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Is the woman too busy how to protect skin? Busy feminine career and beauty how give attention to two or morethings?

Beauty is the career that feminine lifetime is pursueing, and the enterprise of some women in daily life also is very heavy, often maintain very easily with respect to what ignored skin so, to live and rush about, arrive without attend to so of skin nurse, time became long the skin that discovers oneself has a lot of problems, let oneself repent, the woman is very busy also be to be able to protect skin.

Is the woman too busy how to protect skin? Busy feminine career and beauty how give attention to two or morethings? (1)

1, busy woman protects skin method

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Every woman should have 3 kinds of Facial mask

If you hope the province goes down the time of beauty parlour, making film of face of the apply that occupy the home more effective is sensible method. So, how does ability let Facial mask apply give professional level? I suggest to had better prepare the Facial mask of 3 kinds of functions: Clean, protect wet, beautiful Bai San to plant effect, can contented perfect skin the demand of 80% . Clean Facial mask helps bilge of deep-seated and cleared pore, do at least every week. Beautiful Bai Hebao is wet Facial mask, criterion according to skin condition, it is OK to choose a kind every week. Frequency of the film that make a range also does not need too frequent, a week is maintained in 2 ~ 3 enough.

The eye has look, sleep early + natural look line camber

Compared with a lot of women love buys frost of day price key point, I care high quality Morpheus more instead. Want to have a pair of bright eye, the most important is not to want to sleep late. Sleep late cause the body to metabolize not free, very easy in the morning eye is swollen, red hematic silk, eye is dry, these problems are far from any protect skin or colour makeup tastes what can improve.

If want to draw beautiful the eye that has a mind again makeup, must remember look line wants nature. I most the look line with natural and fine preference, can use look line pen to be drawn the outline of along eye outline, at the same time as far as possible fine with root of eyelash of press close to. If want to increase the expression of the eye, do not need to add line of crude key point, should pay attention to a picture however a natural camber, camber briefly is a bit thicker can make an eye agile have a mind more.

Change powdery impression by season date

To busy professional woman, hit good pink bottom more effective than detail of careful and painted facial features. And among them the most important is bottom letting pink complete joint color of skin. I advocate powdery end all the time also should change garments according to the season, point to the quality of a material of powdery bottom and function not just, powdery impression date also should follow seasonal changeover. Powdery bottom color wants and color of skin is completely shirt-sleeve it is my changeless view. To most person, chun Xia and the color of skin of autumn winter can have bigger difference, so powdery bottom color also had better prepare 2 kinds, do not want all the year round to use a lubricious name only. And myself can prepare a lot of kinds of color more, because different body situation, weather also can let color of skin,have it seems that subtle and different, choose lubricious date to be able to make sure my skin looks natural and perfect afresh everyday.

Don't have time to reduce weight? Eat many food less

Everyday busy to exhausted and do not have time to go the woman of gym, eating much food less is the clever court that holds bodily form absolutely. Want to remember at the same time, the full feeling of cerebrum compares lag normally, feel when you oneself are satiate so, had had a head actually. Every eat 7 minutes full it is I take not fat secret.

Water law of subsidence of a swelling

The busy woman total hard to avoid that boils nocturnal work to want to rise early again the following day encounters problem of facial ministry dropsy. Compared with normally drink way of black coffee detumescence, I more recommend the way that drink water. I can drink a lot of cups of plain boiled water at a draught, until go continuously 3 ~ 4 closet, make the body fast redundant water divides eduction. It is good that this causes coffee more easily than drinking to want much.

Kelly loves most:

Tepid honey water -- avoid to drink beverage as far as possible, moisten the respiratory tract of tepid honey water is raised colour.

DHC plant discharge makeup oil -- it is bases with oil of Chinese olive elite, won't jam absolutely pore or remain are fat on skin feeling.

DHC olive leaf makes up water -- also can use during Huai Baobao of pure plant elite, make skin moist bright.

Fluid of elite of bounce of collagen of Zuo of east of DHC red fim -- let the skin be full of young flexibility.

Film of DHC beautiful flour -- sexual price is compared very good, after aplomb is basked in, can skin already, can make skin nature bright again.

2, skin defends wet wrong method

1, film every day apply

Better for pursuit ensure wet result, a little beautiful eyebrow can choose everyday apply keeps wet noodle film, this kind of practice is wrong actually. Maintaining in tasting, Facial mask belongs to tall nutrition protect skin to taste. But even if is such, protect wet noodle film to also cannot be done every day, can cause burden and harm to skin otherwise. Protect a week of wet noodle film to use it is OK to arrive twice.

2, Facial mask apply arrives dry

Some people think, Facial mask all the time apply arrives dry, the in recruiting Facial mask elite of skin ability maximum, actually, when present film begins desiccate, can absorb the moisture on the face instead, protect wet noodle film not to take care to be able to be met turn bibulous face into film, cause prediction of a person's luck in a given year of facial ministry moisture, be just the opposite to what one wished. Accordingly, Facial mask is general apply 10 to 20 minutes enough.

3, excessive and clean

Wash a face often, those who bring is corneous layer as a result be destroyed, facial ministry cannot secrete grease to come from me protect normally, can cause sensitive, flood even the symptom such as red, desquamate. So, one day washs a face to cannot exceed twice at most with the grandma that wash a face. In the meantime, also should control good water lukewarm, cannot too hot, skin otherwise can become drier and drier.

4, sparge gush keeps

The cosmetologist says, when feeling skin is dry, can one gush protects gush wet sparge. But although can bring moisture for skin temporarily,protect wet sparge, because do not contain the part that can lock up water, if use spray often, can take away the normal grease of skin instead, the principle that this follows to wash a face often is same. So, had better use spray when feeling skin is very dry only.

5, summer does not need protect wet elite

As the growth of the age, skin can begin ageing, because this need gives,skin proper nutrition. This moment, it is quite important to protect wet elite, do not think to only Qiu Dong season just can be used protect wet elite. Want you to skin always removes a skin or give oil only, perhaps feel general to protect skin to taste cannot improve cutaneous condition, so you are used with respect to need protect wet elite.