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Postpartum woman is divided knit nostrum, let Tong Yan continue all the time

The woman arrived certain him age meet on the face appear very easily of all sorts of furrow, and the evidence that furrow is feminine consenescence, woman most fear namely furrow, especially the woman is giving birth to the child later, easier consenescence, also be the period with an easy fascicular furrow, how does the woman have a lot of furrow to do on the face after giving birth to the child?

Postpartum woman is divided knit nostrum, let Tong Yan continue all the time (1)

1, the method that eliminates facial ministry furrow

The external cause of furrow of postpartum mom generation has climate commonly used and pollution of dry, insolation, air, harmful cosmetic and bath are undeserved wait for; internal cause to have disease of constipation, anaemia, deficiency of yin with irritability, liver function function of low, physiology drops, weak, hidebound, partial eclipse, Morpheus is not worth body. In addition, differ as a result of the living conditions of everybody, experience, even if with age person, furrow how many difference is very big also. The forehead is most apparent before facial furrow of the person, basically be muscle contractive and overmuch be caused by.

Postpartum mom wants to know, the process cent that furrow forms is 4 phase. After washing a face, facial skin occurrence take up feels, lose delicate luster, entered the first phase namely: Dry period. Right now, if use the cosmetic that has embellish wet effect, besmear with olive oil the skin tries to massage appropriately, so facial skin is recoverable green. If holds the post of his to develop, enter the 2nd phase namely: Sclerosis period. This period skin loses flexibility character, dim without light, need is massaged with ministry of nutrient knead dough try to improve. The 3rd phase is flabby period, adipose stockpile at hypodermic, minor lines clarity is visible. Final phase is to finalize the design period, correct very hard recover from an illness, can rely on cosmetic to make up for only.

The postpartum mom growth as the age, cuticular meeting of the person becomes hard thick, at this moment dermal namely fiber can attenuate character, can grow so furrow. Want to restrain the growth of furrow, allocate except the attention on food, the state of mind that keeps good and enough sleep, attention is prevented outside basking in, the method with purify the most effective furrow is to massage. For effectively purify hard thick cutin, can use ferment hot compress first before massage, next redo is massaged. If some of olive oil is added to be massaged again on massage breast, not only conduce to cutaneous lubricating, increase cutaneous vigor, still can add cutaneous flexibility.

When purify furrow, must not oversight enhances skin active to change. Weather of wintry spring section is dry, should notice to drink water more, prevent to cause the skin because of water is being lacked inside body dry shrivel. In the meantime, c of green dish, vitamin, kelp, garlic and postprandial lemon juice can regard purify as the specific of furrow.

If lose no time,the ground is in the 2nd, the 3rd phase is done " eliminate furrow extend to hold " , criterion yield results is remarkable (dry model the skin is doing the beard before holding to besmear a few olive oil) . Massage method is as follows:

1, put both hands in mandible to be in, edge mandible brim pulls the skin up forcibly gently, pull continuously to temporal place. Next again by fall to repeat this one act 3 times up.

2, clip nose with flesh of border of both hands fish, next outside move both hands heart obscures double buccal, slide toward temporal inclined upper part. The act repeats after recovering from an illness, undertake 3 times. Stretch right hand the five fingers first, in extending hair of forehead upper part, till the hair extends place pointing to a root, reoccupy force grabs one gangmaster hair, pull on the direction after face is inclined, had not exerted oneself to do sth. fierce, appropriate divide evenly is soft. Repeat 3 times.

3, press on law, stretch both hands the five fingers, in inserting hair of two hair on the temples, extend finger root to be in to the hair, both hands captures one gangmaster to send each, pull toward inclined upper part forcibly gently, repeat 3 times. Eliminate furrow extend to hold, when needing 3 minutes. Had better undertake after morning and evening washs a face.

2, eliminate knitted effective method

1) form a habit, drink tea of a cup of medlar. Much better in the morning, filling gas is fought old preserve one's health;

2) go out not to forget to prevent bask in. Besides facial ministry, neck, hind back, arm, leg should be taken care of; Fasten filar towel, such physics prevents Dai Taiyang lens it is better to bask in;

3) the conveniently when do up one's hair is massaged. With comb in a way 20-30 of skin of small pressure head falls, easy muscle invigorate the circulation of blood. This is Jiangxi of 95 years old of old ladies " not beautiful money " maintain law;

4) summer comes home, a filling surFacial mask is made after discharge makeup, because insolate to lack water and bring about ageing,won't let skin;

5) colour makeup brush should be changed frequently. With long brush not only sticky be bored with, can cause a bacterium more, bring about a blain;

6) little marcel, do not exceed one year 3 times. When the seaside swims for long, the body is wiped prevent outside basking in, the hair also should be taken swim cap;

7) except the job must outside do not make up thick. The makeup look with delicate simple but elegant not only skin does not have pressure, can appear natural more temperamental;

8) do gem gal to perhaps canter, walk a dog even, each inches of OK and very good activity body, keep young good secret;

Food of C of 9) compensatory dimension. No matter be beautiful,still fight in vain old, par of dimension C food powerful effect, the skin and body are met ruddier;

10) right " with break " look gentlier. Pleasurable, natural life can become beautiful, skin also can have color more.