vitamin of in addition protein, mineral, B a group of things with common features is very rich also, it is hairdressing beautifies hair the beautiful of embellish skin is tasted.

Breast enhancement food 6: Drink yoghurt

Executive method: Everyday drinkable 2-3 second the yoghurt of 250ml, reduce the meat kind alimental is absorbed.

Action principle: Ministry of the abdomen that yoghurt causes to piling up because of constipation and body endotoxin, leg is fat have better effect reducing weight, at the same time it contains rich protein, pretty good to effect of bosom health care.

Breast enhancement food 7: Cheese pear breast enhancement

Executive method: Cheese pear half, gouge pulp, 250ml of the grandma that add delicacy, walnut is right amount, agitate is hit into juice drinkable, usable honey flavors.

Action principle: Taiwan Qiang of desolate of the first belle often drinkable juice of pear of this kind of cheese, be obvious to all of effect of its breast enhancement. The not saturated fatty acid with the rich content in cheese pear, the vitamin A that can increase bosom to organize stretch; to contain can promote a woman hormonal secrete, vitamin C can prevent bosom to be out of shape, vitamin E criterion conduce bosom development. And the protein that delicacy is suckled and contains in walnut and fat pledge body of sponge of can promotional breast expands, also have breast enhancement effect.

Breast enhancement food 8: Asparagus lettuce

Action principle: Asparagus lettuce is traditional breast enhancement vegetable, with liver of yam, chicken an edible, can the nutrition of place of blood of gas of take good care of sb, stimulative breast is supplied, still can improve cutaneous moist feeling and colour and lustre.

Breast enhancement food 9: Soya bean, arm beans and black soya bean

Action principle: They are famous breast enhancement food, contain a lot ofthe material such as protein, lecithin. Gallinaceous wing (especially the wing counteracts wing tip) contain a lot ofmany collagen albumen, feed together with soya bean, very beneficial to breast enhancement.

Breast enhancement food 10: Earthnut and black sesame seed

Action principle: Contain a lot ofvitamin E, can make ovarian development and perfect, stimulative mammary gland provides growth, make the breast increases.

2, the other method of breast enhancement

(1) massages breast enhancement

Bosom is rinsed with shower nozzle when bath, use warm water, rinse 1 minute at least every time, stimulative thymus development, exciting blood circulates. Can keep clean not only so, return the flexibility that can add a breast, precaution is flagging.

(2) motion breast enhancement

Often swim, do exercise of bosom of push-up, enlarge, everyday morning and evening lies on his back on the bed, massage a breast with both hands. Particular operation is: In rotate all round the breast massage, arrange hour hand, anticlockwise direction, till till mammary skin small Gong Wei is heated up, carry finally pull a tit several times, can stimulate whole breast so, include mammary gland canal, adipose organization, connective tissue to wait, make the breast is gotten plumper, richer and stretch.

(3) bosom body building

1. undertakes bosom of much group enlarge moves everyday, can extend chest muscle, make vertebral and adjustable, exercise the muscle of shoulder and bosom above, make a breast plump.

Ground of genuflect of 2. double genu, unbend of two tactics arm is maintained at the body the ground of two side, make the motion that bend an arm downward next, curve mandible and bosom and ground all the time till, thresh 10.

3. lies on his back, head, foot does not leave the ground with two arms, the body makes the motion that hold out a bosom up, keep a short while, repeat do 8 times.

3, breast enhancement cookbook is recommended

, silk of sesame seed Chinese flowering quince

Material: Green Chinese flowering quince 1, a few of one canister of sesame paste, black sesame seed, salt and day type soy a few of right amount, balm


Husk after 1. green Chinese flowering quince is abluent cut into shreds, bloat a little with salt clean with water after be soiled, acerbity flavour of purify green Chinese flowering quince.

2. mixes on papaya silk soy of type of sesame paste, day and balm, scatter after mix is even on black sesame seed can.

Breast enhancement principle

Breast enhancement star feeds capable person -- green Chinese flowering quince, effect of its unobstructed mammary gland, can saying is widely known famous. Most the cookbook of breast enhancement of green Chinese flowering quince that often hears still has grass of melon of soup of chop of green Chinese flowering quince, Qing Mu to fry shredded meat to wait.

Sesame seed contains the vitamin part that refuses oxidation, it is accepted fight oxidation food. The oil that it contains is adipose also be breast enhancement indispensible nutrition.

2, earthnut ox muscle Bao

Material: Bovine muscle 2 jins, earthnut half jins, onion 2, tomato 2, turnip soy is a few of sauce of 1 root, pepper, rice wine a few, candy a few, right amount


1. ox muscle is cut off, reserve after quick-boil is very hot, onion, turnip reachs tomato stripping and slicing.

2. fries onion golden color, add the flavoring such as right amount water, soy, rice wine, candy, a bittern makes an appointment with rejoin pepper sauce and bovine muscle two hours. Rejoin earthnut, tomato reachs turnip bittern one hour can.

Breast enhancement principle

Bovine muscle has those who abound is colloid, very big to the help of skin and breast enhancement.

Kind subclass food contains rich protein to reach kind hormonal wait for composition, can promote the growth of the secondary sex characteristic, right of course the effect of breast enhancement is very good also.

3, have department lettuce salad

Material: Lettuce 500g, tomato 1, small cucumber a few of 1 root, onion, cheese pink is right amount, white say department 2 (add according to individual be fond of)


After all vegetable are cleaned clean, 1. will cut moderate size.

2. mixes the vegetable that has cut cheese pink, say department according to what individual be fond of adds flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil to golden crisp, can.

Breast enhancement principle

Cheese reachs the dairy produce such as milk, it is the nourishment with protein and great vitamin, have very good help to you not only, qualitative to compensatory calcium, stable mind, reach bosom development to also have very good effect.

Lettuce has the nutrient part such as a variety of vitamins, very good to the schoolgirl's skin, also be Xie Cai kind the food that breast enhancement effect has most in food.